Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 28 : Little Moments...


"What would society think if they saw the Campbell's prestigious heir crawling around totally wasted at the stroke of midnight?!". Jeffrey indignantly raised himself and shot his father a cold look. "Oh no, you don't! Don't sound all concerned about me right now!" He spat hatefully. "You're just worried about YOUR fancy name and damn reputation! But not to worry, over half the people around here are already in bed. Well, except some business-oriented nighthawks. " He snorted acerbically and fell back on the couch. "Enough! A few weeks strictly indoors should do the job!" Sir Campbell raged. "No more phones! No more credit cards! No outings! No extravagances. " Jeffrey cut him off with a dry chuckle. "How 'bout no more you? In case you've forgotten, I'm no longer eighteen. "That's enough! Both of you stop right this instant!" A third party yelled. Jeffrey slightly inched his head to see Felicity on her feet, gazing at the two warlords with as much anger. "What in the world is going on?! Must you two always bicker like little kids everytime you cross paths?! You're family for Christ's sake!". Jeffrey scoffed and looked the other way. His headache had doubled up. "Yes, Jeff! You both are, no matter how disappointed you feel. Since the past few days I've been here, I've not seen an iota of respect between the both of you!". Sir Campbell elegantly crossed his legs and went back to being the wealthy boss. "It's not what you think. I'm only shaping him up. " He curtly stated. "Water. I need some water. " Jeffrey groaned. His throat turned dry and his tongue, numb. "You should try a little more softer approach. No matter what he thinks, he's still just a kid. A kid who's hurting inside. " Her voice softened. "My head hurts. " Jeffrey moaned again but was outrightly ignored. A heavy silence hung thickly in the air. "It's late. We'll talk about this tomorrow. " Sir Campbell stood up and was gone. Felicity let out a silent, wistful sigh watching his retreating back. She turned to the teenager groaning on the couch. "Bernard, help me get him upstairs. "Certainly, ma'am. " The family's middle aged butler bowed. "The rest of you, you may go to bed. " She ordered. The workers bowed in relief before shuffling their feet away. No one had expected the sudden vigil after the Lord of the house came home unexpected. Butler Bernard took Jeffrey up to his bedroom. He helped him to bed and settled on pulling off his shoes alone, knowing that a bath was futile. Felicity came in with a glass of water in time to see him leave. She smiled at his bow of subservience and dropped the water on the nightstand. As Jeffrey dozed off, he felt a soft presence tuck him in properly and touch his hair. "Everything's gonna be alright, Jeff. I'm here now. " Mom Felicity whispered with a fond look in her eyes and kissed his hair. ***. Early the next morning, the alarm clock rang out furiously to the hungover teenager who was too stiff to move!. Natalia felt lazy to roll over and put it off, so she let the poor thing ring itself insane despite her rising headache. However, it stopped after a while. She peeked a drowsy eye and spotted Elva clad in a bathrobe, holding a cup of tea and some pills. The princess silently groaned and shut her eye back, hopelessly trying to escape the inevitable. "Come on, dollface. I know you ain't sleeping anymore. " Elva drawled and sat next to her on the bed. Natalia sluggishly pulled herself up and immediately a jolt of pain coursed through her, making her vision blurry. She groaned and held her head. "Here. " Elva passed her the tray and she took the pills without hesitation. "They'll help with the hangover. " She soothed. Natalia weakly smiled and sipped some more tea

