Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 10 : Hang Out, My Ass!


Nicky had been home the entire week with nanny Tess, doing nothing but stress cooking, going grocery shopping, reading tons of novels, listening to music. And oh!. She went on an appointment with her doctor and guess what?. Her days of glasses would soon be over!. Nicky was switching to contacts rather than going around looking like a 'sci-fi scientist. Not that she had some serious esteem issues to deal with though. It's just what her douche brother called her!. Every evening, Ricky and Nicky watched a movie (his idea) or study together (her idea) till she fell asleep. He'd kept his promise and was always there for her. Nicky was starting to feel normal again. She was learning to be happy again and wished her parents would right their wrongs as soon as they could. And yes. Truth be told, she missed them a lot. Nicky Winterfield got herself a new driver and the latest edition of a black Range rover. That was Nicky. She 'hated' drawing unnecessary attention to herself. (Y'all should chill! I only used a single finger quote!). Nicky would've rode everyday with Ricky but she figured she'd have to see Jeffrey Campbell, her forever crush, everyday as well!. Everyone at the academy knew he liked Becky O' Neil. Well, except the 'smart' girl. Sighs. The quote thing was starting to become her fav. thing. Nicky was too afraid of a rejection and her timidity only worsened it. It was so bad that she'd hide behind curtains to sort of drool at him whenever the popular best friends hung out at their house. And whenever Jeffrey, never Arian, asked of her out of courtesy, Ricky would cover up with excuses which were starting to sound like a broken tape on repeat. "Nick? She's upstairs. She's studying. in bed. doing some girlie stuff. Probably upstairs. Ricky knew of Nicky's feelings for Jeffrey and it acutely frustrated him even though he rarely showed it. Not that he was more of an emotion-guy anyway. Obviously, he couldn't force his best friend to fall in love with his sister!. Nicky had been dying slowly on the inside but she was changing that! She was getting over her hopeless feelings for good. Today, her contacts were ready. And she planned on spoiling herself rotten!. ***. The weather turned out to be pleasantly warm that day. Natalia and Elva were at a renowned spa, getting the massage of their lives in a freaking five star way!. Pristine white towels were wrapped around their hair which was waiting to be treated. And other towels was placed over their backs leaving them a bit. nude?. Of course, the room was strictly for females!. Rich females, more precisely. The masseurs were wonderful and the hospitality was perfect. A bottle of some Italian red wine sat chilled on a nearby table alongside a glass bowl of assorted berries. Serviettes were also in handy. The room the girls booked was on the VIP floor and could host three guests only. It was spacious but private. At that point, for the first time in her life, Natalia didn't wish to experience a life without money!. Suddenly, the door creaked open and their private attendant walked in with a strawberry blonde who had clear black eyes and a nice body. Well, the bathrobe certainly did a good job on her. The new neighbour flashed the both of them a pretty smile and laid on her tummy too, on the spare bed. Natalia and Elva returned it. With a pleasant smile, the attendant graciously walked out and brought in another refreshment tray while another professional masseur took her place next to the new guest. Feeling a bit bored, Natalia picked up her phone to take some pictures but her plans was nicely interrupted. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. " The new girl politely smiled. Natalia turned to face her with a puzzled look. She smiled again and explained. "A year ago, I was messing around in a jacuzzi and took selfies 'cause I was bored. But. I was also online and before I could type Jack?" She pursed her lips in embarrassment. "About three million people viewed it in five minutes. A pin-drop silence ensued. Elva was the first to croak out a wicked laughter! As much as she tried, Natalia couldn't help it and followed suit apologizing between hiccups. "Five minutes? That's messed up!" She giggled

