Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 27 : Spellbound With Each Other (3)...


'Move away, Arian! She's seducing you! Get your shit together and move!' The young master's head broke free of its previous stun and yelled. 'Stay Arian. After all you're attracted. Even if it's just for tonight, it's totally worth it. ' His heart cheekily whispered. But Arian stood numb like he'd been doing for the past ten minutes. He blinked his lashes in astonishment as Natalia danced around clumsily, yet like a seductress, seemingly ignorant of him. How much did she had to drink? He was dumbstruck. And of course he'd jerked away after being in that dangerously temptating situation! However, that didn't stop the flirty dance she was unconsciously pulling off. If the sober girl finds out, she'd spank you hard, club Natalia!. "Hey!" Natalia tipsily grinned as the loud rock music hit Arian De' Argent back to reality. "Dance with me!" She screamed in excitement as the beat accelerated in a crazy tempo. Arian, the legendary cold aristocrat, parted his quivering lips to say something when the ecstatic princess pulled him closer till there was barely an inch between them and dumped his limp arms on her tiny waist. And suddenly, Arian felt his temperature rise!. ***. Nicky broke free and stumbled away from Jeffrey's grasp, holding her chest and flushing all over. She couldn't believe they almost kissed! And she was willing to let him!!. Nicky's face turned beet red!. And what did he mean earlier? You drive me nuts whenever I set eyes on you? Was he starting to like her back??. Or was he just drunk. The realization slumped Nicky's hope and her heartbeats returned to normal, almost going below. She couldn't believe she almost let him use her to forget his messed up life. Nicky paled drastically feeling her heart break beyond repair. Her gaze blurred as her rushing tears stood witness. She looked up in time to see Ricky and Elva coming over. She turned away and quickly wiped her tears. "What are y'all doing here, Nick? I knew you wouldn't be far away after bumping into Elva at the dancefloor. " Ricky questioned with a displeased frown as soon as he sighted her and Jeffrey, who was miserably leaning on the wall for support. "Hey, we decided to crash by since our movie ended early. We didn't know you were gonna be here. " Nicky tried to keep her voice normal, lowering her head to hide any evidence on her face. "What to do? What to do??" Ricky, who never worked well under pressure, breathlessly wondered. "I'll take Jeffrey home since he's too drunk to even pick out his keys. Your driver will take both you and Elva home. Jeffrey will have to come for his car tomorrow. "What about Natalia and Leo? We can't just leave them behind. " Nicky asked worriedly as she held onto Jeffrey, who was back to placing his weight on her after hearing her voice. "I'll beep Arian to get Natalia home. Leonardo will have to get home by himself somehow. Being the only guy, he should've been more responsible. " Ricky frowned as he pulled Elva closer, who was rubbing her temple and mumbling out the princess's royal name. ***. Some minutes later, they were dancing slowly together. The music had changed to a slow one so the crowd could chill. But the girl with the young master, Arian Dé Argent, was far from exhausted. She might've had a few faults in her steps due to her intoxicated state, but Natalia was still an amazing dancer. No matter how hard Arian tried to deny it. tonight was new and real to him, and totally worth it even though they were gonna go back to being distant tomorrow. A beep sounded on Arian's phone which draw his attention away from her dreamy face. It was a text from Ricky. ~ Yo! Help Natalia home, 'right? Stuck with a truckload of drunk teens to handle. Text you the address later. Before long, another text popped in. "Natalia, we have to go home. " Arian coaxed softly. Thankfully, she nodded obediently and muttered something about her bag. They went over to the bar and got her bag before leaving the nightclub. No, sorry. The young master had to all but literally carry the drunk princess out!

