Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 33 : The Argent's Party (2).


Natalia turned to see Tommy running over at full speed!. "Little Tom!" She grinned and scooped him up. Tommy giggled excitedly, placing kisses all over her face. "I've missed you too! " The Princess beamed knowing that her lipstick would ruin his face if she'd kissed him back. "You left that day without saying good bye. " He pouted aggrievedly, wrapping his little arms around her neck. "I'm so sorry. I had to leave and you had found your brother. " She pouted back and gently fixed his million dollar hair. "You won't disappear again today, right?" He tilted his head which made him dangerously cute!. Natalia gave him a pretty smile. "With that face and this smile?. I promise I won't. " He grinned again and she returned it. "Tommy?" A familiar voice called. Natalia turned to see Arian. She smiled at Jeffrey and Ricky but lowered her eyes when she met his. "Tommy come on, the party's about to start. " Arian walked closer. The Princess looked around at the party and flinched at the number of eyes staring at them!. Teenagers. And to top it all up, the celebrant didn't wanna let go! Tommy pouted and shook his head. Natalia flushed hotly. "Tommy, how about this?" She whispered to his ears. "After you're done with all the fun stuffs, we'll hang out together later, okay?". His face brightened up. "And many times after today?" He whispered back, looking expectantly at her face. The Princess nodded. Tommy gave her one more cute smile before jumping into Arian's arms. A spark shot up Natalia's arm as they brushed hands and she almost dropped Tommy!. Luckily, Tom was already with Arian or goodness knew he'ld have fallen off and she'ld have been arrested, tortured and cut into merciless pieces for attempting to assassinate the celebrant!!. Natalia shakily breathed out, watching them leave. Who'ld have thought Arian and Tommy were siblings??. Suddenly, she remembered Tommy had mention an 'Arian' when he ran off at the mall and also said he attended B. A!. " She mentally slapped her head. Tommy waved to her as he left and she forced a smile and waved back. Ricky and Jeffrey invited them to their table and they got seated. The Princess noticed the new girl from school also at the table. It was hard to miss her beauty and extrovertive vibe. Arian joined them after dropping Tommy at the special 'throne' designed for the celebrant alone where security, maids and a nanny was under his control!. He looked like a king and kept waving to Natalia who continued waving back whenever he waved. No comments. The stares didn't reduce because people looked whenever they waved. The princess sighed. "So Natalia?. How did you get to know the little fox before now?". Yup. That was the frank Selena blurting out the nickname on everyone's mind. They were seated on a round table. Selena sat next to Arian who followed before Ricky and Elva. Jeffrey and Nicky sat afterwards. An empty chair was left beside Natalia who was sited opposite the young French. "A stroke of fate?" She shrugged. "Elva and I were at the mall about a month ago when I met Tommy. We talked and I got to know he was lost. So, you know. I stayed with him until Arian came by