"Hey, it wasn't funny! I like, literally, blocked and deleted myself from social media for months! Thank God my brother was able to help erase it from the internet. Gosh! It was so embarrassing. " She flushed hotly. But it only made them laugh the more. Elva nearly fell off her bed!. "I'm Natalia and this is my best friend, Elva. " The princess stretched out her hand and introduced. She cheerfully took it. "Hello, I'm Nicky. " She beamed. And from there on, their adventure painting the city, where the stars lived, began. ***. Another Wednesday in school!. Yay. Arian De' Argent murmured and helplessly rolled his eyes. He was comfortably lounging on the hood of his car in their private parking space, waiting for his friends to arrive. The young master had left home super early by choice this time. His dad was home. Arian didn't hate his father or anything but the young master didn't like his father's way of showing love either. As a middle aged, successful owner of a multi-billion dollar business conglomerate, Sir Argent naturally placed work before family, anytime and everytime!. Arian was grateful for the influential life he was born into. Don't get him wrong!. But he didn't like the sacrifices he helplessly had to endure. Whenever his father was less busy, which didn't usually last long, the successful mogul forced the family to 'bond' during a meal. Which, dear readers, the young rebel considered trash! If you wanna be there, BE there!. Was his philosophy. The weather was quite chilly since it was so early. Arian pulled on his brown leather jacket which fashionably clicked with a simple white shirt, jeans and brown trainers. His a-bit-longer-than-the-average-guy's-hair was the same, gelled and styled backwards. With a grumble, he grabbed his phone to text his friends to appear ASAP when someone showed up. A girl precisely. She was a foxy redhead with a confident smirk. Judging by the way she was dressed, Arian De' Argent simply concluded she was practicing for her future slutty profession. He returned his passive gaze to his phone. "Hi. " Bianca confidently smirked. Arian raised his head and shot her that cold 'state your business and scram!' kind of look. Quite rude, agreed. But so was her disturbance, his subconscious argued. If the famously infamous sassy queen was shocked, she didn't show it. "Hi, I'm Bianca. Bianca Wells, daughter of Senator Wells, an upcoming teen actress and international model. I'm also the school queen. " Bianca smiled, feeling somewhat proud of flaunting her achievements. The young master's following impatient glare made her smile freeze. "I. uh. You probably don't know me but I know you, Arian. I was wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime? Since you're like the most. " Seeing the impatience slowly morph into a cold one, Bianca's confidence shook, but she still maintained the seductive smile. Arian wasn't sure how he did it but he kept his amusement under control. She must be pretty dumb. He concluded. So what if she was popular? Was she really thinking he'd fall for her schemes and become her crowning achievement??. A beautiful chuckle helplessly escaped the aristocrat's lips at the thought which gave Bianca a glimmer of hope. "No. " Came his unexpected cold reply. Bianca's bubble burst and she stormed away angrily. 'Hang out, my ass. ' Arian snorted as the familiar engines drove into the academy. ***. SHE was walking down the exotic beach with her long lost lover under the rays of sunset, their fingers intimately entwined. HER lover smiled at her and she returned it. It felt like a dream, a fairytale. Anyone could tell they were in love!. The calm waves washed upon their feet and they enjoyed its soothing touch. HER lover stopped under a luscious coconut tree and gazed into her eyes. And before reality set in, his lips were within a delicious inch of hers as his other hand encircled her waist

HER smile widened as she leaned in too, expecting more when. "Elva! Elva! Elva! Wake up, we're late!!!" Someone screamed, shoving HER aggressively!. Elva jerked out of bed and found herself in reality. She didn't realize how crimson red her whole face was!. Natalia who was squatting next to Elva on her bed, looked at her with puzzled Bambi eyes. "Hey, El. Are you alright?" The naive Princess touched her forehead, checking to see of her best friend was running a temperature. "NATALIA ALEXIS SANTIANA! I'm gonna friggin' kill you!!!" She screeched and jumped at her. Natalia screamed and ran away. Sighs. Even the living room was not spared. ***. ( Forty five minutes later. The duo slowly arranged everything they'd messed up earlier, giggling at the same time. It was something that seemed they could never outgrow!. Everything was going well. until Natalia glanced at the decorative antique wall clock. "Gosh, we're doomed! It's almost nine and we aren't ready for school yet!" She gasped, horrified at the thought of having a nasty 'Late!' record on her first day. "Hey, chill. We're newbies. We get special privileges. " Elva was nonchalant. "Special privileges, my crown!" Natalia stood up and pushed Elva into her room after warning her to be ready in one hour. Elva silently laughed. Being a princess was absolutely something funny. 'Why would anyone waste an hour getting dressed?' She thought and chuckled again. "Drama baby!". Fifty eight minutes later , Elva sashayed out of her bedroom. She went over to Natalia's room and met the princess standing before her large dressing mirror. Natalia was packing her hair up in a long ponytail. The princess had beautiful, brown hair with a few blonde stripes. Natalia was wearing an ash coloured, full sleeved shirt which she folded at the elbows. A high-waisted, black flay skirt which stopped mid thigh and ash colored knee length boots completed the looks. The chic boots from the mall certainly did come in handy! The fashionista in Elva felt proud of herself once more. Black earrings, her pendant and the royal ring flattered her skin which was like buttery, whipped cream, giving her a glowing look. Elva walked over and stood beside her. "You're stunning. " She teased. "I know. " Natalia whisper-giggled and faced the vanity mirror again. "And you don't look different either. " The princess smiled and it was Elva's turn to laugh. Natalia had insisted that they both wear matching clothes since it was casuals day. So Elva was wearing the same clothes too. The only difference was that where Natalia wore ash, Elva wore black and vice versa. Crazy, right?. But that's what made fashion!. Elva packed her jet black hair into a high ponytail too. They didn't wear any light makeup to finish up, especially Natalia, because the princess had a natural gorgeous look!. Countless fawning times, Natalia had said Elva had this captivating, steel-like sexiness about her that made people always turn to take a second look. Elva never really understood but still, loved the compliment. After they were done, Natalia picked up her Dior shoulder bag which held her wallet, phone and earphones, and Elva did the same. Breakfast was forgotten as the duo rushed downstairs to the car. Their official chauffeur helped them in and they drove out. "We're super late. " The princess kept pouting under her breath. ***. Everyone was having a good time at lunch break. Majority of the students were at the exquisite cafeteria doing whatever they did best over a meal, while the rest were hanging out in the gardens or at the outdoor basket ball court. Long story short, they were engrossed in their social lives. That is, until a white Rolls Royce drove in through the school's last gates. The elegant car stopped at the circular driveway in front of the administrative building and the elderly chauffeur stepped out. The sun animated the color of the car, drawing attention to it as the driver did his duty by graciously helping the owners out. Heavy and heated whispers followed the girls into the building, leaving those outside gaping after them. And the next minute, the school blog was fired up with several sizzling breaking news…. Chapter 11