Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 25 : Spellbound With Each Other (1)...


The same thing happened the next morning at the Campbell mansion. The young Campbell bumped into the new Madame, muttered a greeting, denied her invitation to breakfast and drove off to nowhere in mind. Jeffrey's personality found it difficult being cold and indifferent, so running away was his best option. After cruising around town aimlessly and spending hours at his mom's grave, he drove to Rick's and met Arian there as well. Thankfully, it saved him the trouble of giving a double story time!. "You what?!" They simultaneously blurted out in shock. "Have a new mother. " Jeffrey casually replied. "So, you have a new mother?" Ricky's head was still trying to wrap around the whole revelation. Arian looked like he wanted another confirmation too. "Wow. I've been speaking in Hindu all the while, huh?" He snapped, throwing a dart which landed at the bull's eye perfectly. "Well, forgive us but it's a lot to take in. It's been almost. what. deux (two) decades? And he suddenly got you a new mom. I don't know. It sounds. "Off?" Ricky helped. "Oui (Yes). " The gorgeous French affirmed. Jeffrey shrugged. "Hey, do you think. that perhaps your dad sincerely did it for you? Because he realized that he's never there when you need someone?" Ricky whispered a possibility. "Think about it. He was still all shattered and distant a week ago. Then all of a sudden, she pops up?" Arian reasoned. Jeffrey scoffed. "The only thing Sir Campbell cares about is maintaining his dumb money and stupid reputation! Who knows if he married Felicity for business or for some other selfish benefit. I wouldn't be so shocked. "Woah! You call her by name?" Arian wondered losing his target in the process. Ricky took his turn. The heirs were playing dart in the flower garden, drinking vodka over barbecue. "Were you expecting him to call her mom overnight? Personally, step-mom is too good a start. " Ricky shrugged and got an average score. "Guys, just drop it. Felicity or stepmom changes nothing. " Jeffrey got another perfection. "I doubt it. If she's as genuine as you think, and with your hopelessly soft heart, trust me you'll open up to her in no time. " Arian tried again, narrowly missing Jeffrey's perfect score who was scowling at him. "Says the mama's boy. " He snorted and earned a glare, plus a wicked chuckle from Ricky. "Enough of this shit. Let's hang elsewhere, I'm bored. " Ricky plopped down on a couch and balanced his drink on his forehead. "There's this crazy club 'De funz' which launched about a month ago. Everyone's been talking about it at school. Wanna crash?" Jeffrey brought out his phone and scrolled through it. "Definitely. " Ricky, who was in simple clothes groaned and stood up to get dressed. They turned to look at the young master who had a clearly not interested look on. Typical. ***. Natalia and Elva wearily climbed into bed around six in the morning after having a crazy night!. They talked about everything from their past which further strengthened their friendship

It shocked Natalia to know that Elva and Ricky once dated! But thinking closely, she began to notice how odd they acted whenever they happened to be together. Natalia felt sorry for them and used the last seconds of her consciousness to wish they get back together. She really thought they looked so cute together. Well, enough of the "together-together" rhyme!. The Princess slept in the whole day until around four in the evening. She was so exhausted! The wake-up alarm for their movie date rang out precisely on time. Natalia slammed it off and jumped out of bed. She walked into her bathroom, did her morning. Or rather, evening routine. and stepped out an hour later in a fluffy bathrobe. Then she got into her walk-in closet to search for an outfit. After rummaging through for the better part of another hour, she decided on a beautiful off-the-shoulder gown which fitted her curvy bodice halfway and flayed a little till it stopped mid thigh. The elegant color of the dress which was that of sparkling red wine accentuated the princess's glowing skin. Oh, it was a naughty little red dress!. Natalia left her hair in the braids from last night. Only difference was that she loosened the braids at the bottom and held it all up into a stylish bun. It made her hair curly and cute!. After some light make up and jewelry, Natalia wore her elegant heels which matched with her dress and picked up her designer purse and coat. A princess must ALWAYS look her best! Her grandmother would say. And so she did!. Nicky, Elva and Leonardo were downstairs already, waiting by their cars. As Mrs. Winterfield was one of the big shot investors behind the production of the three hundred million dollar movie, it wasn't hard for Nicky to sweet talk her repentant mother into getting a couple of invites to the premiere. Elva opted to ride with Nicky since her chauffeur had brought her along while Natalia rode with Leonardo. "You look amazing. " He smiled the moment he ignited his fancy Porsche. Natalia concealed a blush and stared down at her dress which she concluded. was definitely too short!. The movie was great! It was a rom-com genre with a bit of tragedy. Natalia was extremely pleased seeing Leonardo's wrist getting better. He had the band aid removed with only one wrapped around his wrist which his shirt was able to hide. However, she had a good laugh when some persistent scouts kept shoving cards across his face willing to sign him with their agencies as the next Italian movie star!. The movie, interviews and snapshots ended around nine but no one wanted to go home yet. "Let's go somewhere else. " The princess was the first to pout. Nicky and Leonardo grinned in agreement. But Royal assistant Elva Thompson?. "Where could we possibly go this late? We have school tomorrow and should be getting an early night if we're gonna survive math class first thing in the morning!". "We could try out a club downtown. Heard it's new. Should be fun. " Leonardo shrugged. "Yeah, let's go. None of us are minors right?" Nicky asked and they nodded. "See? Come on! I'm sure it'll be fun. Woo-hoo! Remember?" Natalia mimicked Elva's party noise at the cafeteria and everyone chuckled. "Jeez, let's go already!" She huffed out causing Nicky to make a party noise in return. The group laughed out and got into their cars. Through GPS, they made their way downtown to a building which had a shiny billboard, glittering the words "De Funz. ***. Long story short, the young master, Arian Antoine Dé Argent was abducted by his friends and bundled down to a place he had a love-hate feeling for. Love, because he was a music fan. But hate, because of the loud blaring music and insane crowd!. Popular socialites, Ricky Winterfield and Jeffrey Campbell synced with the crowd the second they stepped in. Majority of the clubbers were students from school so the greetings were quite. boisterous

