Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 14 : Like Her Smile.


( Empire Astheria, Somewhere In Australia. A knock sounded on the door and her personal aide, Lady Rosa, came in with her medication and noon tea. "Oh, Rosa. I don't know why you bother yourself all round the clock with these things. They aren't even doing much!" The Queen smiled tiredly. Lady Rosa, her longest, most loyal head maid, chuckled lightly and gave a light curtsey. "Your Majesty, the orders are directly from the royal physicians. And besides, it is my duty to serve you. And I do so with all pleasure. "However, don't you have your family to bother about too?" A touch of genuine concern etched her old eyes. "Lately, I've been thinking of relieving you of your duties so you could focus on your family too. Lady Rosa poured out the Queen's tea with stable hands and subserviently passed the saucer which held the pills. "Your Majesty, I've been with you for over two decades. The royal family and the palace is my home. And aside my dearest old cat, Margaret, I have no one else. Nothing pleases me more than to stay by your graceful side until the end. " She smiled. The Queen looked at her with a thankful spirit. Lady Rosa was old enough to have her own full, happy family. Yet, she'd dedicated her entire life to the service of the royal family. "Thank you, Rosa, for everything. " Her voice was filled with gratitude. Lady Rosa smiled appreciatively and lowered her eyes dutifully. The Queen might treat her with much value and kindness, as she did with every royal employee, but the middle aged woman knew her place. "Your Majesty, you flatter me. Please, if you would excuse me, I have to check on the kitchen staffs. Lunch will be ready soon. " She bowed. The Queen nodded her approval and she left. Queen Fiona sighed once again. She was missing her Angel, her little pearl, Alexis. ***. Elva walked briskly towards the nearest restroom. A was spectacular in geographic and academic details, but the students were somewhat psychotic!. Her previous school was also prestigious even though it was a middle class one. It was also a day and boarding school combined. Yet, no one dared behave with less manners and morals!. Elva remembered the time she grew bored of her conventional life at school. Wake up so early, study, get dressed, eat, school, study and then back to bed. Same routine everyday!. So, when her spontaneous roomies literally kidnapped her to a party downtown, she didn't make a buzz even though it was quite against the rules. Curfew was at nine but at that age when teenagers start to give excessive headaches??. The party was a combo of sick and dope! Sixteen year old Elva had been to few parties before but only on holidays and school breaks. After that daring night out, she slowly become a party freak. It was at one of those parties the silly her had thought she'd met "The one". (Note the emphatic finger quotes. Elva recalled the memory and helplessly chuckled. At first, he was the typical flirt and she was the good girl. Well, to some righteous extent! So it didn't work on her. But after a couple of punch and some conversations, Elva had slightly warmed up. And an hour later, they were friends. And the hour after that, they were at the dance floor. And the next, they swapped numbers. And after that, the merry roomies broke their previous records and were awfully late for curfew!. From that night onwards, their story began. Elva took the last curve to the restroom and met the scene. His voice alone made her freeze!. It was the voice of the one who made her heart yearn and bleed. like it still did against her will. Elva gazed at Ricky and watched how much he had grown in the space of three years. Undeniably, he was more stunning and breathtaking than before. She let her racing heart momentarily take control of her head as she watched the scene from behind. Elva's best option was to walk away, so the heartache would be bearable. But she couldn't let someone else be humiliated, no matter how little, like she once was. ***. * Walking down the hallway?. * Getting badly frustrated?. * Tossing the map away?. * Resuming the punishment?

* Tripping and almost crash-landing??. * Rescued by super someone?. Super check!!. Natalia slipped back into realization and released her tight grip on her guardian's shirt. She gazed up to his face making their lips brush accidentally!. The royal gasped and hastily stepped away. In her effort to put some distance between them, she clumsily forgot about the ten-stepped death waiting behind and tripped. Again!. Fortunately, her saviour was quicker and flawlessly caught the princess once more on time, pulling her closer. ***. Hours later;. "Shut up!" Elva gushed, wide eyed. "It really happened!" Natalia groaned, burying her flushed face in her pillow from embarrassment. Sitting in Natalia's bedroom, the girls were having pizza and a bit of pie for dinner. And currently, the princess was narrating her all-but-delightful encounter with Leonardo, the guy from the staircase. "Okay, so what happened next?" Elva encouraged and mindlessly grabbed a can of Pepsi. "Leonardo was thoughtful enough to catch me again and this time, I made sure he was the one backing the stairs so I wouldn't freak and fall again. "Un-hun??" The romantic best friend urged excitedly. "He didn't let go of me at first, probably thinking I'ld do something clumsy again? But thankfully, I didn't. " Elva unblinkingly latched onto her every word. "Um. I said my thanks and left. But he trailed behind. Like it was so creepy! Having had enough, I demanded to know why he kept tagging along and guess what he said?". "I dunno! Spill already!!" Elva was becoming hysteric. "And you say I'm the drama baby!" Natalia accused and twitched her lips. "Anyway, Leonardo said he'll walk me over to Mrs. Sharon's office. "Shut up!!" Elva gasped again. It's official. That's her favourite word!. "I'm sorry, but I'm real. " The princess shrugged like it was nothing and picked up her fork to continue poking her pie. "Hey, you can't dump me midway!" Elva shrieked aggrievedly, loving juicy gists. Natalia sighed and resumed her tale. "Well, at first, I was shocked because I didn't tell him where I was headed. I was so close to screaming for help if he'd tried anything associated with a creepy stalker!". "But he didn't. Leonardo had overheard us talking after class. So he'd followed behind, guessing I might need some help along the way and it turned out I did. " Natalia paused and muttered uncomfortably. in more ways than one. Elva chuckled seeing the blush creeping up her neck again. "We talked as he walked me over, and I got his name! He's also a senior in our class, you know. " She ended. "That can't be all. I want more!" Elva pouted and wriggled herself like a piece of worm. "Aish El, you're something! Now tell me why you also too so long in getting to the car. " Natalia turned offensive. "I promise I'll tell you everything on Saturday night. Remember, it's our friendversay?" She decisively muttered. "Pinky promise?" She pursed her lips like a brat. Elva giggled and sealed it. "So tell me. Is he cute??" She tauntily leaned forward. Natalia hid another approaching blush and shrugged. "Well, yeah I guess. Leonardo's real handsome. He has eyes like the color of steel, nice brown hair and smelled like tropical fruits. And his voice. " She slightly smiled. "He doesn't seem from around here though. Strangely enough, it felt kinda familiar. "Is he Dutch or Spanish or English???" Elva tried helping but Natalia kept nodding negatively. "I guess it's just in my head. " She softly puckered her lips. "It must be. " Elva cooed. "After leaving you dazed

