Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 5 : Sounds Like A Plan.


Morning had long come, but Becky O'Neil laid on her simple but cozy bed, listening to the clock tick away. Aside studying or running to her part time jobs, it was something she did every morning on school breaks when she woke up. Different from those times when her thoughts were occupied on how to steal Danny Craig's attention, the sound from the clock soothed her wandering mind and helped her think a bit more clearly. Becky wasn't sure what to call it. A crush, love, fantasy, infatuation or plain stupidity!. As far as she could remember, she'd always liked Danny, ever since junior high. Now they were about to enter senior year but he still hadn't even looked her way once. Since Danny was the assistant captain of the school's football team, Becky had tried everything possible to get him to notice her. Even trying out for cheerleaders practice!. No one could really know how frustrating it was trying out repeatedly only to be awfully embarrassed and kicked out by the popular, bitchy tramp, Bianca!. Everything. Becky had done everything! How they both ended up at the parking lot last night??. Becky was feeling upset and had graced her friends' invitation to the club at the last minute, where virtually all students at B. A hung out. After sulking all night and subtly dampening her friends party spirit, she muttered an excuse and was slipping away to the restroom when she spotted Danny Craig. with Tiffany McCall, one of the B. S AND one of her worst nightmares!. Worst of it all, they were smooching!. One thing led to another and they both ended up at the parking lot where she confessed, more of ranted out, her feelings. And yeah!. got the baddest heartbreak ever!. So now we know the reason for her tears. Tired of crying and hating herself for being so stupid, Becky took one last teary look at Danny and turned to leave. "Hey, is everything alright?" A voice which wasn't so familiar asked. Becky kept her face down and tried to walk out again. Letting a stranger see her disconcerted side wasn't gonna help her bad night in any way. "Yeah. Everything's cool, Jeffrey. " The cocky assistant captain didn't bother to hide the spite in his tone. Becky no longer cared or paid attention. She was hurt and lost, and wanted nothing more than anything to go home and cry herself to sleep. "I wasn't asking you. " Jeffrey's warm tone zeroed to a cold one gazing at him. It wasn't hard to guess they never got along. Even on the football pitch. "Woah!" Danny scoffed. "Don't use that tone on me, dude. We're not on the field so watch it!". "Stop it!" Becky choked out and ran away without looking back. She had no idea where she was going but she kept on walking. She didn't notice the voice calling out to her. And neither did she care. Her wants had changed. All she wanted was to disappear for good!. And Becky got her wish. A second later, the bright lights from a delivery truck sped her way at high speed! It was too late for the weary teenager to move so she closed her eyes, awaiting her fate. Just as the delivery van was about to run her over, a strange pair of arms pulled her away and saved her in a split second! Minutes passed by and she thought she was dead. She was waiting to walk into the famous bright light any moment. Becky couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. Shock made her cold and frozen. until the same pair of arms pulled her into a warm hug. It was then she realized she hadn't stopped crying. Of course, she was crying before but the reasons had changed. She choked out more tears and weakly hugged the stranger she knew not back. "Are you alright?" Jeffrey whispered so softly that she almost couldn't hear. Becky slowly nodded, feeling too weak to respond in words. "Would you like a cup of coffee?" He asked again after her tears had trickled down. It was a thoughtful offer but a sudden realization to her. Because then, Becky sharply looked up to know the stranger she'd been hugging!. Her breath hitched and her heart stopped beating! Becky couldn't believe it. One of B. A's most adored and influential idol w. was tou. holding her?. Her??

Unconsciously, she rudely jerked away in her bid to put some distance between them and wiped away what was left of her tears. The envious and judgemental looks pedestrians gave her reminded the lower-class to know her place. which wasn't anywhere near him!. Becky avoided his soft, worried eyes and blundered an apology which sounded so silly before hastening to vanish. But Jeffrey hurriedly sidestepped her. The ex-suicidal teenager bit her lips more out of anxiety than impatience because she didn't want to get into trouble. In a place such as Beverly Hills, everyone knew everyone!. Especially the rich. And gossips travelled faster than the mongers themselves!. Becky muttered an excuse and tried to leave again but Jeffrey not only sidestepped her, but also pulled her along with him to God knows where. "I'm sorry, Becky, but I'm not taking no for an answer. " He held on firmly and continued walking till they got to a high class sport car people like her weren't meant for. Becky was literally bundled in before he drove off. She sat pretty, quietly re-viewing the current events of her life when it clicked!. How did a second generation heir know a nobody's name like hers??. Becky cautiously cranned her neck to catch THE Jeffrey Campbell staring at her with a vague syrupy look in his eyes. She cocked a brow in further confusion. Jeffrey let out a small smile before focusing back on the road. "Uhm. how. No, never mind. " She stuttered and swiftly lowered her gaze again. "How did I get to know your name?" Jeffrey helped her out, a little hurt by her constant withdrawal. It wasn't that he blamed her though. Fact was, he was a complete stranger to her. Becky's cheeks flushed hotly. She simply nodded, trying not to greater embarrass herself. "Believe it or not, Becky. I know a lot about you. " He muttered. His answer was simple and straightforward. Becky took her lips in, subduing her confused curiosity and they lapsed into silence. Feeling a bit more comfortable after a few minutes, she summoned her courage and turned to ask how. But Becky paused, distracted by his messy blonde hair which laid in soft strands around his forehead. Being a fan of ice cream, it somehow reminded her of vanilla. His ocean blue eyes still had its legendary, never ceasing, jovial blink in them though they were laced with sincere worry. Her gaze distractedly drifted down to his straight nose and pinkish lips. Becky O'Neil gasped and mentally smacked herself!. When did she get so shameless?! Was that the result from Danny??. Jeffrey felt her stare and instinctively turned, but Becky whipped her eyes away in a flash and focused on her nervously entwined fingers on her laps. Finally, he stopped at some nice coffee shop she wasn't familiar with. Becky was grateful because she didn't realize until then how much she needed it. The simple flay gown she was wearing couldn't do the job the hot, brimming cup of coffee did!. Back to the present, Becky stared at her bedroom ceiling as her brain, which had started to function more properly, nagged to ask the question. "Why was he so nice?. ***. ( Empire Astheria, Australia. The elegant princess kept screaming out her vocal cords excitedly, rolling maniacally in haphazard patterns on her large bed in unbridled ecstasy. It had been going on since she got back to her room from breakfast. And that was three hours ago. Well, until Elva snapped!. "Natalia! I swear on your royal ass, if you scream just one more ti. " Elva was interrupted as the threatened screamed again. And she lost it!. For hours, Elva Thompson had been trying to work out the perfect schedule for their trip, but the screaming princess wasn't helping. With the speed of anything that could match hers, she tossed her work tablet away and dashed after her!. Natalia screamed and ran away in her full gown. Again. They giggled uncontrollably, playing dodge ball with everything they laid hands on until they gave up and crashed on the bed, completely exhausted. Happiness was an understatement describing Natalia's feelings. The emotion was so consuming! The thought of experiencing life like a regular teenage girl thrilled her!. The renowned elegant princess crazily ran her ecstatic fingers through her pretty bun and screamed again. But this time, Elva joined her. Meanwhile, the royal guards on duty outside the messed up chambers quietly discussed with their eyes if they were to go in and check if everything was alright?. "Elva, I cannot believe we're gonna leave Astheria together! Can you believe it?!" She squealed again. "Honestly, I can't

