Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 8 : Stupid Crush!


( Beverly Hills, California. "Well, uhm. you know, jus. " The cornered princess stuttered, feeling intimidated under the little fox's innocent gaze. Suddenly, Tommy tilted his head further sideways and gasped. "Arian!". Natalia didn't have to finish her silly stutter anymore because Tommy jumped from the bench and ran into the bubbly crowd, screaming excitedly at the top of his lungs. She breathed out in relief and stood up to follow him, worried he might fall and hurt himself when Elva appeared out of the blues and pulled her into a bone crushing, relieved hug. The "strong" Elva was actually crying??. Natalia found it funny but experience taught her not to giggle. She half listened to her aggrieved rants as she turned back to look out for little Tommy. ***. Arian walked around the mall, looking for his little brother. And with great effort, asked a couple of people which wasn't really helpful because the dreamy, young heir ended up with more "Jessicas" and "Giselles". Sighs. Not used to being out, Arian was clueless on what to do. Sighting a helpful instruction board, he was about to alert the mall's security team when he heard the familiar voice scream out his name. Arian jerked around and saw the five year old running at full speed towards him with a grin. The usually passive French couldn't control his emotions and smiled back, crouching to pick him up. Tommy dashed into his arms and hugged him tightly as well. "I'm so sorry, Tom. " He whispered with relief evident in his enchanting accented voice. "Me too. I missed you, A. But I wasn't alone! An Angel was with me. Come, hurry up! Come meet her!" The little fox gushed, pulling along his confused brother at the same time. "She's right over. '' They got to the fountain and stopped. Arian noticed his little brother looking around for something. or someone?. "Tommy, what are you. "She's gone. " He whispered, his enthusiasm dropping. "She left without saying goodbye. " Tommy took his lip in and looked down, his sad eyes rapidly tearing up. Arian quickly picked him up. "Tom cat, don't cry? You said she was an angel, right? Since you're safe now, maybe she went back to heaven?" He tried cheering him up. It worked a little because Tommy smiled up at him and nodded. Arian returned the smile and walked towards the exit of the mall with Tommy still in his arms, leaving behind the half eaten doughnut and milkshake on the bench. "Promise me we won't come to the mall alone next time?" The mischievous fox whined, wrapping his little arms around his brother's neck. "We??" Arian almost screeched out but restrained and nodded anyways. 'Indeed. ' He mentally snorted. ***. (Somewhere far away, but close enough). A gathering with ulterior motives assembled in the cover of darkness. It was not just night time at that part of the world, but it was also charged with an ominous and tension filled silence. Aside the new member who sat near the fat, old politician, everything else was the same as all their previous meetings. "This is the perfect time to strike and finally achieve victory!" An averagely plump man with a moustache emphasized, stomping his clenched fist on the table. "I don't think so. Isn't it suspicious that the Queen let her leave that way? Close to being alone and unguarded? I think it's a trap! And if we're not cautious enough, we're going to be falling right into it!" The new member added in a calculating manner. "All the same, this is a golden opportunity and we mustn't let it slip!" A third party stated. "Fellas, amigos! There's no need for the heat yet. Believe it, the fun has only just begun. " The Master's voice cut through. His tone was calm and seemingly pleasant. But they were smarter, the men. They knew that not too deep beneath the calm, laid an cruel storm. "Do you know what a caged bird does the moment it has been let out of its cage?" He asked no one in particular as his slender fingers fondled the vicious looking, pet eagle nesting on his armrest. Everyone held their tongues and kept their silence. It wasn't from ignorance though, but pure fear. The Master continued. "It savours every feel of freedom it had lost, loses track of time. and eventually might chose to remain in the raw pleasures of the wild over the comfort of its cage

"Yes, it might be the perfect time but it'd be foolish to throw caution to the wind. And just for the record, the old hag is smarter than you fools combined!" His pleasant voice turned cold. The men pursed their lips and held their indignation within. "Nonetheless. " He plucked out a feather in a swift move which made the savage bird caw angrily, and peered at it with steely, inhumane eyes. "This is my game, my players and my rules. ***. ( Beverly Hills, California. Arian De' Argent groaned in his sleepy state hearing the alarm go off. Didn't he get rid of the little monster? He wondered as he peeked an eye open. "Oh. " He sighed and tiredly shut it back. Old butler Lee had replaced it. Again. The young master was exhausted. Last night, the Argent brothers had another sleepover in his room and Tommy couldn't stop blabbering nonstop about the "angel" he met from the mall. Arian subconsciously huffed out, feebly attempting to recall situations where girls were ever angels. Angels on the surface maybe. Angel? He couldn't help but snort again. Whatever her name was again?. Tashley?. Nashley?. Harshly??. His bedroom door was shoved open just as he gave up on that thought. Arian's drowsy mind failed to get his peace anyway. as he expected the butler and his infamous, metallic little devil!. "Yo, man! Ready for today?" But Jeffrey's vibrant voice boomed out instead. The young master's eyes automatically flew open!. Firstly, what were THEY doing over so early? And secondly, what should HE be ready for??. Arian cocked a brow and inched his neck to nastily glare them away. However, the next minute, his head did cartwheels seeing them in uniforms!. Then his panic attack set in. No! No! No! No! No! Not SCHOOL!! His breath hitched painfully. (Y'all might be wondering why he's about to freak?). Well, in the young master's mental diary which was gotten through traumatic experiences;. School = Crazy teen girls = endless flirting = infinite love notes in his locker, bag pack, windshield and even his homework!. Which equalled projects = crowds milling around = questions = Speaking = ending up in the locker room to puke!. Jeffrey noticed his best friend's pale face and faraway, stricken gaze. He snapped his fingers across it worriedly. "Man, you okay?" Arian scowled at him in response. "Woah! Don't tell me you ain't ready. " The foxy playboy on the other side of the room scowled back. Arian turned to face Ricky who had by then turned the tropical, cozy cushion in his bedroom into his comfort zone, smugly sipping his morning tea. With his favourite mug!. "I won't. Jus' hand over my darn bag and we'll jolly be on our way!" He sneered. Jeffrey swiftly grabbed a pillow and hurled it at his head! The young master tried to dodge but the football captain was way too accurate. "The nerve of you to be scornful! I had trouble getting that douche out of the bathroom and now you?!" He fumed. Ricky smirked from where he sat occupied with his phone, pleased he wasn't the only one getting the morning 'dodgeball' workout. Arian sighed again and slumped back on the bed. ***. Two hours later, three limited-edition sport cars, a royal blue, passion red and pristine white with sleek silver stripe around each, courtesy of A-mobiles, drove into the last gates of the academy. They pulled up in a classic style in a private parking space meant for the three heirs alone. Don't throw shades!. As their fathers were the founding members of the school and the only majority share holders, an insignificant issue such as a private parking space was the least demonstration of the power the young heirs wielded in the academy!. Co-founders, De' Argent, Winterfield and Campbell, were old friends and business partners which made their heirs easier to bond. BEVERLY HILLS ACADEMY, was a top notch school for the rich and elite all around California. Three intensely protected drive-in gates provided security to the elites before finally getting into the main academy ground which was as large as an airstrip. Different high-rise buildings spread out at different locations for different purposes. Exquisite considerations were made for both day and boarding students and tutors. Beautiful gardens, scenic water fountains and artistic stone statues decorated the school grounds, giving a peaceful environment for learning. The parking lot was spacious and meticulous enough for the oppressive cars belonging to the hundreds of students who favoured the academy. In summary, even the air screamed wealth!. And mind you, this was only a short painting of the exterior

