Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 573: You Are The Rest Of My Life (Big ending)


Actually, Ding Manman didn't say that she was also thinking about the Lone Wolf. The Lone Wolf's nurturing of Cecan was really not to say. Perhaps in such a long time of loneliness, he also regarded this ambitious boy as his own son. Anna was no longer around and she didn't know how Mulan would react to this former lover. Ding Manman was very considerate and wanted to keep someone to take care of the Alone Wolf so that he wouldn't feel too lonely. It was just that this idea never mentioned to Mo Lan that the child was innocent, but every adult in the past was the one who pushed this matter. It was Mo Lan's own business not to forgive the Lone Wolf. Zhong Shaoting came to find his wife after playing with the child. He couldn't help but sigh, "I think that they've grown up. Today is the first time I saw them quarreling and arguing so fiercely. Do you know how cute Anan, as a big brother, is it to say that he won't play with his sister again?". Ding Manman thought about it according to Zhong Shaoting's guidance and felt that it was really interesting. "Mother and father are not like this. Mother protects justice, and the father at the time represents evil. They are destined to eliminate this contradiction together. Why couldn't they forget the pain for more than 20 years? And again? ". "Because in the past twenty years, my mother-in-law has been imprisoned and lived such a tragic life, who would think of forgiving?" Zhong Shaoting thinks for the Lone Wolf from your perspective. "And my father-in-law might think that my mother-in-law has ruined his future. It is a kindness for him to leave her with a life. "No, no matter how you think, you think their relationship back then is really messy. Let's see how they are willing to solve the problem. " Ding Manman continued to enjoy the leisurely afternoon. At this moment, someone came to inform the Lone Wolf to personally visit him. Zhong Shaoting sat up nervously, "During this period of time, my father-in-law has been handling the relationship between me and William. He knew that something happened to Anna a while ago, but he wasn't in a hurry to visit at that time. Perhaps this old man has thought of a lot of things recently. "You mean he came not to see us, but to see his mother?" Ding Manman asked curiously, but when she thought about how her father was far less concerned about her than Ding Beibei, there was only one explanation. "Ah. so annoying. Ding Manman buried her head in the quilt and complained. She was growing older and more restless, and she had been distracted to take care of them

She had to talk to her mother every day to ease her trauma for so many years. She had to lose her time and be wasted by the stinky man Zhong Shaoting. When she was dealing with these things, she would be troubled by her pregnancy!. "Tell Father th at I won't see him i f I'm feeling well!" . Ding Manman felt that it was easier to rush this person back home. The misunderstanding between father and daughter, wait until she has settled down and gives birth to the child. The proud Ding Manman could do this, but as a son-in -law, Zhong Shaoting, he had to pay attention to his fath er-in-law's situation for fear of angering the big Buddha. "Waifu, are you really not up to take a look?" His father-in-law had already stood at the door for an hour. "You don't have to worry about him. My dad is good at psychological tactics. I f we open the door for him, we will lose!" . Ding Manman was determined not to open the door for the Lone Wolf. It wasn't that she didn't know the principle of filial piety, but as she watch ed the two repeat the war of the century again, her life was probably gone. Just as she was still suffering, Zhong Shaoting suddenly pointed exc itedly out the window, "Alas, the situation is bad. My mother-in-law has already rushed out. Is she going to fight?" No, I have to go take a look. When Zhong Shaoting said this, Ding Manman was startled from the bed. She didn't dare to run outside, but because s he was pregnant, it was really inconvenient for her to move. However, when they walked downstairs, they found that M o Lan was in such a hurry, but there was no sign of being ang ry. Instead, he handed a glass of ice water to the Lone Wolf. "Are you feeling better?" Having stoo d under the sun for so long, those who didn' t know thought that someone was abusing you. The Lone Wolf drank the water that Mo Lan handed over and felt swe et. During this period of time, his heart was not feeling well. It coul d even be said that he had been feeling bad over the past twenty years. As a man, he couldn't stand the betrayal of a woman. After he rose up from the east mountain, he had Anna to follow him. Although they said that everything was just a formal marriage, they wa tched this woman get deeper and deeper into the drama, and they couldn't bear to hurt Anna's heart. It was such a weak love decision that she lost the oppor tunity to save Mulan again and again. However, he also told An na that Mulan was his heart and he must take good care of her. If the police had not rev ealed the case, he would have been left in the dark forever. The Lone Wolf says in a remorseful tone, "Yo u have to believe that I have grievances

I can ex plain it to you, as long as you give me a chance. "Why sh ould I give y ou a chance?" . "You came to send me ice water because you gave me a chance. " The Lone Wolf shamelessly uttered this sentence, and a forty o r fifty year old man with such a stubborn tone was a little cute. "Don't be so affectionate. I want y ou to enjoy the sun more and try to burn such a dark person as early as possible. Mo Lan snatched the gl ass from the Lone Wolf's han d and walked into the house. The Lone Wolf would not let the opportunity slip away so easily. He might as well hug Mu La n and let go of her fists and kicks in his arms. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she said everything that had been suppressed in her hear t during this period of time. She stated how she had been keeping her body as good as jade in the pa st twenty years, how crazy she was, how many misunderstandings had happened between the two of them… . Ding Manman let out a sigh of relief. It was difficult for a pregnant woman to rush over in such a hurry, but she didn't complain much in her heart. Instead, she was happy. "Look at them, they can finally calm down and talk prope rly. I said they are actually very suitable pairs, but neither of them gave themselves a chance. Why are they stubborn now?" . "Yes, yes, yes, my wife is right. " Zhong Shaoting was also happy, and he held his lovely wife and sighed at the old couple. "Our wife is smart enough to handle our relationship. We will definitely make a good example for them. Anhao, who had just been angry, swore, "Papa, I was wrong. No w, I apologize to you in front of you. I love my sister, I have to treat her well in the future. I won't be angry with her anymore. "Do you see it? Children understand this principle. Our family will never be separated again. " Ding Manman c lasped Zhong Shaoting's fingers tightly and her love grew. At that moment, sh e suddenly understood t hat this was happiness