Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 32 : The Argent's Party.


Over the next few days, invitations to Tommy Elvis De' Argent's sixth birthday party trended in the academy. Everyone was hyped about it because the school hotties were gonna be totally accessible since they were the hosts. The rate at which the girls showed excitement passed that of the celebrant! The thought of impressing the little boy to get the attention of their crush became there only aim. Everyone wanted to dress to impress. Natalia heard of the DéArgent's party which every student was invited to but didn't pay much attention. Her TOP priority was avoiding Arian De'Argent, the boy who single handedly stole her. No, caught her attention. The Princess knew she liked him but a number of reasons made her deny it. Firstly, it was her sole duty as a Princess and soon to be Empress to marry a Prince. Empires needed it to strengthen relations and the economy of their nations. And Astheria was no different. Then there was the number of hidden enemies in school who were waiting to have her head on a platter of gold, decorated with her fingers, toes and tongue all because she had a 'thing' going on with their crush!. There was also the uncertainty that the hot, young French was only fooling around to play her body then trash her later. Then the fear of a heartbreak like Elva. Or the horror of an unrequited love like Nicky!. And the fear of turning into an obsessed jealous freak like Bianca??. Everything seemed to go against all possibilities of the Princess being with the one she could not love. Arian De' Argent kept more to himself ever since that magnetic noon at the penthouse. The young French felt confused about his emotion since he'd never fallen in love before. He knew he was attracted to her and accepted it. 'Cause what hotblooded male wouldn't??. But taking things further? He wasn't. So he did what he did best. Guarding over the Princess like a knight from a distance even though he knew she was desperately trying to avoid him. Bianca and her crew laid low for a while. They went back into action when they noticed the silent distance between Arian and the bitch. But since everyone was afraid of Arian and what he could do, they refused to be a pawn in her game, leaving her more impatient and aggressive than ever!. Jeffrey and Nicky got along better than before. Since that night at the club, luck had grinned excessively at him. His relationship with his parents and Nicky improved daily. Well, a bit. But work-in-progress was better than no work at all. Ricky tried to get under Elva's skin to get her attention because it was her weak spot. But unfortunately, the girl he knew from before had graduated into a fierce psycho!. Sir Campbell wasn't a terrible father like everyone thought. He loved his son and wanted only the best for him but showed it the wrong way. He thought money and a comfortable life was the best he could give Jeffrey. So he dedicated his life to achieving it. Unfortunately, his son wanted more. More than his shattered heart could give. He remarried to let his son feel the love of a true parent. Thankfully, the Californian beauty was there to slowly fix the broken pieces of their lives and glue the family back together again. Even though Jeffrey still got touchy about his birth mom and dad's affair, Felicity gave him all the loved he needed from a mother

Selena Lorenzo steps into the Argent's mansion. A crazy, lively girl who's not your average kind! She's adventurous, impressive, a fashion freak and a model Bianca slowly finds as a threat. Having lived her most of her teenage life in Korea, she's as hot as they come!. Much to Arian's annoyance, Selena's a loud music freak, a psycho party thrower, a chronic flirt, a pushy daddy's girl and an endless trouble bag!. But all the same, she's a big softie who rubbed off on everyone pretty well. Even Tommy liked her!. ****. Tommy Elvis Dé Argent was in dreamland, chasing after fairies and butterflies. Or whatever five year olds chased in their dreams. when that old, classic song woke him up. ~ Happy birthday to you. The little fox fluttered his eyes open and grinned. A little crowd was gathered in his playground-sized room. Daddy, Mommy, Arian, Jeffy, Ricky, Selena, Nanny, Uncle Butler Lee, all the staffs in the mansion and even a classical music orchestra!. They played the violin and Cello while his family sang a not too. out of pitch. birthday song. The music ended and everyone cheered. Even Old uncle butler Lee wore a birthday cap!. Tommy's happy smile increased. Mom Rose held a little blue and white cake in the shape of his signature look, a face cap. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM CAT!' Was written boldly on it. The chubby foodie quickly made a wish and blew the six candles before giving everyone a hug. In return, they gave him their first wrapped gifts of the day. A lot was still coming up. Mom Rose fed her little bundle of joy. and stress. his first cake and Tommy 'enthusiastically' shared his cake with everyone back. The little Fox loved his little party. But being the last born of the De'Argents, 'little' wasn't in his dictionary. The actual party was coming up in a few hours and he had to get ready!. ***. ( A Few Hours Later. The party was held at the large floral garden outside the mansion. It was filled with a lot of people even before it started!. Tommy was the king of the day and looked like one. He wore an expensive, custom-made suit tailored by one of the best designers in the world. It constituted a peach colored blazer which had crazy designs, an inner white formal shirt, white suit pants and peach shoes laced with silver stripes. A cute peach bow tie complimented his looks. His blonde hair which was usually in fringes was gelled backwards like his brother's. Long story short, it took nanny and the other professional stylists hours to primp him up!. At the party, there was a different section for kids and teenagers respectively. Adults hung out with Sir DéArgent and Madame Rose in the mansion

Elite guards surrounded the birthday child because it was slowly getting filled up. Tommy wanted an evening party and got it. Obviously, daddy did everything the little fox wanted. As the guests entered, they were directed in a line to the celebrant's throne to pass on their gifts and well wishes before being directed to the main party. A lot of people congratulated Tommy, especially girls, who were definitely his brothers' age. Arian DéArgent, Jeffrey Campbell and Ricky Winterfield killed the triplets looks. They wore the same clothes but in their favourite colors. Designer leather jackets, simple shirts and white cans. 'Cute like me!' Tommy thought and giggled at them. ****. Natalia was looking forward to another boring, lonely Saturday when Nicky texted them about the Argent's party. Elva, at the mention of a party, was totally going and Nicky wouldn't take a 'not interested' from Natalia. So she grudgingly agreed to attend. Natalia didn't want to see Arian but it wasn't really her choice to make. Would you imagine?. Some friends were just. Sighs. Nicky had mentioned the party was for a child, so Natalia wrapped the gifts while Elva chose the dresses. An ecstatic Nicky Winterfield breezed into the house when it was time and practically pushed them into their closets to change. The Princess randomly picked one out of the two dresses Elva chose and wore it, mentally mapping out plans to avoid you-know-who. The evening dress caught her attention because it was simple and peach in color. It was fitted with straps and a silver-net waistline which made her tummy around visible. Much to Natalia's discomfort, Nicky, the sudden hair stylist, styled Natalia's hair into a ponytail and let it fall in waves down her back. It was so crazy long that it looked like an extension!. Nicky left two curly strands to fall at both sides of her face before forcing make up on her. Yeah!. They argued and debated for hours with Elva as the moderator before agreeing on a simple look. Her tassel silver earrings matched with the strapped heels she wore. Finally, the friends picked up her purses and they left. There was no need pointing that they were late. The theme was lovely but they didn't know where to sit. Natalia who was enjoying the 'starings-on-strike' suddenly cringed when someone screamed out her name!. Good Lord. ****. Guests were still arriving when Tommy déArgent spotted a familiar figure far ahead the line. She was lost in the crowd but really pretty. The little fox couldn't see clearly so he told his brother to pick him up. Arian did. Suddenly, Tommy squealed excitedly when she turned and he saw her face!. Without thinking, he jumped down from Arian's arms and ran blindly into the crowd, toward her direction, screaming out his lungs. "Natalia!!". Chapter 33