Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 125 : Chasing You Halfway Around The World...


( Beverly Hills, California. "If you think she's right to screw up her best friend, then you're the biggest ass ever!" Bianca mouthed and threw a handful of popcorn into her mouth. "Why would you think that?". "Because you never agree with me on anything! Like when I said her boyfriend was gonna die. " She reminded. Damon scoffed. "That was just a lucky guess. "Whatever! Dude's still dead. "Nope. He's alive somewhere in the world, counting his millions and leaving silly girls like you crying over nothing. " He snorted. Bianca glared and hurled her soda can at him. Damon effortlessly caught it, smiled and looked away. Who'ld have thought he, the international Casanova, was gonna spend Christmas morning watching movies with a girl?? It was a first for him, but actually fun!. Through her side eye, Bianca caught him staring at her and pushed his face back to the TV roughly. Damon chuckled. After a while, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He looked at the caller with a vague look in his black eyes and switched it off. "Do you really do this all day?" He drawled in boredom, getting tired of the soap opera. "When I'm not having a shoot? Yeah. " She answered distractedly. Damon collapsed on the couch and lazily switched it off. "What do you think you're doing?! That was a climax!". "You're turning into a couch potato. Let's get out of here and have some fun. "Suit yourself. But give that back!" She demanded. ''Then no telenovelas. " He waved the control in the air. "That's it!" She yelled and lunged at him, knocking off her bowl in the process. Damon gasped and escaped her attack. "Wait till I lay hands on you, you jerk!" He dodged behind a couch when she threw something heavy at him. Damon stood up back. But he screamed and dodged again when something else flew past him, almost crashing into his too-expensive-to-maintain, million-dollar face!'. "You have nowhere to run. Just surrender!. with my remote. " Her icy voice sounded closer. "Forget it! I'll call the cops if you don't stop. " He snickered victoriously, thinking she'ld give up but instead. the entire room suddenly went dark. Pitch black!. Damon's heart froze and his body became limp. He heard quiet movements around the room but didn't know where they were coming from. Despite the snow outside, he was sweating bullets inside!. Suddenly, the lights came on and he screamed when he caught the frightening redhead standing in front of him with a kitchen knife in her hand! He reversed, still screaming his lungs out but he couldn't move. He kept sliding on one spot!. When Damon finally moved, Bianca pulled him back and he tripped. But something felt wrong. She wasn't moving?. He turned around to see her taking a video, laughing like crazy. The large kitchen knife was nowhere in sight with him sitting on the floor like an idiot!. "Darn it, you were right! There are more fun stuff to do than watching movies. when you can star in one yourself!". "That wasn't funny!" He countered and shakily stood up. "Not to you. but millions of fans are gonna find it hilariously funny! If that makes any sense. Gimme a sec. aaaand #MerryChristmasfolks!" She happily typed away. Damon bulged his eyes. "You don't dare!" He dashed to snatch her phone. Bianca was slower to react as they rammed into each other and landed flat on the couch behind. Damon faltered staring into her pretty eyes which were focused behind his neck where her hands were. He blinked his eyes, slowly taking in her dazzling smile which made her look less fierce and more seductive. His gaze went lower to her delicate collarbone and slight cleavage which was encouraged by the straps top she was wearing. His fingers twitched feeling her warm body which in turn, made his suddenly hot. "Posted!" Bianca squeaked triumphantly, undisturbed of the position they were in. Damon took his eyes away and stood up from her. He walked into the kitchen and emptied an entire juice box before tossing it into the trashcan. Still feeling the heat, he took off his fancy cotton sweater and opened the fridge, gulping down another juice box. Then he picked up a cookbook and tried to prepare a regular christmas lunch. A couple of minutes later, Bianca waltzed into the kitchen looking glum and guitily sat on the side of the island opposite him

