Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 9 : Once A Princess...


Meet Bianca Wells, only daughter of Senator Wells, a peculiar fashion enthusiast and an iconic brat. Bianca was also B. A's longest, unrivalled queen!. Among the other losers at the academy, as she put it, her net worth was much higher than the rest of the heiresses. Hence, her title. Bianca Wells was an upcoming, international teen model and actress. She was still going through camp trainings abroad during school breaks to invest in her career. The queen had been away from B. A for a while now and was about to give the school a surprise!. There was a tradition at the academy. As a queen, she needed a king. Not just any king but the most popular, school hottie. And it wasn't a secret either that Arian Antoine De' Argent, the sinfully gorgeous but cold aristocrat, unanimously stole that crown. Everyone knew she was obsessed! And stayed away. If 'away' meant a couple of steps off but still at the seductive game? Then yes. The more daring ones either ended up getting expelled, commiting suicide or disappearing into thin air. Don't ask, she was that maniac!. Bianca was currently in Paris with a return flight ready in a couple of hours. Feeling the need to catch up, she called her closest bestie, Tiffany McCall, in a video chat. "Hey, girl!" Tiffany beamed the moment she connected. "Yeah. What popped at the academy today?" She was straight to the point. "Uhm. nothing much. " Tiffany flippantly shrugged used to her sass and picked up a chip. "Hangin' out with the girls at Crunches. "Is that Bee?" A particularly squealy voice screeched from the background. Tiffany didn't have to respond because Rihanna Jack and the rest of the B. S poked their heads in. It was a good thing Tiffany was using her iPad. "Heyyy, Bee!" They glowed at the same time and waved. Bianca returned their smile. "We miss you! When will you be back? B. A needs her queen back!. "Soon, okay? Now get off. I wanna talk with Tiff alone. Well, she was the bitchy kind! As you might've guessed. Bianca believed that if she didn't act that way, the B. S wouldn't be totally loyal. The rest of the girls moved away but Allison Mendez rolled her eyes before doing the same. She was the notorious Cranky Ally. But she was cool too. "How's Arian? You know the helluva shitty snob he is on social media! Too bad I still want him. " Bianca pouted aggrievedly. "Sorry, who?" Tiffany wickedly sipped her soda. "Don't get me started, bitch!" She snapped. "Yikes! Take a chill pill, babe. He's great and ohhh. you need to have seen the trio this morning. Fierce sexy! Your fav bitch almost tripped over steph's bag when they got into the hallway. " Tiffany dreamily squealed, blushing hard at the same time. Bianca frowned. "Stop that shit. Arian's mine!". Tiffany recoiled and raised her hands in surrender. "Possessive much? Okay boss! Was jus' saying. But you need to take time out and visit the school blog sometimes. The student reporters are having a field day! Senior year's gonna be lit!". Tiffany said this not knowing yet that Bianca was returning in a few hours. "Are there any tramps trynna mess around?". "Nah. Puh. lease! Bitches know ya crazy ass!". "Yeah, later. I'm crashin' by morning. Gonna give the whole school the shock of their lives!" Bianca smirked. "Kk. Kisses. " Tiffany blew a kiss as Bianca shut her laptop. She tossed it away, standing up from her bed. Her plane was waiting and she had to get ready. She picked out a fitted, yellow crop top and shorts and wore her white heels with a matching coat. Then Bianca took her purse and phones and called room service to come get her suitcases. "Get ready to welcome your queen. " She smirked and slammed the penthouse door behind. ***. Wednesday came and Natalia was bored out of her royal mind!. On Monday, the princess and Elva went to have coffee at a classy, outdoor cafe downtown, basking in the glorious afternoon sun. On Tuesday, they'd gone to a tourist market where the local traders sold precious artefacts to both the locals and visitors alike

