Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 34 : The Argent's Party (3).


"I'm sorry, Damon. You might be cute and all but I'm waaaay cuter! Natalia promised to spend the evening with me. " Tommy's head automatically flew up from the Princess's plate. "Right, Nat?" He folded his arms and looked at Damon pointedly. Natalia smiled fondly. "Yup! He's right. I forgot I've already promised this adorable honey bunch. " She tickled Tommy, blowing air around his ears which made him giggle. Damon looked amused. "Even if I bribe you with my legendary hair flip?" He mused and did a seductive hair flip with a professional face. which made a girl crash into a waiter behind him. And he didn't even care!. Everyone chuckled but Elva's laughter was more dreamy. "Aww. You should teach that to hopeless non-romantics! Seems as if they're getting more boring lately. " She leaned on the table exposing her rare single dimple. Natalia and Nicky giggled because they knew who she was referring to. Ricky squinted his eyes. "Says who? There are other ways to impress a girl. Do not sting my ego. " He snorted. She scoffed mockingly. "Stop being full of nothing and learn from the boss. " Ricky's eyes bulged leaving the rest of them stifling their giggles. "Don't worry, gee. I can always give free lessons. Here's my card in case you're in. " Damon innocently pushed a rectangular napkin to him. They burst out laughing!. Feeling thoroughly insulted, Ricky flung it back at him! But Damon ducked in time. It flew over his head and landed at someone else's heels. *****. "Well, what do you know? Everything you do just makes her shine brighter the next minute. " Allison mocked, sipping her drink. "The actual party is over there while the 'queen' is here. bored to death! " Tiffany snorted, wearing more powder. "She's way outta ya league, Bee. Just admit you lost to her. You wait, you won't really matter in a few weeks max. " Rihanna chipped in. "Actually, make that in seconds. With the way the boys are wrapped around her fingers, I'm betting it won't be long before you're officially over!" Steph was more vicious. "And the little brat is even her number one puppet!". Bianca looked ahead and saw them chuckling at the girl who crashed into a waiter. She silently fumed. The slut couldn't just waltz in and steal the popularity she'd worked for years to get! The queen knew that a new student could get enrolled at anytime, who was more wealthier than her. That was why she needed a new plan to remain relevant at the academy. Since Arian's threat, Bianca had been conspiratorially low key, but it was getting her closer to losing him. Being the girlfriend of the heir of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate was her goal. Arian déArgent was her major leverage to remaining significant in school and gaining undisputed success in her career in entertainment. She was the daughter of a politician after all. So losing him?. Was out of her equation!. With that in mind, Bianca Wells stood up and stalked over purposefully when a serviette landed on her white heels. Ew! She almost blurted but held herself. The dweebs couldn't even apologize!. She forced out her brightest plastic smile to control her temper as the occupants of the table glanced at her. The hottie sitting next to the tramp gave that interested look Bianca was used to. She mentally rolled her eyes. Nicky, as usual, glared before returning to her food. Elva briskly glanced at her and looked away while Jeffrey and Ricky tried to hide their displeasure with a faux smile before looking away simultaneously. The bitchy newbie from school held a fierce questioning gaze while the slut and the little brat looked away and continued their play. Arian didn't even look her way. A ghost might've passed by for all he cared!. Bianca smirked, ignoring their "Yo! You're not welcomed here!" looks. Only Damon sultrily smiled back. "So I noticed you guys were pretty much having fun and thought maybe I could join in?. "I'ld have loved to have you around. but we're full already. " Damon offered when no one paid attention. "No, we aren't