"Are you feeling up to school today? This is why we don't get wasted on a s. "Yeah, I'm up for school. " Natalia hastily cut her off, her voice coming out a bit edgy. Natalia might still be seeing funny at that moment, but she knew her grandmother was gonna get worried and curious when the report gets to her. And the princess, wasn't yet brazen enough to tell her where she'd been at the entire night!. "If you say so. " Elva knowingly smirked and headed for the bathroom. I'll run a bath for you. "Thanks. " Natalia smiled. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. "Elva, who brought us home last night? I can barely remember a thing after that first shot. " She curiously pursed her lips. Elva stopped on her tracks and turned, shoving her hands into the pockets of her robe. She looked thoughtful. "I barely remember the whole conversation, but Nicky's driver was assigned to get both Nick and I home. Ricky took Jeffrey back himself. But since you were still at the dance floor. " She casually shrugged and continued towards the bathroom. "He told Arian to take you home. " And the next second, a fragile chinaware slipped and smashed into a million pieces. ***. Long after his alarm went off, Arian remained in bed staring up at the ceiling, unmoving. The butler had efficiently come in and gone as well with his trusty little bell. Yet, the young master remained still. Shirtless with an arm under his luscious dark hair, Arian was a bit tired. But his thoughts were actively occupied with the events of last night. Or more precisely, the vixen from last night. Right from the naughtiness in the club till the little moments in her bedroom, being with Natalia felt right. And although, the 'right' used felt weird to the young master, but in a good way. Good in a way that no video game or playlist had ever made him feel. She was so natural and genuine and gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. All at the same time. Plus, she made an attractive drunk. Arian thought and chuckled. Back in her bedroom, the French aristocrat had forced himself away from the tempting situation. He was a little drunk, yeah. But was conscious and mannered enough not to do anything silly. Spending the whole evening with her was good enough for him. He helplessly stayed for a while, watching her sleep. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. Gosh! He couldn't stop himself from saying that!. "I know that smile. " An oh-too familiar voice cooed, giggling at the same time. And that voice was mom's!. Arian flipped over to see her sitting next to him, holding a glass. He frowned wondering how she got there?!. 'Through the door, stupid. ' His subconscious snorted. And Arian almost rolled his eyes at himself. "Mom, what are you doing here? And what smile?" He hurled himself to a sitting position. Mom Rose kept up the creepy grin as she moved closer to kiss him good morning. "Morning to you too, honey. So. " She passed him the glass and naughtily wriggled her brows. "What's her name?". The young master choked on the water which made his mother's grin increase. "I don't know what you're talking about. " He tossed the duvet aside and walked around his room. Mom Rose obstinately trailed behind him. "Oh? So what's making you blush that much?" She hummed. Arian dashed to the nearest mirror in a flash, reflexively looking to cover up whatever evidence there was!. But saw none. His brows creased into a frown. Mom Rose slowly came over with a wicked smile. "Actions speaks louder than words, son. If you don't wanna tell me yet, it's fine

" She pouted just like Tommy. It was no secret why he took after her so much!. Mischievous and cute. Arian was an exact replica of his father, but he got his green eyes from mom. While Tommy, on the other hand, had both her blonde hair and eyes. "But you're late for school. " She purposely ruffled his hair and left. Arian hastily smoothed his hair with a frown. Like he said. mischievous!. Girl? Mom should really stop jumping into conclusions! He snorted and faced his dressing mirror back. But his subconscious started an evil tune. 'Nataliaa. "Just shut it already!" He snapped into thin air before storming into the bathroom. ***. Natalia walked out of her bathroom after spending a long time in there. She wasn't sure, but she could swear she fell asleep in the bathtub!. After dreading the thought of searching for an outfit in her condition, her face brightened up sighting her uniform on the bed. It was definitely Elva at work!. The princess had almost forgotten it was uniform day today. She changed into it and stood before her vanity mirror. The uniform looked cute on her. The skirt stopped mid thigh and she folded the long sleeves because she felt a little hot. Natalia hastily wore a pair of ankle socks and white sneakers. She simply brushed her hair knowing it was too late to curl it. Then she picked her bag and hurried downstairs. As the girls walked down the hallway, Natalia became uncomfortable. The stares which reduced last week had suddenly multiplied! Everyone stood in groups peering at their phones and talking loudly. "Natalia, Elva!" Nicky called out rushing over to them. It made Natalia remember their first day at school. Only difference was that the students phones were at them, and not the floor. "Have you girls seen this?!" She gushed breathlessly, shoving her phone in their faces. On the screen was a picture of her and Arian dancing. The location wasn't so clear. but the subjects clear enough for anyone to see!. Natalia had her arms around Arian in a flirty hug, smiling at each other almost as if they were kissing! The blogger, whoever it was, and as gracious as they were, took their time to include a spicy caption which made the princess pale horribly;. ~ Hottie + Hottie!. Is this friggin' true?! ~. Elva looked over at Natalia in shock as the whispers in the hallway became more audible. ** Ahh! I bet you never saw this one coming!!. ** Another drama ain't far behind!. ** Biggest news of the freaking school year!!. ** Aww! In just three days??. ** Cheeky whore!. ** Wuwu! My heart is shattered. I'm so jealous that I cried all night!. ** Quit being envious and face it! He chose her. Simple!. ** So Arian is approachable?. ** Shit! I so wanna kill the bitch!. ** Senior, I suddenly wanna be your school baby!. ** Can't wait to see the look on Bianca's trampy caked up face!!. ***. Arian drove to school with his best friends trailing right behind him. Jeffrey looked ill but his handsome looks did a little to cover it up. While Ricky, on the other hand, looked obviously exhausted. 'Serves them right!' The young master snorted with a bit of malice. Apparently, old Gramp Arian had always fussed about going clubbing on a school night! But his 'socially adept' idiotic friends never listened. Party freaks? He scoffed in disdain again. The attention the trio got from the parking lot seemed a lot more than the usual but the gorgeous French didn't seem to care as usual. All he cared about was seeing Natalia. Against his will. a part of him was worried. The thought that she might have a hangover after drinking so much worried him a lot. But what if she couldn't make it to school at all??. The thought alone made him halt on his tracks unconsciously…. Chapter 29