Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 29 : His Cold Indifference...


Natalia started to loose focus as her headache returned. She felt like throwing up!. Who could've recognized her at the nightclub admist the chaos and taken that picture?! With Arian!. Of all people!! She panicked as a group of girls wearing the same hairstyle came over. "Hello! Natalia, Elva and Nicky!" A bubbly girl with short brown hair, who seemed to call the shots, waved brightly. And before any of the stunned friends could reply, she shoved an enormous bouquet of roses in Natalia's arms and placed an expensive box of chocolate on top, somehow squashing it. However, the bubbly girl didn't seem to care. She kept tossing stuff after stuff from her friends on the heap. A large multicolored lollipop, a mini-bowl of ice cream which had all the flavours present. (Sighs. Don't ask how that's possible. Next, an elegant hairband made of real pearls came on top, a matching bracelet and anklet followed, a portable make up kit, then finally she wore the gaping princess a flower crown made from pink and white roses. which matched her uniform. By the time she was done, Natalia couldn't see her face anymore! She could only hear her cheerful voice. "My friends and I wanted to give you a nice resumption day present! Never mind it's coming late. " She giggled coyly and gingerly flicked her fingers. "Also, to tell you to worry 'bout nothing 'cause we're here to help you. And I mean with ANYTHING! We can help get you lunch during lunch break. "Or carry your bag to class. ?" Another offered and hastily collected Natalia's Gucci bag which Elva was helping her hold. "Or even sit in class for you. ?!". "Or even do your homework!". "All we want is to be your friend. Right girls?" The first one ended breezily and her friends nodded. Natalia turned to Elva and dumped everything on her. "Thanks, but I'm afraid I can't accept. " She looked at Elva who was struggling with the weight of the gifts then back at them. your mighty gesture! I mean, I don't really know your real motive for being too kind. "Oh we know you and Arian De' Argent have a ''thing'' going on, and that whatever 'thing' he had with Queen Bee is old news. So, we wanna be the first to re-pitch our tents before it's too late. " She brazenly confessed and showed Natalia her phone. "See! Your 'thing' is all over the school chats and currently trending number one!" Elva and Nicky quickly poked their heads in as Natalia took her phone with shaky hands, slowly scrolling through every picture from last night. Her eyes literally popped out!. How could she not remember??! She gasped. In one, Arian had her in an intimate back hug with his nose buried in the crook of her neck. And the stupid her was laughing out. Natalia bulged her eyes in shock!. In another, her fingers were in his silky, long hair as she stared up at him with dreamy eyes. The princess hyperventilated!. And in the next, they were holding each other so tight that it looked like they were kissing!! Her heart went cold. Natalia's trembling fingers began to ache from too much scrolling. Just as she was about to publicly cry out and deny the situation without any thought to her royal mannerism, the whispers morphed into screams wild enough to shake the entire hallway!. Natalia whipped her head to see Arian, Jeffrey and Ricky walk in together in their usual drop-dead gorgeous style. Six girls hanging round the doorway fainted after being hit by their majestic aura!. But Natalia could only see one person. Arian. Arian looked stunning on uniform. His white shirt hung out from his custom made belt and unlike his friends, he wore the school' jacket, but left his tie loose in a lazy fashion. And for the first time ever, Natalia noticed he let his midnight black hair fall across his face in smooth strands. The young master's glossy green eyes wandered the perimeter of the noisy hallway and stopped when they met the princess's honey brown ones. The crowd unconsciously made a pathway as they traced his gesture, leaving Natalia out in the open. Scrutinising her slowly, a vague look flashed across Arian's eyes and Natalia practically seized breathing when a small smile curled up on his sexy lips. And the ensuing gasps shook the whole building. ***. ( Some Time Later. "Yo, dork! Come check this out! Nicky jus' sent some pretty spicy stuff. " Ricky chuckled evilly going through his phone. The young heirs were lounging up in their penthouse after math class