" Nicky sweetly smiled making everyone turn to her. But the next minute, she hit the table twice with her palm. "Why don't you hop on and join the fun?!"Selena and Tommy started the chuckle. "Nicky, don't be so stingy. You could've at least offered the floor. It does look pretty empty to me. " Elva raised the table cloth and inspected the floor under the table. This time, even the French heir had a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Voila! Her embarrassment was complete. Bianca seethed within but it wasn't over until she said it was!. Just then, Tommy jumped from Natalia's legs and went to pick on his brother's full plate. And then it clicked. Sabotage!. "Oh. Sorry if I thought. " Bianca didn't complete her sentence because she suddenly tripped and her glass of strawberry juice landed on Natalia. She swallowed an evil smirk. Everyone gasped at once. "I'm so sorry! I lost my footing an. " She rambled trying to wipe the tramp off with her fingers. Yuck!. By now, eyes had turned to stare. The school journalists who were covering the party for those who couldn't attend redirected their livestream! Bianca glowed from within. "It's okay. " Natalia muttered and stood up as the rest tried to help. "I'll just use the restroom. "Do you ne. " Bianca started but;. "No! You've helped a lot. " The Princess snapped, forcing her tears to stay still. And Queen Bee strikes again!. The reporters wagged their tireless tongues. Bianca Wells mentally smirked as she watched her archnemesis leave. Mission accomplished!. *****. That itsy bitsy, slimy lowlife!. Natalia breathed as she breezed into the mansion. Sorry, but it's not considered royalty to use swear words like 'BITCH!' even though the wronged Princess badly wanted to!. Tears stung her eyes. It was obviously on purpose! Bianca, the queen of anything heel-ly lost her footing??. Yeah sure, London has fallen! She huffed out and made her way aimlessly around the gigantic building. Natalia kept on walking, going through hallway after hallway, opening doors after doors. But no. The restroom wanted to frustrate her too!. She finally stopped and sniffed out the helpless tears which had been clouding her eyes. ****. "I'ld be willing to donate my heart out if that wasn't on purpose. " Nicky snickered. "Nothing less than I expected. " Elva added. "I'm not really into character. but she doesn't seem nice. " Damon pouted. "Yeah, right. Like the devil's a saint. "Do y'all hate her that much?" Bianca mused, looking around. Jeffrey shrugged. "Wait!" Tommy suddenly exclaimed, looking up at their halted postures. "What's wrong, Tom?" Arian held him closer. The little fox blinked at Arian. "Will Natalia know her way around the house? Sometimes, I get lost myself. " He pouted. "Shoot! We didn't think of that. But I'll g. " Damon was saying but Arian beat him to it and quickly walked away. 'Oh Arian. ' Elva thought and silently giggled. "Hi El. " Someone said from behind her. Elva turned to see Eden. " Hi

" She breezed back. Eden looked nice in a buttoned up shirt, casual jeans and sneakers. He politely smiled at the rest and they returned it. But Ricky shot him a pointed scowl. Eden Marshall was also a student at B. He was Elva's project partner and friend from the academy. But to Ricky Winterfield, Eden had a crush on his woman. A crush he needed to eliminate!. "Do you wanna dance? The music's finally changed to favour the teens. " He smiled at her. Ricky loudly scoffed. "It's a birthday party for a kid turning six. What were you expecting? Club rock??" Elva rolled her eyes. "Sure thing, Ed. " She took his hand and stood up. "Oh. And even with all the jokes, Rick?. I'm still bored. " She scowled and left. ******. The creep was starting to get on Ricky's darn nerves! The young heir silently fumed. He'd been trying to apologize and explain how stupid he was but Elva found it fun to ignore him. It was getting frustrating and the dim-wit kept getting in his way! He stifled a groan. "Do you wanna get some snack?" Jeffrey asked Nicky who was looking bored. She forced a small smile and stood up. Soon, Ricky and Selena were the only ones left. Damon had gone off to dance with some Blondie. Typical. Ricky and Damon had been friends way back in Washington DC. While Damon was the bigtime flirt, Ricky was the complete opposite. Shocking, he knew. Arian and Jeffrey were his childhood friends but Ricky was the wild type. Always crazy for adventures. He was completely uninterested in staying stuck in a place for long. So he travelled back and forth occasionally. That is, until Elva Thompson, the girl he fell in love with, came into the picture. For her, Ricky stayed back for months. What he couldn't do for his twin or friends, he did for his love. Yeah. He was that into love. Then the lovebirds broke up and he went back to the states. Sir Winterfield got involved and only forced him to stay back because Nicky demanded it. So clearly, Damon hadn't stopped being a cassava. Sorry, casanova. Brotherhood!. "I know that look. Been there myself. " Ricky turned to see Selena staring at him. "Huh?". She returned to her phone. "You liked her, got her, screwed up then came back begging. But she turns stone cold and faces other guys. " She shrugged and crossed her pretty legs. Seriously?? Ricky almost smacked himself!. "She's being more than stone cold. Titanium is nothing close to describing it. " He said and Selena chuckled. "What's so funny?" He frowned. "She still likes you, silly! It's the whole point of the drama. She wants you to try harder. Ricky stopped thinking. "But I've been trying! And literally, I'm OUT of ideas. " He frustratedly raked his hair. Selena raised her head to say something but faltered. Then all of a sudden, she leaned in closer and gently connected their lips. just when Eden and Elva were on their way back!. Ricky shrieked. Now she's NEVER gonna forgive him!. Chapter 35