Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 16 : Peculiar, but Attractive...


Natalia was having a panic attack!. What in heaven's wrong with me?! She mentally screamed and face palmed herself. The princess wasn't sure what made her heart beat a million times faster. The fact that her lips was out of control for the second time in two days?! OR the fact that she was sitting so dangerously close to the first person who easily knocked her out of her royal senses!. The witch definitely deserved an award! Reality made her shriek. There was no denying the demi god looks!. Natalia couldn't breathe well. She was a nervous wreck! Her face blushed furiously from embarrassment double over. Thankfully, the math teacher stepped in at the right moment. The bubbly class became silent, holding in their grumbles. Natalia swallowed dry air and sat properly, avoiding eye contact with the guy next door. She could feel his burning gaze spitting fire at her and the wicked, muffled chuckles coming from behind. It only reddened her flushed face the more!. Natalia returned her headphones, picked up her books and tried to concentrate. But it was utterly useless. Then a light bulb clicked!. She slyly picked up her phone to text Elva to switch seats with her. 'She can have her seat back. ' The princess mused rather selfishly. After all, she offered!. "Don't even think about it!" Arian growled silently, noticing her intentions. The princess slowly froze. Something hypnotizing about his elegant French accent held her spellbound, so much that she almost found herself nodding. 'Stupid, get a grip!' Her subconscious snapped sharply. Natalia shook her head and continued fumbling with her phone. The young master narrowed his eyes into dark slits, apparently not used to being disobeyed. He snatched it away in a split second!. Natalia gasped and indignantly raised her head to scowl at him, not used to taking orders herself! But her anger dissipated the next second and her tongue went mute, lost in his green eyes. They were light and almost transparent, beautifully designed to be a love-sick trap. His raven black hair sat in sleek waves, gliding backwards towards the nape of his neck. He was different from the rest the princess had seen, and her nerves proved her point. She was virtually gawking at the most beautiful male she had ever seen!. However;. "Drool all you want but you're not getting out of this!" Arian's cold voice shook her back to reality. And at that moment, dear readers, one of her grandmother's favourite words ultimately sank into her memory. Her words that 'Beauty without character is wasted treasure. ' How conceited! Natalia scoffed and gave him a dose of her glares too!. "Don't flatter yourself because there's definitely nothing much to see! Fine, I'm sorry for whatever you heard. Truth hurts, but get used to it. Now can I, please, get, my phone, back!". She obviously faked her sincerity and tried snatching it back but Arian was faster. He moved it further away from her reach. Natalia growled impatiently. But he didn't seem to care!!. "Firstly, you called me a dimwit. Then added needing a psychologist. Then backed it up with an eye check up, literally calling me blind!" He seemed astonished, stretching her phone further away from her reach at the same time. "What else?. "Give it back!" She demanded, looking like an angry wild cat at that point!. "Oui (Yes), for distracting me in class. " Arian undauntedly continued his allegations in a calm tone which further enraged her. Natalia finally managed to grab hold of his arm which was bullying her poor phone

and making me some dumb cartoon character everyone's enjoying watching!" He finished coldly, their faces so close together. Natalia furrowed her brows in puzzlement and whipped her head to see the whole class staring them in shock!. Some even went live on the school blog!. The math teacher, whatever his name was, had stopped teaching and was staring as well. Natalia jerked away from Arian and picked up her text book, her face burning red in embarrassment!. When the dumbstruck staring continued, she slyly slid back on her chair until the big book covered her face completely. The hot devil simply pocketed both their phones and walked out through the back exit. "Miss Bianca, please step in if you want to and don't just stand there. " The teacher was the first to recover his voice. Natalia didn't know what happened afterwards, but she heard a door aggressively slam shut!. Immediately the bell sounded for change of period, Natalia threw her side bag across her shoulder, picked up her jacket and dashed over to her friends who were slowly standing like the rest of the students. Without giving them a chance to properly pack their stuff, she hooked her arms in theirs and hastily pulled them out of the class!. When they got into the hallway, the gossipy atmosphere Natalia tried to evade awfully multiplied as students walking out of their classes, heatedly moved their lips with stun and viciousness written in their eyes, holding their phones at the same time. The princess increased her pace, lowering her head to doubly hide her identity which left Nicky and Elva practically running after their arms!. She stopped only when they were at a secluded garden outside the building. Thoughtfully sparing their anxious friend a mighty piece of their minds, Nicky bent over with a pout to rub her knees while Elva massaged her aching elbow. Meanwhile, Natalia tried to calm her heart which kept racing for some reason in fright. "Congratulations, slut! It seemed I really underestimated you. " Bianca's wounded voice viciously snarled from behind them. The girls jerked around to see they were surrounded by the B. S in the deserted garden, who had nothing but cruel looks. ***. ( Up In Their Restricted Penthouse. Shit, more of their crash zone yeah!). "Man, I still insist you were a little bit harsh on the poor girl. " Jeffrey groused as he crashed next to Arian De' Argent on the exquisite white couch, who was silently going through his notes from math class with one elegant leg over the other. Ricky was lying on a couch across, engrossed with his phone as usual. "So?" The young master muttered distractedly, zeroing his eyes on every figure. Jeffrey shot him a disbelieving look. "So?? You could've just forgiven her and let it slide. Now look. You've set your legion of girl fans on her and you know she's just getting used to the school. " Jeffrey subtly looked displeased. "And how's that your business?" The question sounded casual, but anyone could tell how his normally cold voice slipped some degrees colder in the fraction of a second. "You were right there when she tongue lashed me and yet did nothing. Someone has to pay. Or would you prefer taking her place?" His passive eyes kept moving from line to line, deceitfully uninterested. Ricky got lured in by the conversation. He inched his head Jeffrey's way in a cautious manner, knowing too well what followed when the big boss's son used that tone. But Jeffrey Campbell to-the-rescue was persistent!. "Still, making it a public issue wasn't so cool. "Do you like her?" Arian blurted, finally raising his impatient eyes. Ricky jerked the rest of his head their way! Jeffrey was thrown off balance. His lashes fluttered rapidly in wonder staring at him. "Of course I do like her! However, I really don't like the way you treated her. Arian snorted and plopped his legs on the table before them. "Whatever happened to Becky. " He muttered and returned his gaze to the notes, ignorant of the slight malice in his tone. Jeffrey's aura fell a little as he sat like him. "I'll give it to Ricky, man. He was right all along. Becky and I weren't meant to be