" She was wicked!. Natalia hit her with a pillow. And five minutes later; They were still smacking each other!. ***. Ricky Winterfield tried hard, but a peaceful sleep evaded him. Till the dark hours of midnight, he kept turning and tossing in bed, tangling his bedsheets in the process. His phones kept beeping on the nightstand, tonnes of invitations coming in from his. peculiar nightcrawling social circle. But all the young heir could hear in his half-conscious state was her voice, haunting his memories. "You really proved me right, didn't you? As hard as I try not to, I helplessly wonder who your next unfortunate prey was. " Ricky sounded acerbically, letting his emotions take over. A look of hurt flashed across Elva's eyes. However, it was gone as soon as it came! She asked the weirdo to leave and it didn't take the lucky girl two seconds!. "So, we're doing Throwback Thursday a day earlier? Okay. You know, Ricky, I could also say the same. " She lowered her lovely black orbs, looking deceitfully thoughtful. "As hard as I try not to also, it's sad knowing you're still the same bozo!" She seethed raising them back up. Ricky was thrown off guard. The Elva he once knew was always afraid of hurting someone else's feelings. "What happened to you?" He whispered inaudibly, staring at that version of her. Elva chuckled dryly and folded her arms, throwing him a smirk which the Winterfield heir still found attractive. "Surprised much? Well, this is what 'happened' to the once silly girl who gave her whole heart out to the wrong guy!". Ricky did a good job hiding his emotions and snorted, raising his cocky aura to an extent which irritated Elva because it pushed her to the defensive. "Tell it. I can keep a secret. How many other guys, who had a couple of bucks to spare, did you fool into getting all class. Smack!. Elva slapped him!. Seconds passed before Ricky lazily inched his neck back, to see her glaring viciously at him, her palms in a clench. "Go on. " She growled silently, refusing to let her tears show. "Continue. " She admonished. Ricky unconsciously kept mute. "After all your brain, if there's still any left, is filled with the lies you easily believed. Deny it all you want but just know that YOU, Ricky damnable Winterfield, ruined US!" She gritted. "And just for the record, the only other guy is worth much more than you in terms of wealth, personality, looks, status, you name it. " Elva genuinely referred to Natalia but Ricky didn't get it. His heart hurt more than it had ever done in years. "And weighing everything, Rick?. You weigh my biggest mistake!" She spat and walked away. A subtle part of Ricky knew he'd failed her. He knew she was right. He knew he could've done better, been better. But his pride and anger made him take it out on her unjustly. Ricky was sorry, sorry for a billion and one things. He kept murmuring an apology in his drowsy state until he drifted away. ***. They'd had another re-match, Ricky and Arian. Arian couldn't believe he easily won! Apart from being an infamous female magnet, Ricky was a really good competitor. Competition was his thing, his pro-zone. But he'd lost. Arian and Jeffrey had also noticed his frequent distraction. But Ricky calmly found ways to change the topic. Therefore, the duo guessed it was about home. It was no secret among them that they lacked that 'picture perfect' family. The young master Argent tossed his duvet aside and stood up from bed, tired of sleeplessly tossing around. In the darkness of the room, his slippered feet walked across to his wet bar and he poured himself a glass of red wine. It was one of those nights the French had trouble sleeping. Arian stalked across the room to his magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows which overlooked the night scenery of Beverly Hills. The Argent's manor, a seven hundred million dollar worth of real estate, was located at the top of a hill, giving the occupants a wonderful view of part of the city. Arian's father, Sir Richard De' Argent, loved the privacy and security it brought. So he had bought the hill as a private property. The young master took an experienced sip from his glass and stared ahead emotionlessly with a hand in his pocket. Under the pale shadows of the fading moon, the city looked serene but subtly energetic. The street lights and slight traffic jam made its glow magical. Just like her smile. Arian De' Argent didn't know when that thought crossed his mind, but he didn't bother pushing it away either…. Chapter 15