" She confessed from where she laid face up beside the princess, and they giggled again. "And honestly, again, going out makes me remember my family and everything I've been through. '' Elva sincerely murmured. Natalia halted and suddenly remembered her best friend's story. Elva was from the lower class and had gone abroad to study when she got a really cool scholarship, while her parents worked in one of the mines Astheria owned. Like a lot of other miners, it was their source of livelihood. On one tragic evening, a mini earthquake occured at the border of the Empire where they worked. It leveled the mine and crushed all the workers in it to death. No one survived. Including her parents. Though nothing could really equal a lost life, the family of the deceased were properly compensated. Elva was the only one lucky enough to be brought to live in the palace. She had no one else in the world. As it seemed afterwards, Queen Fiona particularly had a hand in it because since then, the young princess and the sad, reticent girl grew a bond, healed from their tragedies and became closer than sisters!. Though the palace might've also restricted Elva's freedom subtly, it was her safe, escape world from the ugly memories of the real. Natalia took Elva's hand and gently entwined their fingers. "It's gonna be okay, El. Remember I'll be right there with you. " She whispered softly and gave a small smile. Elva held their hands tightly and returned the smile. "So, where are we gonna go first?" The frenzy princess returned and asked, successfully lifting the gloomy atmosphere with her glow. "I dunno. It's your trip, so pick. " Elva grinned and sat up with her. "Hmn. Oh! Let's make random guesses of places where there's gonna be lots of fun and then make random choices till we cover each and everyone of them!" She gushed in one breath with a sparkle in her eyes. "Sounds like a plan. " Elva shrugged. Natalia screamed excitedly again. The royal assistant sighed and helplessly shook her head with a chuckle. ***. ( Beverly Hills, California. Staring back at the mansion Ricky Winterfield never planned on going back to so soon, made him more uncomfortable than he expected. But he had to. For his manipulative, little sister!. The moment he pulled into the driveway, he couldn't bring himself to step out. Being there brought back the lonely feelings he experienced growing up. His twin, Nicky, who was at the passenger seat of the car, felt it and held his hand which was unconsciously balled up. "Come on. " She whispered gently. Ricky took in a deep breath and got out of the car. Nicky got out too and scooted to his side, grabbing his hand again. He smiled genuinely. The enthusiastically bowing maids felt a bit strange and forgotten to him but to Nicky, it was the complete usual. She pulled him along gingerly. At the foot of the grand stairs, she made him promise again to wait for her before rushing upstairs to get her stuff. Ricky helplessly rolled his eyes. To pass time, he unlocked his phone and went through the personal group chat he shared with his best friends. Arian's heated replies to their prank last night made Ricky chuckle. ~ You SHITHEADS are simply wasting your pathetic lives!. ~ One of these days, I won't donate a kidney to either one of you goats!. ~ Really Rick?. I hope one of those sluts gets away with your keys! And don't think you're safe too, Jerk. sorry, Jeff!. ~ Oh! And who said staying home ain't fun??. Well, feast your eyes on this!. Below, the infuriated French shared a picture of the little fox who was asleep on his bed. more of asleep on HIM. Tommy's legs were flung around Arian's shirtless torso while his left hand was encircling his older brother's neck!. Ricky laughed out!. Tommy looked like a wrestler, choking his opponent! And worst still, he was drooling on Arian's favourite pillow!!. There was no telling Arian took that picture with a lot of stress. "The party sure looks fun over there. Mind if I crash by with a dozen more kids?" Ricky smirked deviously as he typed away. And it didn't take two seconds for the hot French to send him a steaming flying finger!. Chapter 06