The moment the rich young heirs stepped out, the noisy dramatic silliness Arian De' Argent shuddered to relive as they were awfully late boomed unexpectedly. He didn't even notice the number of students patiently loitering around the parking lot until the noise exploded!. Arian grabbed his bag pack, wore a pair of headphone and played some soothing music as they made their slow, dramatic entrance into the hallway with asinine student fans rushing after them. It was the usual distraction. Monday was "Uniform day" which occurred twice a week while the rest of the school week bubbled with different colors, courtesy of "Casuals day. The uniform for the males of B. A were a pair of dark blue pants and waistcoat, with a cream-colored formal shirt underneath, spotting a touch of pink at the wrists and collar. The girls wore the reverse; Pink skirts and waistcoats with the same formal shirt and a pink tie. But rather than pink at the collar and wrists, they spotted blue. However, everyone was mandated to wear the school badge and their student ID card always. By the time the heirs got to their secluded lockers, the school blog was jammed full with updates!. Someone hastily sent a bulk text to everyone informing a certain craze in the school chats. As the seemingly focused students in class were fated to be the last to be updated, a single text was slyly sent out. About a minute later, a fire alarm went off, automatically signifying the end of class till further notice. The teachers gave up and grumpily hastened their way out after yelling instructions to their unresponsive students who were dashing and diving for their phones instead of the doors. ~ (Gasps) Look, it's the boys!!. ~ They actually resumed today??. ~ Ahh! I love you, Jeff!!. ~ Check out those headphones!. ~ Happy resumption, Rick!!. ~ Wuwu! They're smoking it so hot that I wanna cry!. ~ Please, ANYONE, notice me!!. ~ Is it just me or is Arian growing his badass hair??. ~ Who cares?! I can't stop drooling!. ~ Ricky's shoes are the most trendy! That pair costs about 36, 000 USD last weekend!!. ~ I don't care which one! Jus a single night. ***. Ricky Winterfield wore a lazy smirk as he waltzed with his best friends within the fanatic chaos at the hallway, to the admin building. He was pleased with resumption. The foxy playboy needed things. pretty, little playthings. to get his mind off his shitty life. At the last minute, Nicky changed her mind and adamantly refused to resume today. least of all, come out of her bedroom. seeing THE Jeffrey Campbell pull up into their driveway to call on her brother. 'Stupid crush. ' Ricky scorned inwardly. It was so severe that she concluded on getting her own driver, as she couldn't drive, to minimise her chances of bumping into her crush expectedly. As if that was gonna work. The trio got into the administrative building to get the new books, schedules and blah!. Though Arian played dumb most of the time, he priorised both the sciences and business classes. And sincerely, THAT was a lot of work!. And impressive, they knew. His dream, if his father ever permitted it, was to become an auto mechanic, building race cars from scratch!. A bit like the character Tony Stark, maybe. However, Sir Argent wanted him involved with the family's business and conglomerate. He wanted him the true second-generation heir, not just an aristocrat which he earned by blood, in every sense. So Arian had to find a balance that worked between his dreams and duty. Jeffrey was the other brainiac. He took full business classes even though he was a great athlete. Sometimes, Ricky, who was a passionate art enthusiast. and which y'all would've guessed by now as he threw a sultry wink at the flushing, beautiful secretary who was a few years older. wondered if any of those differences really mattered. Eventually, they were all gonna be sitting at some ancestry desk, signing boring contracts and pretending to enjoy reading the stock exchange. It was the reason they all tried to enjoy high school!. Well, except the fun sponge. Dude's as boring as f. heck!. But he was their favourite person. Coincidentally, Ricky and Jeffrey thought at the same time and smirked at the hot French. Arian Antoine De' Argent, who was wearing a bored face, flinched at their weird smiles and scornfully rolled his eyes before looking away…. Chapter 09