Out there, Natalia bought a necklace with the pendant of a Phoenix bird which was similar to that of Astheria's. It was really pretty and symbolic. Probably because the trader who sold it to her had the good fortune of visiting the Empire once when she was younger. The pendant stopped on her chest making her feel at home with it. Plus, it somehow matched the royal ring on her left finger. Only the ruling Queen had the power to wear and use it but her grandmother had insisted Natalia took it along with her and never take it off. Natalia constantly talked to Elva about Tommy since the adventure at the mall. She missed him so much! And his extremely adorable, chubby cheeks!. The princess was getting bored and wanted to try something new. Probably starting a new school which was also on her to-do list. Lounging in her bedroom, Natalia picked up her laptop which had a customized design of "I Love YOU" at the front and fired it up. There was a lot of prestigious schools to pick from but the Royal moved to the top five. As a whole lot was expected from her, she took her education seriously. Tommy had mentioned about the best school in the region but Natalia had forgotten the name until it popped up!. Beverly Hills Academy. She scrolled through their official page and other details. It seemed really nice. In a flash, she ran downstairs where Elva was watching a movie. And FYI, Elva NEVER got tired of Asian dramas!. "Elva, guess what?!" She chirped as she crashed on the cozy couch next to her. "What? Shuush!. This is an interesting part. " Elva absentmindedly shushed and shoved another potato chip dipped in ketchup into her busy mouth. Her entire gaze was laser focused on the television couples who were about to breakup. Natalia rolled her eyes, already used to her best friend's helpless addiction. "We're starting a normal school soon. " She cheerfully announced. "Okay. " The receiver muttered distractedly. Natalia relaxed properly into the couch, returning her gaze to her laptop. "And it's gonna be at B. " She continued but Elva choked on the next chip and started coughing!. Natalia gasped and quickly passed her the glass of orange juice on the table. "Are you feeling better?" The princess fussed. Elva's face didn't look better and she didn't bother hiding it either. "You know you can tell me whatever's been bothering you, El. " Natalia worriedly pressed her lips together. She wondered if it was a bad memory from her previous school that scarred her so much, or if it reminded her of her parent's death. Whatever it was, Natalia was worried and wanted to give her best friend comfort. A few silent minutes passed. "I know, Nat. But later, I promise. " Her voice was barely audible as she gently entwined their fingers. Natalia smiled and pulled her into a warm hug. The emotions on her face clearly needed it. "So tell me about high school!" The princess squealed as soon as she pulled away and Elva chuckled. ***. "Did you dorks notice anything different in school today?" Jeffrey asked still reeling in his puzzlement. The heirs were at the Campbell's game room with Tommy who insisted on coming along. Jeffrey was playing ping pong with Arian while Ricky umpired the game. The little fox had sprawled himself on a sofa with Jeff's headphones and tablet, playing games. Jeffrey really pitied the poor kid who had no friends. It did run in the family though. A statement he found himself thinking too often these days. Arian mumbled a negative reply focusing on the game he was losing. "Nah, not really. " Ricky replied, zeroing his sultry eyes on the bouncing ball. "Well, didn't you asses notice I'm friends with two douchebags!". "Wow. What's our big crime now?" Ricky rolled his eyes. Jeffrey smashed the ball his way and it bruised his arm. "Hey!". "Well, what's my big crime now?" He mimicked smugly. Simmering heat crawled up Ricky's face. "That's foul play! And as for hurting the referee, you LOSE!" He yelled and stormed over to the fridge. Arian chuckled because he automatically won. Jeffrey scowled at him. "Anyway, Danny wasn't in school today. So I checked with the coach and he said something about him being transfered?". Ricky returned and positioned himself on a couch with Tommy. He took off his shirt and placed an ice bag on a bruise that wasn't even visible. Such a girl!. "And you care? I thought you never liked the dude. " Arian pointed from where he sat across. "I know but why all the hush - hush? It's suspicious, you know. Poor Becky. I wonder how she's feeling. " He silently bit his lip. "That's their problem

" Ricky seethed, sounding quite hostile. He lowered his cold gaze when they looked his way. Suddenly, Tommy sat up looking pained. "Jeffy, the girl in the game looks like the fairy I met at the mall. I miss her so much. " He pouted, and Arian growled under his breath. "What girl?" Ricky was suddenly naughtily interested. Tommy explained everything from top to bottom. "She was so nice and sweet and kind and very, very pretty. I like her!" He confessed with a gleam in his innocent eyes. Ricky cackled and Jeffrey choked!. "Tom Cat, the sad truth is. " Ricky tapped his hair, sighing like a righteous older brother. Indeed. "You're a little too young to go about liking girls probably four times your age. " He lectured and casted an evil grin Arian's way. "And as your brother is a total lost cause in that area. " He clicked his tongue in a sad tut, earning a murderous scowl from the hot French who was previously occupied with his phone. "You don't have to worry as the rest of us are available. " He concluded with another innocent sigh. Tommy wrinkled his nose at him. "No, Rick! Arian says you're not a good boy with girls. " He pouted, clueless of the whole meaning. Now, it was Jeffrey's turn to laugh as Ricky shot Arian a death glare who suddenly got serious with his phone. When an apology resulting from 'slander' didn't come forth, the game room turned into a mess two seconds later. ***. "What do you mean by bitches squad?" Natalia curiously asked, her big honey brown eyes staring at Elva. "Well it's mainly a bunch of disillusioned girls who THINK they rule a school. They usually have a leader, the queen. They're big time bullies in general and are ALWAYS hitting on the cutest guys in school. Nothing good comes out of them and they turn out to be your worst nightmare!" She shuddered at a memory. "Oh. But why can't the wronged students stand up to them?" The princess disapprovingly frowned. "I dunno. I guess they're afraid of getting bullied next. Those set of people are really ruthless, you know. Popularity and flaunting that power is what they're obsessed with. " Elva shrugged. "Sounds like they're sick! And need urgent help. Good luck to them trying to walk all over me. " Natalia snorted and continued researching the school. And boy, did anyone mention the meek princess could be a hot badass sometimes?? Elva smirked proudly. She taught her student well!. Natalia wasn't just her superior or her best friend. She was her only family. And Elva renewed her vow to protect her no matter the cost. Even her happiness. Resuming school was gonna bring back a lot of memories she thought she had forgotten. But you know what they say;. Once the heart is involved, it becomes eternal. "Okay. So when do you wanna resume so I can get things on track!" She rushed upstairs to grab her laptop. Oh! Sorry. When the explorers moved down to Beverly Hills, Natalia demanded they bought a house and live like a regular family. Elva contacted agents and interior decorators and then voila! They moved to a secluded estate in one of the elite areas of Beverly Hills. Elva wasn't sure but the princess said being in the city felt like home. Maybe it was the warm weather or the lush green parks. Or the residential oases or the fine food and wine. Or it could also be the iconic shopping and the rich culture that was similar to that of Empire Astheria. Everything about Beverly Hills was extraordinarily unique. "I don't think it's gonna be this week though. Getting into a prestigious school overnight is bound to raise questions and we can't risk that. So using my influence as royalty is off the list. We'll go through the normal process and maybe with a little. " She coughed uncomfortably. Elva giggled from where she sat seeing her flushed face. "Hopefully by next week, we'll be good to go. " The royal assistant realized it was the heiress speaking. Because that certain female, was always on point!. "Oh. kay. " She focused on typing away. Suddenly, Natalia screamed. "What?!" Elva flinched. "We've not yet had a major overhaul! We need to book an appointment with that salon in the magazine and then we'll go to that five star spa on the net and the. Her assistant mentally slapped head!. Once a princess, ALWAYS a princess!. Chapter 10