Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 35 : Being So Close...


Natalia wiped her tears and turned to find Arian walking over. Her crazy heartbeats started again. "I thought you might need some help?" He spared her dress a look before walking past her. Natalia nodded to avoid saying something stupid and followed behind quietly. They got to a door which he pushed open. The Princess walked in and a soft breath escaped her lips. It was classy and probably the guest restroom. No, one of them to be precise. "I'll be outside if you need anything. " Arian murmured and closed the door. Natalia faced the counter and tried to use a wet towel to wipe it off but the stain didn't move. Instead, the strawberry color hung on tightly to the peach dress, ruining it more. She groaned in frustration. That witch! Pray we don't cross paths on your wedding! She huffed out and took another napkin to wipe it dry and it worked a little. Natalia tossed both napkins into the bin and walked out. Arian waited like he said. He was leaning on the opposite wall, typing away on his phone. When he noticed her presence, he looked up at her, then at her dress which made Natalia self conscious. "I knew it wouldn't work. " The young French muttered to himself. "You can't go back to the party looking that way. The delivery will soon be here. Natalia raised a confused brow but Arian wasn't interested in her reaction. "How about I give you something else to change into while we wait?". "Wait for what?" Her confusion increased. Arian raised himself and walked away. "Your new dress. Come on. "???". The Princess had questions to ask but she quickly caught up with him before she got lost again. The duo walked into a room and Natalia nearly tripped!. It was breathtaking and perfectly designed to suit a mature taste. Arian walked off while Natalia took a look around. The king-size bed was soft and comfy. It had black and dark blue duvets and throw pillows while the bed sheets were pristine white. The bed stand was engraved with silver metal and high above, the ceiling held a painting of the sea. The mural completely covered it and made it enchanting! It looked so real. The sunset, the ocean, the beach. Her breath hitched. The Princess could stay in there, gazing up all day and all night! She guessed it was his room. Another door opened and Arian walked back in. He was holding a pair of sweatpants and a white shirt. "Here. You can wear this and we'll wait in here. Obviously, they was his clothes! Natalia wanted to object but reasoned it might seem rude given he was being nice. Plus, her dress was starting to feel itchy and uncomfortable. She bit her lips and gently took it. Arian expected her to move but she didn't. Rather, Natalia was looking around nervously. "The closet is that way. " He offered. Natalia nodded and walked over to where he'd thumbed. The second she was in, the Princess turned around and clicked the door shut! Deep in her heart of hearts, a part of her trusted Arian. But Elva had repeatedly warned her not to be totally trustful of anyone. She guiltily breathed out and quickly changed. Standing in front of a full length mirror, she looked at the image before her. The clothes wasn't revealing but a little too big for her!. She freed her ponytail and let it fall down her waist. The closet had his hypnotizing smell. Brushing her hair was all the Princess could do to stop herself from sniffing his clothes!. Another door stood at the other end of the room. It was probably his washroom. Natalia's feet almost took her there but she kicked herself!. What was wrong with her??. She quietly walked back to the bedroom to see Arian lounging on his bed. His shoes were kicked off somewhere and his jacket was lying beside him, leaving him in only white. He looked like an angel