Apparently, the music had gone back to being wild and she wanted a part of the insanity again. Arian strapped Natalia to the passenger's seat of his sportcar and hastily went over to the driver's side before she could get the chance to break free and fly back in. Then they hit the road. Throughout the ride, Natalia couldn't keep shut which oddly amused Arian. "Oooh! I have six fingers. Three on my right and three on my left!" She held her fingers close to her face and giggled. Wasn't each finger supposed to be doubled on both side?? Arian threw her a cautious glance, silently wondering what the alcohol had messed up twice over in her brain. "Hey, stop laughing! Y. You're not my friend! Y. You're jus' a b. big bag of unwanted troubles!" She snorted and shot him a tipsy glare which the French found cute instead. "Mhm?" He played along. "Yes!" She emphatically affirmed. "Grand. Grandma always s. say that cute packages in. invites trouble. And you're one. one of 'em!. " She nodded at nothing. "So you find me cute. " Arian mused as he regarded the traffic lights. The wasted princess turned to face him as much as the seatbelt permitted and placed her knuckles under her chin. She stared at him with drunk, sexy eyes. "Of course you know you're cute! Or maybe more handsome. I dunno, my eyes are heavy. but then people like you are. are trouble! I mean, just look at me!" She gesticulated and pouted like she wanted to cry. "The little time I. I've got to have some fun in high school, a bully of a s. school queen goes around w. with her trash of a clique h. haunting me down! Why? All because the. the school' hottie talked to me!!" Natalia slowly lowered her eyes and hugged herself miserably. "Poor me. " She aggrievedly sniffed. "The victim of attention. Arian swallowed the urge to chuckle seeing her dramatic. She was a good actress he'd give her that!. Helped by GPS, Arian pulled up into the serene compound which had a fairyland look. A little fountain sat pretty in the middle with the glowing statue of a fairy on it. As Arian helped Natalia out of the car, a soft evening wind blew and merged her exotic lavender scent with that of the garden roses, temporarily distracting him. The gorgeous French slightly shook his head to ward off the vile thoughts building up and helped her up the stairs, careful not to let her slip. Elva was already in bed, skunk drunk with her shoes still on. Natalia wickedly paused to giggle as they stumbled by her bedroom door. After taking confusing directions from a drunk girl, they finally got to her bedroom. It was spacious and comfortable, and designed in a softly feminine way. The colors, white and magenta, decorated the interior. And even the chandelier above matched the theme! Natalia's queen-size bed was filled with stuffed pillows, comfy blankets and a huge, fluffy teddy bear sitting right at the middle. The princess flippantly let go of Arian noticing the familiar environment. She cutely frowned at her intoxicated thoughts as she wobbled further into the room. Meanwhile, Arian gently dropped her purse on her study table, admiring the contents on it. He reached for a photo frame which showed happy little Natalia with a beautiful couple standing behind. Arian guessed they were her parents. Aside the impeccable resemblance, they looked oppressively elegant with an aristocratic air which was common with important persons. However, anyone could tell the love and happiness they felt for simply being together as a family. As Arian glanced at the next picture frame of teenage Natalia and an elderly woman who seemed to be wearing a crown, a painful groan from behind tore his attention away. As it turned out, the drunk girl had tripped over something. The young master sighed and went over to her rescue

But Natalia pushed him away, mumbling in protest about being able to help herself by herself!. Arian let go, but trailed behind to make sure she got to bed safely. Natalia unsteadily kicked off her shoes and banded her long hair in a messy bun. She took off her earrings next, almost stumbling. Arian hastily reached out but she resisted and dropped his arms by his side, giggling again. "I'm f. fine! I might l. look a little drunk but I'm. Really. Really. Fine!" She stuttered and grumbled under her breath, struggling with her zipper. The gorgeous French bulged his eyes in realization!. "What are you doing?!" He blurted and stopped her. The Princess struggled to pull away. "What d. do you mean?! I'm t. trying to change and. and go to bed! It's late. that's what y. you told me!" She fought harder. "Quel?! (What?!)" Arian cried out in French, wondering when HE said that! The struggle continued until Natalia tripped on her shoes and crashed on the bed, pulling him along. Arian's breath hitched!. The princess stopped struggling, slowly flapped her long lashes and continued chuckling, seemingly ignorant of the perfectly normal, hot blooded male hovering above her in a tempting distance. Arian tried to remain sane staring down at her silky, translucent skin which was exposed after pulling her zipper lower. Her soulful eyes, like warm honey, glowed seeing his reaction. She smiled and Arian felt his temperature shoot up again feeling her attractive lips graze his. ***. Ricky sped off as soon as he dropped Jeffrey home, worried about his sister. Oh, she was gonna get it! He gritted and stepped on the accelerator. Meanwhile, Jeffrey stumbled up the entrance stairs into the Campbell mansion, blurry eyed. Surprisingly, no maid was in sight. They must be in bed. He rubbed his eyes in realization and chuckled. How could he forget that?!. However, Jeffrey didn't seem to notice the indifferent look the usually subservient guards gave him behind their dark shades as he wobbled in. The moment he stepped into the living room, he met the icy gaze of an enraged father and about. No, all the staffs in the Campbell mansion standing submissively and wide awake behind him. 'So much for being in bed. ' His subconscious whispered and hastily disappeared behind a nerve cell. Sir Williams Campbell looked as furious as the word could be explained! While Mom Felicity, on the other hand, looked pensive and nervous from where she sat in a dainty night robe next to him. Jeffrey took his tipsy gaze away, focusing on safely completing his journey upstairs. "Is this what you do with all the freedom you get?" The business tycoon seethed trying to reign in his livid temper, seeing his unapologetic attitude. The young Campbell, prepared for another family drama, casually looked around and pointed a shaky finger at himself. And obviously, the 'are-you-talking-to-me' gesture hit its target hotly. "Of course I'm talking to you!" Sir Williams barked, making everyone jump in fright. All, but Jeffrey though. He shrugged and unsteadily moved towards a couch. "You don't have to raise your voice, Sir. We're right in the same room. And you're right. It's what I do when you're not home. So why are you here?" He raised a brow. Felicity hastily placed a restraining hand on her husband's while the maids cowered more than they'd ever done before. Jeffrey caught the motion but he flippantly looked away. He got to the back of the couch and heavily hurled himself over it, feeling too lazy to walk around. "What would people think if they saw the Campbell's prestigious heir crawling around totally wasted at the stroke of midnight?!". Chapter 28