"Quel? (What?)" Arian drawled distractedly from where he sat on the next couch, not in the mood for any of his silliness. Meanwhile, Jeffrey left the burger he was having and uninvitedly went over to him. "Woah!" He blurted in shock and choked on the huge chunk in his mouth. "If you idiots are trying to tell me something, be smart about it!" He impatiently snapped. Arian was occupied with the thoughts of what happened with Natalia that morning at the hallway. He was pleased she was able to make it to school but concerned about her discomfort. After noticing him, she'd whispered something to her group and walked away in a hurry, avoiding his gaze. Was it because of last night? He thought. Or was it because. of him. in particular?. The thought alone made the young master's heart flip without him knowing. Ricky rolled his eyes at his legendary grumpiness. "Grab your darn phone and log into the school chats. Arian indifferently did as he said. Since he wasn't an active member, a gazillion notifications popped in all at the same time. Arian sighed and opted to search for the top trending news instead. As it turned out, he didn't need to punch in much letters before the thread popped up. And the next minute, a frown marred his gorgeous features. ***. Natalia didn't feel up to class that morning so she chose to stay in their homeroom instead. But unfortunately, others were also in there, hanging around like the skippers they were. The princess guiltily cleared her throat as she walked over to her seat. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice her. Her headache was just as worse but Natalia couldn't risk going to the school clinic without her grandmother being notified. And in turn, learning of her current series of shamelessness!. First, a renowned dignified crown Royal attending a nightclub, getting drunk and finally, getting entangled in an amorous scandal with a boy who she was in no way engaged to!. Natalia laid her head on her locker, thinking of a nap to help her headache lessen and hopefully wake up to see it was all a big, horrible nightmare! But it seemed impossible. The voices in the class was just too much!. And as if that wasn't enough, the B. S chose that exact moment to barge in, looking around for someone who was obviously HER. 'God help me. ' Natalia muttered a silent prayer, hating herself for forgetting to bring along her phone. The elite B. S looked like ruthless assassins without their infamous cocky airs. "Everyone, get out!" Bianca barked furiously. The students instinctively vanished into thin air without any arguments. Natalia backed away as they approached menancingly but two of the B. S grabbed her and held her in place. "What's the meaning of this?" She demanded irritably, feeling their iron grip bruise her sensitive skin. But the answer the sheltered princess received was a slap. A hard, vicious one!. Natalia was too weak to see it coming. She palmed her stinging cheek and looked back up at Bianca, who still wore a terrifying face, with teary eyes. "You shitty, two-timing daughter of a damn bitch! I warned you to stay away from my Arian but you preferred acting tough and smug, huh? Now we're gonna see how your bitchy little attitude will help when I'm done messing up your damnable, whoring ass!" She angrily screamed and pushed Natalia so hard that she fell. Natalia crashed on the floor, feeling scared for the first time in her life. Her head exploded in pain and her vision blurred, but Bianca unfeelingly stormed towards her with all intent of causing harm. Natalia's elbows hurt badly and fearful tears stung her eyes. She was about to pass out and she knew it. Where was Elva when she needed her the most? She teared up. The B. S made to hurl her back up when a furious voice boomed from the doorway. "What the hell's going on?!". Then everything went dark. ***. ( A few hours later. Natalia gently opened her eyes. The sunlight seeping in from the windows above was disturbing her sleep. She bit in a groan expecting to feel the killer headache but it never came

Natalia confusedly fluttered her lashes, scanning the large white room which she noticed looked strange. She sighed and tried to sit up but felt a strain on her arm. Leonardo. Leonardo De Luca was asleep with his head on her hand. Natalia blinked in confusion. How did she get here? She thought. No, how come he's here?? She wondered. Last she checked, Leonardo wasn't in school that morning. Elva had said nothing about what happened to him at the club and Natalia had also forgotten to ask about him. She was worried and tried to call, but his phone was unreachable. Her worry and anxiety had added to her headache at that time. 'How long did he stay?' Natalia's eyes moistened and she reached out to him. However, something held her back. She turned to see a needle pierced into her skin. Her eyes bulged!. You might be wondering why? One of the princess's greatest horrors were needles! She let out a shriek and tried to pull it out. "Hey, no. You're not supposed to until the doctor says it okay. " A warm hand stopped hers. Natalia turned to see Leonardo wide awake. His eyes held worry. "How did I get here? No, where am I?" She muttered. Leonardo stood up from the visitor's chair in her private ward and laid her back on the bed. "You're at the school clinic. I brought you here after you passed out. " He replied. Natalia suddenly remembered the B. S drama in their homeroom. She bit her lip recalling her earlier fright as Leonardo sat next to her on the bed. "What happened back there?" She whispered, slowly pulling the duvet a bit higher to hide her rumpled uniform. 'I must look a scarecrow. ' The dignified princess flushed heatedly in embarrassment. However, Leonardo seemed to stare past that. His eyes softened as he reached for her lip which was slightly bruised by the side. Natalia flinched feeling the soreness. She'd almost forgotten about the pain. "Mhn. I got to school quite late today and was coming to you to apologize. You know, for being distracted last night. when I met those guys leaving the class. They briefed me and I knew you were in trouble, so I came as fast as I could. "I got in just in time to see you pass out. Bianca was actually still gonna beat you up! Thankfully, I got you to the clinic on time and texted Elva. She's on her way now. Apparently, the doctor said you still have the hangover from last night and is the primary source of your illness. " Leonardo paused and looked at her guiltily. "Natalia, about last night. I'm sorry for being. "There's nothing to forgive, Leo. Everything that happened last night was majorly my fault. I should've been a bit more obedient. So it wasn't your fault. I'm accountable for my decisions. " She smiled. Natalia wasn't angry or anything. Charming Leonardo Dé Luca had saved her life twice and she was grateful. He slowly returned the smile. Just then, the door flew open and quite a crowd rushed in…. Chapter 30