" He confessed. Ricky flew up the couch instantly. "She's not ready to move on. She's still in love with Danny and by the looks of things. She's off limit. "I'm sorry. " Ricky whispered inaudibly. 'Sorry?!' They both mused and looked at him but he crashed flat on the couch again. When was THE Ricky Winterfield ever sorry??. "So, you got a new replacement. " Arian didn't understand why it came out bitter. He felt a prick of anger somewhere deep in his chest and he hated it. It was like a lump and it choked. But the young master pushed it aside. Why should he care anyway? It wasn't his darn business! Jeffrey could feel whatever he wanted but the smiley face was still gonna get it!. "Woah, dude! I said I like her. 'Cause she's cool and awfully cute. Jeez!" He gushed and picked up his laptop. Despite all his previous nonchalant speech, Arian felt an unusual calm seep through him. He casually leaned back on the couch and remembered the face she made when she found out it was him. Priceless, was the word!. Her beautiful features went pale instantly. Her captivating honey brown eyes went wide open and her breath hitched. And as she hastily whipped her face away, her silky hair flew gracefully, settling delicately over her shoulders. Every little detail was peculiar, in an attractive way. So lost was Arian in his thoughts that he didn't realize Jeffrey talking until he nudged him. "You okay?" He asked, worriedly peering into his eyes. Arian pushed his face away and turned the other side. "Get out!". Jeffrey laughed out and shrugged before facing his laptop back. ***. "No? In fact, you deserve a friggin' applause!" Bianca fumed and her girls gave a mock impressed ovation. The Queen bee, first in history, felt stung and was so mad that anyone a mile away could feel the heat!. Arian De' Argent had never let anyone seat next to him before. Yet, he let her! And with the little love play they acted? Which was already trending??. Gosh! She was beyond furious. "From the moment you stepped foot in here, I knew you were trouble waiting to happen! And damn should I've done something before you got out of control!" She hissed, maniacally stomping over to her prime target who looked frightened and lost. Elva and Nicky tried to step in but the B. S sidestepped them immediately, blocking them from flanking her. "Bianca, just leave and stop spitting trash!" Nicky spat, helplessly noticing the danger Natalia was in. More than her own safety, she wished her brother was right there to protect her!. Bianca might've been one of his screws in the past but Ricky was the only one at the academy aside Arian, if he cared to anyway, who could keep her under control. "Aren't you supposed to be some sort of queen? Is this the kind of model you're meant to portray? Getting physical with everyone you're upset with?! Have some more dignity and leave her alone!" Fear was evident in Elva's misty eyes. She was frightened as well, all for her friend. Bianca stopped to glare at her, her words hitting a sore spot within. "So the newbie can talk? I was actually starting to wonder if you were some pathetic dumb! Well, it's a shame it's gonna be of no use after I'm done with both ya bitchy little asses!" She snarled and Natalia finally reacted. "Your accusations are baseless! Whatever you saw was clearly not what it seemed. I was doing nothing wrong. And as they rightly said, please have some respect and leave because your presence here is totally just a waste!". Such effrontery! Bianca raged and raised her hand to hit her!. Chapter 17