Arian didn't recognize a single soul from the lot. But he didn't miss the daring, coquettish glances thrown his cold way as the heirs made their way to the VIP lounge Jeffrey had booked earlier at short notice, with a little more something. A professional waiter, who was assigned to their table by the owner of the nightclub himself, appeared to take their orders. Ricky and Jeffrey placed vodka while Arian ordered an exquisite bottle of French wine. He was French, so loving wine was a natural part of him. Besides that, Arian couldn't take alcohol that concentrated because his mother profoundly detested drunk driving, especially at late nights. And oh was the young master subtly horrified of her scoldings!. Perhaps, in a way, Jeffrey might be right after all about his theory; 'Mama's boy'. Arian raised his head to see a couple of girls at their table the second the waiter was out of sight. And within minutes, Ricky and Jeffrey were lost in the crowd on the dance floor, leaving the gorgeous French with the brunettes who persistently stuck to his sides like horns!. "I love your tat!" The most brazen one gushed, running her sultry fingers over his thumb and index finger where he had a little tattoo of the infinity rings. Jeffrey and Ricky also had theirs too, but at different parts of their bodies. Arian cringed! He picked up his phone moving his hand away in the process. How could he have forgotten to bring along his bodyguards?. "Oh my God! Your diamonds are pretty!" Another one fawned, fangirling over his earring. They were obviously very tipsy. Arian didn't bother to be nice anymore. He sharply raised his cold eyes, his full raven black hair arrogantly fluttering in the wind as he made to shoo them away!. But thankfully, someone else did it for him. "Scram bitches!" The domineering voice snapped. And immediately, the six of them vanished!. Arian tilted his head to see the foxy redhead from tennis practice. Whatever her name was. "Bianca possessively positioned herself so close to him that there was barely a breathing space between them, and crossed her legs. Just when Arian was starting to enjoy his privacy. He sighed silently. "Hi. " She smiled and seductively bit her lips. Dressed in an absolutely fitted black dress and stiletto heels which she never got tired of, Bianca was hot!. But unfortunately, Arian Antoine De' Argent wasn't her ex-hook up, Ricky Winterfield. He quietly returned to his phone. "How 'bout a drink?" Bianca pressed further, pleased to see he wasn't coldly pushing her away as usual. Maybe he was finally starting to fall for her charms. She inwardly smirked. 'After all, they always eventually fall. ' She moved her lush wild bangs away with a touch of glee and cockiness. However, Arian simply raised his wine glass without looking up. "Oh. " She pouted. Silence ensued between them for a while. Then all of a sudden, Bianca linked their arms and tugged lightly, ultimately pressing their bodies closer together. "I love this music! Let's go dance?" She beamed. The music had changed to a familiar one and Arian almost had the impulse to stand up!. Almost, is the word here, because the young master got frozen, staring at the delicate silhouette of the person who easily turned him into a dummy, coming through at the entrance of the club. Natalia looked breathtaking and femininely alluring under the hazy lights of the club. And like magnets made for each other, their eyes met and held in one swift moment, completely spellbound with each other. No one fought to look away until Leonardo intimately whispered into Natalia's ear, breaking the spell. There and then, Arian noticed her hand was laced with the one. who was really starting to piss him off!. His hand unconsciously balled into a fist. A tug on Arian's sleeve brought his attention back to the redhead still clinging possessively to him. He cocked an indignant brow. "You're still here?. Chapter 26