"Damon?" She uncomfortably bit her lips. Damon focused on the full chicken in front of him and pretended not to hear her. "Are you mad?" She asked more loudly. "Why do you think so?'' He avoided her gaze, feeling wrong for almost taking advantage of the situation. Bianca looked around thoughtfully. "I don't know. It just feels like it. Damon casually shrugged and her head dropped. "Is it about the video? Don't worry. I blurred your face. " She pouted like it was any consolation. He finally chuckled and her eyes lit up. "It's nothing. Forget about it. Do you cook 'cause I'm seriously lost!" He confessed, looking down at his slimy/powdery hands which were stained with different ingredients. "Cook??" The bratty senator's daughter shrieked. "Eww. Use the internet. Duh!". "Oh. You'll be the eyes and I'll be the hands. Grab my phone, please. " Bianca grudgingly returned to the living room and dragged her feet back. "Hey, you've got a couple of missed calls from Min. "Just skip it. " Damon lowered his head. Bianca looked intently at it before nodding. Finally, he was done marinading the chicken and tossed it into the fridge before preparing the rest of the meal. Then he sat down next to Bianca with a juice box. "If this miraculously works out, I'll seriously consider going into culinary school. " He chuckled. Silence. "Not bickering with you for once is nice. " Damon looked at her but noticed Bianca was lost, staring at something on his phone. "Hey!" He clicked his fingers and she flinched guiltily. "What are you doing?" He raised a curious brow and moved his head closer. Bianca moved away immediately. Damon frowned and trailed after her suspiciously. "S. stop tailing me. It's spooky!" She stuttered and walked away faster. "Then tell me. " He demanded. "Wait!" She breathed and deleted whatever she was doing before returning it to him. "There. "Now would you tell me?". "There's nothing to tell. " She turned smug and walked back to the island. Damon pushed it away and sat next to her. He uncomfortably bit his lip. "Hey. Aren't you gonna call and wish your dad well?". She ignored him. "I know he's been trying to call but you haven't been picking. Bianca, Isn't it time to. "Just drop it!" She snapped. "Okay? Maybe I'll consider answering his calls when you stop avoiding your sister too!. ***. ( Astheria, Australia. "Gosh! Elva, I'm fine. Get off my phone. " Natalia groaned frustratedly, trying to make her voice sound normal. "You can't fool me, dumbo! You've been crying, haven't you?" Her voice turned soft. Natalia fumbled with her long red dress and stalled for an excuse. "Thanks for the dress?'' She breathed. Elva distractedly fawned. "It's gorgeous, right?? I knew you'ld love me more when you set eyes on it!" She boastfully squealed. "It's a shame no one will see me in it though. Well except dad, mom and grandma. " She touched their tombstones with a sad smile. Natalia was at the royal cemetery in the palace where past Royals were buried. "Is it?" Elva cooed mischievously

"Don't you dare bring your insanity here! I'm warning you. " She threatened. Elva chuckled again. "Have you seen your present? I hid them under your bed. ''. "Typical! When will you learn to hide stuff? Ever since we were young, that's the ONLY place you've been hiding things. " Elva whined and Natalia giggled. Every year, the duo hid the other's Christmas present until either of them find theirs first. And then, the winner decides what they have for dinner at the end of the day!. Elva was ALWAYS the winner and then they'ld ALWAYS throw a barbecue party for the whole palace. "Anyway, I'll see it when I'm home. Thanks. ''. "You're not home yet??". "Ya! Do you want me to go deaf listening to Naomi blabber about Jake? No, thanks. But I'm great where I am. Besides, that girl's a workaholic. She won't have time for me and I can't skip the delicious hot bath Ricky's running for the both of us. '' She purred. "You're still in bed?!" Natalia shrieked. ''Chillin' in bed is the right word, sweetheart. You know how hot it was last. ''. "Don't tell me!" Her eyes bulged and Elva laughed. "Ricky says hi. I have a hot appointment to keep. and don't cry anymore. Okay?" Her voice turned serious. "Mhm. " She silently hummed. No promises was made though. "Gist me on how your evening went later. Love you. '' Elva cooed naughtily and hung up. Natalia sighed and stared at her phone. "Maybe I shouldn't have come alone. " She whispered, feeling lonely. "Right, grandma?" She stared at the most recent tombstone. "Of course!" She replied. Or rather, HE replied!. Natalia gasped and whipped her head to see Esmond La Croft crash down beside her on the grass in his classical white clothes. "May I?" He smiled his infectious smile. Natalia was stunned and looked behind them. "How did you. "Shush. " He whispered. "This place is serene. I can almost feel it. " He confessed. She closed her parted lips and lowered her eyes, feeling the same way. Esmond nudged her and she looked at him. "Won't you introduce me?" He feigned hurt and nodded towards her family. Natalia twitched her lips but smiled and played along. "As what?" She mused. He shrugged nonchalantly. "Just make it dramatic and not too boring. " Natalia hid a smile and cleared her throat. "Mom, meet Esmond. The little boy you kept telling me about. But the sad thing is. he doesn't wanna grow up!" She stated. Esmond choked on nothing and faced her. "Grandma, I really feel for his parents. Shouldn't he be home with them right now on this festive period? Yet, he chased a girl halfway round the world. So shameless!'' She condemned and he gasped. "I didn't. " Natalia cut him off, soaking in her acting skills. "And daddy, remember when you used to chase all those naughty princes and noble bloods away with grandpa's cane? I need that right now 'cause one's proving to be so stubborn! In fact, make him catch on fire and beat him mercilessly back to his country!" She dramatically chanted. A strong wind blew into the cemetry and scattered the dried leaves on the ground. Esmond shook uncontrollably as his frightened eyes drifted to a little tornado swirling. And he screamed without knowing…