Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 119 : Impatience, Anger And Absolute Disgust.


(Beverly Hills, California. "You deserve so much more, tramp! And guess what? I'ld have taken you up on your offer if there was any sort of relationship left between us. Now, If you have any sense of decency left in you, let me pass through before your abominable sight make me do something I'll totally not regret later!'' Bianca threatened. "Bee, I'm sorry! I know I screwed up big time but it wasn't my fault. It wasn't our fault. It just happened. We both fell in. "Yeah, with MY dad?! And behind my back! How much more shameless can you get? Seeing you sickens me! Remind me how we became friends again? And what home do you want me to go back to? A one where I'ld be your step daughter??" She viciously seethed. "Well, listen clearly! You don't know me and hell, I can't even know a slimy bitch like you! Let this be the last time we unfortunately cross paths. "Bianca, please don't push us away. It wasn't easy for me to tell. " A genuine laugh bubbled free from Bianca's throat naturally. "You're really so shameless. Growing up, we did some pretty crazy stuff together but this, Tiffany, is your crowning achievement! Admitting your atrocity wasn't easy but flaunting yourself so my dad could get hooked was darn easy, huh? Tell me, bitch!" She yelled. "No. It. "Let me through!" She interjected. Tiffany choked out more tears but made no effort to wipe it off. ''Not until you agree to come back home with me. Your dad's worried sick about. "Tiffany, let me through!" She repeated much more graver. Tiffany stood in front of her, completely blocking her path out. "I know you're mad at me but please don't let it get between you and your dad. He misses you so much. He wants you back h. And smack!. Impatience, rage and absolute disgust went into the third slap. Tiffany stumbled and slumped on the floor!. "Bianca!" Someone yelled and pulled her away from advancing further. The redhead could feel her blood boil at the mention of that word called 'home'. She wasn't aware that the clubhouse had gone silent and eyes were staring their way but she didn't have given a damn either. "I dare you! Just one more time, say that word. Home?'' Months of pent up anger was brewing in her veins and she wanted to unleash it on the willing candidate. But the meddlesome person restricting her only made it worst. "I'ld rather jump off a cliff than come back home with a two-bit backstabbing slut like you! You sicken me to the pit of my stomach. Making you my best friend was the greatest mistake of my life!. "I was too stupid to see the opportunistic side of you. You're nothing but a chauvinistic leech! All you're good at is wrecking homes and sticking your disregarding self on whoever you can benefit from!" She yelled, struggling with whoever was holding her back. "Bee, I'm

"Save your apology for your grave! After this, I'm very sure your mother ran away because of the disgrace she gave birth to! She probably found out the atrocity you practised with your dad and I curse myself for giving you the opportunity to try it out with mine!". "Bianca! That's enough. Let's go. " The stranger yelled and pulled her away by force. "No! I'm not finished with this hopping whore! Let go of me! The next time you set your abominable face before me, I'll forget the rules of civilization and run you over with a darn car! I swear it, BITCH! Let go!. Hey, let me go!!" She screamed, trying to break free but his grip was too firm. Tiffany crying on her knees was the last thing Bianca saw before the parking lot came into view. Using the last of her energy, she broke free from her un-hired guard and stumbled towards a garden. Her purse and phone fell off but she didn't care. The vodka in her system had multiplied her headache coupled with the stress of the drama. Bianca gasped for air, clutching her chest. Even though the legendary Queen bee knew an audience wasn't standing far away with all her stuff, she ignored the rules of professional modelling which placed great emphasis on; Even if you fall, fall with your head held high. And cried miserably instead. ***. ( Los Angeles, California. The rays from the crescent moon seeped into the kitchen as Esmond walked over to get two glasses of water. He opened the fridge and squinted a bit as yellow lights illuminated half the room. After pouring out two glasses, he returned it. Since the open kitchen was directly across the living room, he whispered an order and the television was automatically switched off. Esmond loved a dark house. Well, not exactly a dark house. He prefered less luminosity and movements because it helped him think. But somehow, his father interfered with the construction and made sure the interior walls were covered in white from top to bottom. Miller thought it'ld prevent more accidents if his son could at least see where he was going. Esmond picked up the glasses and made his way to the guest bedroom where Alexis was staying the night. He'd invited her over with pure. No, good intentions so she wouldn't feel lonely during the holiday. But a silent, growing part of him loved and wanted her company each day. Every little detail about her fascinated him. She was a charming person and he loved her strong will. Esmond wasn't a saint. He'd noticed her alluring side because only an abnormal person wouldn't! Without trying, she turned heads easily. Even his. Added to her golden heart, it wasn't hard for him to get attracted. Earlier that night, when Alexis stood by the railings with her hands at her sides and her face staring up at the sky, wearing the lovely white dress. his life felt peaceful and right. And when the wind whipped her hair and dress around her delicate figure?. Sighs. Though they'd known each other for a while, he wanted to protect her from the hurt she'd been through

Esmond had been there himself and the feeling almost killed him. Alexis deserved the best and the silent, growing part in him wanted to give it all to her. The automatic doors to the guest bedroom slid open and he walked in. Though the glass walls had silk curtains which matched the bedspread, moonlight still washed into the room focusing on the figure sitting on the bed, Indian style. Seemingly absentminded, her phone was in her hand. And except for the little light reflecting on her face, Esmond would've never known Natalia was silently crying!. He bulged his eyes and rushed over without realising it, almost knocking over the glasses in the process. "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?" He whispered. Natalia wasn't blinking so her tears found the perfect opportunity to fall uncontrollably. She was deeply hurting and it pricked his heart. "Alexis. " He softly whispered and wiped her right cheek with his left thumb. The warm feeling which followed made his heart melt. Esmond gently raised her chin, his hand never leaving her. Instead, they silently pushed stray strands away. "What's wrong?" He patiently repeated. Natalia's pain seemed to crawl out from the depth of her soul into her lovely eyes. She pushed her phone towards him and he picked it up after one more stare. It was an article from an entertainment blog. Esmond read through it with no emotion. The headline wasn't surprising to him because he had expected it anytime soon. But rather, it made his heart ache for Alexis. "HEIR AND DAUGHTER OF PROMINENT BUSINESS TYCOONS TO BE WEDDED ON NEW YEAR! HOW MUCH EXTRAVAGANCE IS THERE GONNA BE??!''. Social media just had to have a way of presenting bad news in a good way, in Natalia's case. Finding out your real, first love's wedding date with another through the internet was likely the worst heartbreak ever. Esmond bit his lips not knowing what to say. "Alexis, I'm sorry. I don't know what to. " He confessed and looked up but her her reaction caught him off guard. She kissed him. Esmond was thrown off by the unexpected kiss. It was one which threw in her pain and frustration at him. The sudden fierceness made him lose his senses and stamina for a moment. Natalia moved on top of him as her hands worked their way around his neck. Even though her passion was fuelled by anger and hurt, it stimulated his emotions. The more she touched him, the more he lost control. He flipped them over and dominated the extended kiss. Her skin was smooth and soft like the flimsy silk sheets underneath them, and the strapless dress she wore gave him more access to it. The curtains fluttered with the wind and a sea wave splashed against the windows, as her hands found their way to the first few buttons of his shirt…