Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 26 : Spellbound With Each Other (2)...


Natalia had never been a night crawler all her life!. Every royal duty the princess had ended by six and by nine, she was required to be in bed. But now, her night was just beginning and she was nervous!. From one end of the hall to the other, club rock blasted so loudly with the beat so crazy! The crowd was ecstatic, dancing under the dim lights of disco balls and hazy fog, and tipsy out of their freaking minds. The whole underground club was wild!. Natalia nervously held on tightly to Leonardo as they made their way down the stairs into the insanity. Suddenly, she lowered her gaze feeling uncomfortable with the looks she was getting. Was it that awful to be so pretty? No one kept their eyes to themselves any more. And to make matters worse, Arian was right there staring and she couldn't stop herself from staring back. It was slowly becoming an addiction. He was slowly becoming an addiction. Natalia chastised herself at that thought and forced her eyes away when Bianca shot her a dirty glare. What was she doing so close to him anyway? The princess wondered with a sourness in her heart. Were they now together? Everyone said he wasn't into girls. No, they said he didn't date? So why were they together??. 'But they didn't say he couldn't have fun. ' Her subconscious snickered. Natalia used all her mental power to push that thought away! Why should she care anyway?! She was breathless. It was definitely not her business if they were together or not! She resolved in her heart. However, her subconscious began a wicked, little coo; "Liar, liar, liar. Natalia shook her head and focused on walking through the thick crowd as they made their way to the bar. Her heels, coupled with Arian's intense stare, made her nerves worsen. Why didn't she even consider it earlier??. At the bar, Leonardo opened a tab and the fun began. A light, transparent liquid was poured out into tiny glasses and pushed to them. "Woah! You're not having that!" Elva bulged her eyes at the princess who was staring down at the liquid in front of her with bright eyes. "You might be eighteen but you're still a newbie. And I definitely don't want anything related to handling a drunk girl on my to-do list tonight!" She finalised. Nicky and Leonardo choked in a chuckle but Natalia was undaunted. "It's just one little glass! It's not like I'm having the whole bottle or something. " She pushed. "But. " Elva worriedly opened her lips to argue but Natalia cut her off. "With four besties together. " She sweetly smiled and linked their arms in a chain. "What could possibly go wrong?. ***. ( 15 minutes later. EVERYTHING went wrong!. Studious Elva Thompson impulsively flew off to the dancefloor with some random guy while cheerful Leonardo got lost, chatting animatedly with some other guy by his right who sounded like a homie from Italy. No, no, no. He was by his left because she was at his left. Sorry, right? What was she even thinking?? Natalia shook her head feeling her vision begin to blur. Oh, she was beautifully drunk!. Nicky and Natalia remained at the bar, hanging onto each other and laughing hard at any and everything that passed by! The bar attendants moved swiftly behind the counter to other customers, needing no order to pause the flow of their drinks. "Ooh, I love this music! Let's dance. " Nicky said pulling her. Natalia didn't know what song it was but the beat was sick!. They stumbled and pushed their way through to the centre of the crowded dancefloor where it was less packed. The princess knew every formal dance there was in the world, but hip hop was new. So she did what everyone else was doing, uninhibitedly. Natalia's stylish bun fell free and the rest of her braids loosened, making her curly hair fall below her waist. They were having fun! Yeah, lots of fun!. Actually, they were drunkenly stumbling into each other in the most ungraceful manner!. However, that didn't stop the wild crowd from swarming around. The music became intense. Partners changed and the girls got split up. Nicky got engaged with a guy with black hair while Natalia switched dance partners every minute. Well, they kept coming themselves, not her. The most persistent one was the cutest with hazel eyes. He stuck with her the longest for some reason. A lot of contact started to take place but the princess was too drunk to notice. A lewd glint twinkled in his tipsy eyes as his hands wandered down her back, sliding slowly below her slender waist. ***. After Arian coldly told Bianca off, especially as he'd lost sight of Natalia because of her, she stormed away angrily after a few more tries. Retracing his eyes around the dim hall, the gorgeous French spotted her again with Nicky, laughing deliriously at nothing in particular