The young French was occupied with his phone and not knowing what to do, Natalia dropped her shoes and clothes somewhere before moving to the floor to ceiling window, barefooted. It overlooked the darkening city and the party in the garden. The Princess could see everyone from up there!. A video was playing on the large projector. It was the captured memories of Tommy DéArgent while growing up with family and everyone was watching, spellbound. Selena sat close to Ricky who was in a glaring contest with Elva. Kids!. Tommy was back on his throne. Jeffrey and Nicky were both smiling at the screen while Damon was nowhere to be found. Natalia faced the screen too. The next picture was of baby Tommy puking on Arian. Natalia chuckled uncontrollably. She'ld murder to see that horrified look on Arian's face up on her ceiling every morning!. The crowd laughed out too. Another picture was of Tommy's first swimming lesson, about two years back, with Arian as his trainer. Jeffrey and Ricky were there also. They were the assistant trainer and feeding-bottle holder respectively. Unlike the little fox who was wearing a yellow life vest, the coaches weren't wearing anything aside swim trunks. Too much display of hotness should be illegal! The girls gawked but the Princess' surpassing theirs!. She'ld happily sell her entire fortune to have the photo pasted everywhere she went!!. The video continued. "What are you laughing at?" Arian's voice asked behind her. Natalia froze. She could feel his warm breath fanning her neck. A flush unknowingly crept up her chin. She tried to put some distance between them by leaning on the glass frame. But Arian leaned in too, not taking his gaze from her face. Natalia suddenly lost concentration. She couldn't even chuckle at the picture of Tommy painting a cat all over Arian's face while he fell asleep, helping with a project. All she could focus on was how fast her heartbeat accelerated. being so close to him. ****. The song ended and Elva and Eden walked back smiling. Until she met Ricky kissing Selena!. She froze on her tracks, shocked to her bones. Eden cluelessly looked at her wondering why she'd stopped, but Elva made an expressionless face and held his hand tighter. She pulled him to seat at their table. "Get a room if you don't mind. We have kids around. " Her voice was sharp. They broke off and Selena passed an apologetic smile. "Sorry, we easily get carried away. Right, hun?" She smiled at Ricky who weirdly nodded. Elva was stupefied! She hid her emotions with a grim look. "Guys, the best part's about starting. Get ready!" Jeffrey rushed back with Nicky just as the lights were dimmed. Elva wasn't concentrating. She was occupied glaring Ricky to death! Seeing his confused look only increased her rage. Elva shot him a final scalding look before looking away. She tried to remind herself that they were over. That he meant nothing to her anymore. That the scum could do whatever he wanted with whoever he fancied and she wouldn't give a damn!. But all that bravado vanished the moment Selena hooked their arms together and intimately leaned her head on his shoulder. ******. "Not being in your best moments make you look stupid!" Natalia blurted. Arian De' Argent snapped out of his fantasy. He crumpled his face and faced the party downstairs. After seeing another crazy picture, he pulled Natalia's laughing ass away and pressed a button which made the window automatically close. Natalia sat Indian style on his bed and hugged a pillow while Arian laid back on his spot and picked up another phone again. She took out her phone too and began chatting with Leonardo. He couldn't make it because he was engaged. ~ Heyyy Nat. What's up?. ~ I'm good and you? Your mom??. ~ Amazing. Mom says hi!. ~ Huh? Me?? How'd she know me?

~ Um. I kinda told her about you?. ~ Oh. For your sake, it better be something good!. ~ (Smiles) Yeah. Like how you've stolen my little red heart?. Natalia gagged. ~ You didn't dare!. ~ (Chuckles) I did! I also mentioned how stunning you are. ~ (Tauntingly drawls) There. I blushed for a second. Congratulations on your achievement. ~ You wish! Let's make a video chat?. ~ Sure. Natalia fixed her hair while she waited for Leo's call, then she adjusted on the bed to get the best background. At the last minute, she reached into her purse and wore a little lip gloss. ignorant of Arian's bewildered look!. Her phone beeped. "Hey!". "Hi. " Leonardo prettily smiled from the other side. "I really had to see that blush. "Well too late!" She framed her cheeks as another helpless flush appeared. It was Leo's turn to laugh. "What's with the noise?". "I'm at a party?" She smiled. Leonardo looked confused after seeing the clothes she wore. "Oh. kay. Natalia smiled again. "So where are you?". "Checking up on the babies I've been growing all month. " He flipped his phone to show her the daffodils he was gardening. "Aww. They're so cute!" Natalia was impressed. Leonardo smiled. "Yeah. But not as cute as you. " He smiled and the Princess unconsciously blushed. Cute my foot! Arian choked. After playing 'good Samaritan' the whole evening, she didn't even spare him a blush! Yet, some JERK popped out of nowhere and stole his reward??. The young master was pissed!. Arian had been silently watching Natalia the whole time she chatted. And all she did was to giggle at that freak!. Blush?. Blush my ass! He scoffed. He had to think! The last time, Tommy had butted in and Arian owed him a new laptop. But now?. "Do you want anything? Soda or chips?? Sorry for being such a bad host. I was just really busy!" The usually quiet French conspiratorially yelled and sat up. Natalia stylishly shot him a bad scowl! But Arian ignored it. "Oh. Or do you prefer apple juice or punch or a bottle of wine??" He continued shouting. A part of him felt satisfied when Leonardo asked who she was with. "No. nothing Leo. It's no one!" Natalia tried to cover up. How could anyone find out she was in Arian déArgent's bedroom. wearing his clothes??!. But Arian didn't back down. Instead, he obstinately reached for the bedside pager, intending to call the 'kitchen staffs' when he 'accidentally' knocked off her phone. Natalia tried to dodge his cheap tactics but slipped and fell over, pulling him along on top of her!. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she stared into what remained of his green eyes, his hair covering most of it. Their faces were sensuously close and she could feel the rising heat between them. A red spot crawled up the Princess's cheeks when the hot French distractedly brought his hand to push stray hairs from her face. And as if that torture wasn't enough, someone chose that exact moment to walk in!. Chapter 36