"Supergirl saves the day. " She teased and they chuckled. "And Elva calls me the dramatic one. " She aggrievedly whined. "Yes! And you're still a drama queen. " Elva insisted and Natalia rolled her eyes. She casually looked around and caught the B. S sitting at a table not too far away. glaring daggers her way!. The Princess made a smug face and threw her gaze away. Elva might be right. She was a drama queen. And she LOVED it!!. The party was extremely fun and not too childish like she thought. Halfway through, Tommy impatiently ran over and sat on her laps. They couldn't stop whispering and giggling. "'Sup, Lena. " An attractive voice breezed and lazily plopped down beside Natalia. Natalia looked up at the stranger then at Selena and saw the resemblance. They were siblings. "And where have you been?" Selena knitted her brows. "What? Are you gonna scold me, mom?" He drawled and leaned back on the chair which made Natalia smile. "You're crazy, ass. !" Selena yanked but paused when she noticed the underaged celebrant. "Count yourself lucky you're over there!". Her brother made a mocking face and turned to the rest. They seemed familiar with each other. Tommy poked Natalia. She returned her gaze to see him murdering her cupcakes and pointing at her juice glass at the same time. She smiled and fed him. "Well, hello there!" The newbie buzzed creepily, finally taking notice of the princess. Natalia glanced up and took a good look at him. He was attractive. She noted. But in a badboy way for a girl like her. Nevertheless, she smiled back. ******. Arian and his friends were occupied welcoming the guests. He was still stunned at the number of girls from school that attended the party. He didn't know them but Jeffrey and Ricky seemed to. The daring clothes and over-rehearsed smiles exposed their intentions!. Tommy was obviously upset and shot baby frowns at those who stuck to him like glue, acting EXTREMELY nice!. "Hi. Tommy right? Happy birthday!" They'ld say and try touching his hair. "Thanks. But there's no need to be extra nice. Just go straight to my brothers if you want to. They're right behind me. The unlucky ones covered up their embarrassment with a chuckle and stumbled away, leaving Ricky and Jeffrey laughing their asses off. It followed the same pattern until Tommy ran into the crowd screaming excitedly. Arian got scared thinking he'ld fall and hurt himself when the name sank in. Natalia. He whipped his head in a heartbeat and saw her. The young French's heart unconsciously glowed. He thought Natalia wouldn't make it since she'd made it obvious she was avoiding him the entire week. But Arian was glad she did. She looked flawless in an evening dress. Innocent but breathtaking

And her smile?. Arian took Tommy back, ignoring the fascinating feeling he got after touching her. The party was nice but hellish for him. He couldn't look away from her. Every movement she made, he was her number one admirer. Her laughs, smiles, her focus whenever someone spoke, the way her eyes lit up in excitement when a performance was at its peak, her blushes when Jeffrey teased her about the number of boys repeatedly passing by their table, her squirms when she was shy, how she expertly used the cutlery, her naivety whenever Ricky talked dirty. Every little detail drew him closer to her. He was lost, drowning in. "Arian!" Selena whispered. He looked over and caught the worried look on her face. "Are you okay?" She touched him. "You look distracted. If only she knew how much. Arian dropped her hand. Selena's nail polish suited her fiery red dress. "I'm fine. " He said and returned his gaze to Natalia who had a frown on her face. directed at him??. Arian gave her a questioning look but she scoffed and threw her face away. Now what did he do??. Dances started but the princess remained glued to her seat. The threatening glare on the young French's face was enough to chase any crazy person away!. Arian felt at ease when Tommy came over. Watching them together, a selfish part of him wished she'ld stick around so Tommy wouldn't feel lonely anymore. 'Him or you?!' His head and heart questioned at the same time. Arian had no answer to give so he remained speechless. Until Damon crashed by!. Damon was Selena's older brother. While she grew up in Korea, he lived in Washington DC. The distance however, put their bickering on another level!. Why didn't he keep on talking? WHY in the world should he have noticed her?!. Arian's nerves started to itch seeing her flush and return his smile. "Sorry for dumbly ignoring y. I'm Damon. " He lecherously smirked. "Natalia. " She politely smiled again. Arian's nerves itched worse!. "Beautiful. Since everyone's paired up at this table. mind if we hook up for the rest of the evening?". The young French choked. His head flew up from his phone the next second. Hook up. Hook up?. Hook up???. Damon Lorenzo, an international casanova, hook up with Natalia??. His breath squeaked. Arian had no doubts that the naive girl staring innocently at the bad wolf would fall inside over outside in crush with him within minutes!. Damon was really attractive and had a smooth tongue. Too smooth for Arian's liking!. Rumours was he even had the boys falling! Ricky, his co-partner was 'kind' enough to warn them in advance. And grinning widely, the unsuspecting Natalia accepted. Arian literally gasped for air!. 'Hook up with you for the evening' wasn't an innocent invitation! What to do? What to do??? The usually cool French panicked…. Chapter 34