Then it struck. They were drunk!. Oh Ricky was so gonna freak if he saw what he was seeing. Arian knew. But the douche was gone, as well as Jeffrey, with the girls from earlier. Arian sighed helplessly. He looked back and saw them at the dance floor having fun. in their own drunk way. The young master, who had suddenly taken the role of a freelance escort, felt calm knowing they were safe. But he lost it when some idiot started acting funny!. Natalia was clearly clueless, dancing to the beat of the music like the inexperienced vixen she was. Arian couldn't help but notice. But the sick pervert was taking advantage!. As he smirked under the dull lights about to cross boundaries, the young master used one of the basic techniques of defense to rip him off her in one swift move!. He didn't even realise when he walked over!!. Hazel eyes crashed on the floor with a loud groan. There was no mistaking the sound of something broken. The effect attracted a few drunk eyes, but they turned away as soon as they stared and kept on dancing. It was a nightclub. And pretty boys fighting over a hot ass wearing a naughty little red dress happened every other night. So there you know. The bastard stood up and scurried away in surrender. Still, the drunk princess didn't notice. All she did was wobble in her heels and giggle uncontrollably. 'What's so funny??' Arian wondered helplessly. He called out and tried to pull her away from the noise and crowd, but she wouldn't let him. "N. no!" She mumbled and pulled away, her cheeks flushing brightly from the alcohol. "I. I still wanna dance. " She scowled at the interruption and turned away. Arian tried again. "Natalia, you're drunk. You need some water fir. " The princess did a twirl and slipped but Arian impulsively caught her!. A jolt of electricity shot through him as their skin made contact. It was sharp, tingling and hot. Arian didn't know if it was his mind playing tricks on him but he felt goosebumps all over the next second. Natalia's giggle intensified as she left her arms around his neck to steady herself. The gorgeous French froze, unblinking. "No. Let's dance a little. I don't wanna leave yet. " She smiled, gazing up at his hovering frame with tipsy, dreamy eyes. There and then, Arian Antoine DĂ© Argent fought to maintain his morals for the first time in his life, staring down at a female's soft, inviting lips which were just inches from his. He was torn, and his minty eyes showed just how much desire was building in him by the second. ***. Ricky- Club freak- Winterfield was having the time of his life! He was a bit drunk, yeah. A little! But he was still in control. Partners switched again as the music changed. Ricky latched onto the person who bumped into him. She was good! His foxy eyes gleamed. However, a little too good in an oh-so familiar way. His partially sane brain tingled. Suddenly, Ricky froze when she flipped around and he caught a clear sight of her beautiful face. Elva!. Elva's brilliant black eyes were slightly opened in a sensuous way. She was grinning widely, totally wasted!. Scratch that. Those eyes bulged open in realization when they met with his. Even drunk, Elva could realize who those foxy orbs belonged to from anywhere in the universe!. She hastily tried to break free but Ricky unconsciously held on tighter. He was distracted, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind, heart and body. Elva stopped fighting after a while and slipped back into her drunken state. Then the next minute, she was dancing and grinning again. Meanwhile, the Winterfield heir had long stopped and was pulling her away with a determined fervor in his eyes

***. Nicky stopped by the restroom for a quick break and to retouch her makeup. She was a bit sober after downing an entire bottle of water. As Nicky picked her bag to leave, she suddenly felt nauseous. Thankfully, no one else was in the restroom as she emptied the contents of her stomach in an unladylike manner. She used the wash sink again and did some breathing exercises to recollect herself. Oh she was never taking alcohol again!. Nicky walked out of the restroom and slowly trailed down the corridor to find her friends when she spotted Jeffrey who looked totally wasted!. Jeffrey didn't seem conscious of both himself, and the girl leading him by his arm as they stumbled along to God knows where. She looked like a real club pro and he was NOT himself!. Before Nicky could register it, she was already by his side supporting his weight. "I know him. Thanks, but I'll take it from here. " She said as politely as she could. But the tramp threw her a dirty scowl. "How 'bout minding your darn business, dollface, and hurry on along. I saw him first, so you either move or get in line!" The fake blonde was brazen. Nicky- firecracker- Winterfield disbelievingly choked on dry air! How dare the oh so whoring daughter of bitch refer to her Jeffrey as a thing to be passed on?!. She shot her a burning, vile look. "I'm not usually rude but if you push it, you're gonna get it! Triple dose! Ever heard of the Winterfields?" She seethed. In a place as Beverly Hills where everyone knew everyone, even toddlers knew the top families that ran the city. And the Winterfields, were at the top five!. Realization hit her heavily made up face and Nicky tried not to smirk. The blondie quietly stepped away and left. but not after sparing a vicious glare. Nicky snorted and turned to face Jeffrey who was leaning all his weight on her now for support. "Jeff? Jeffrey! Are you alright?" She tried to steady both their weights, worriedly palming his warm cheek at the same time. "Yeah. jus' tipsy, t. that's all. " He mumbled and chuckled at his slurred words. Nicky rolled her eyes and turned to lead him outside but he held her back. Jeffrey was drunk. No, they were both drunk. But his was much more than hers. "B. but why are you s. so different with me? I. I said I am sorry, Nick. Please stop being so. so cold. " He muttered with his eyes half closed. Nicky's heart slowly sunk staring at him. She couldn't help feeling evil in a way. Jeffrey had felt alone and unloved his whole life. His mom leaving so early, his dad being so distant and his love rejecting him. Now, it felt like he was begging for attention and affection. Her. attention and affection. Nicky sadly bit her lip. 'Don't think much of it. He probably won't remember bumping into you tonight by morning. And then he'll go back to being Jeffrey Campbell, the popular blue-eyed beauty who'ld never see you more than his best friend's little sister. ' Her subconscious whispered selfishly. She was protecting both their hearts. Nicky knew and let go of her guilt. Suddenly, Jeffrey jerked up straight and stumbled making their faces inches apart. Nicky's eyes bulged. She hastily broke free to put more distance between them but met the wall instead. Unfortunately, her impulsive action threw Jeffrey further off balance and brought him closer to her instead. Nicky's heartbeat accelerated! She forced herself to remain calm as his left hand tucked a piece of stray hair behind. Their skin brushed and a delicious tremor reverberated between them. Nicky virtually gasped for air seeing his beautiful eyes hold hers in a sultry way. "You drive me nuts whenever I set eyes on you. " He tipsily whispered…. Chapter 27