Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 124 : The Dark Shadows.


( Beverly Hills, California. Natalia's heart raced within her chest. She pulled away when Arian leaned in again. "We should stop. We're getting carried away. " She whispered and tried to steady her breath. "Why?" He whispered back. His face was so close and his fingers were still working their magic on her lips, leaving hot delicious feelings behind. "For starters, you're getting married. " She bravely looked up. Sudden remembrance flashed across Arian and he pulled his hair frustratedly. "Plus we're not together anymore. Now, please excuse me. " She returned to her formal self and made to pass by. But he held her back. "Why do you keep making it sound like I chose to get married?" He questioned with the same attitude. "Because last time I checked, you're STILL getting married!" She returned. "And why are you being accusatory? Why do you still care?!". "Because I have every right to!". "Is that so?". "Yes!" She almost yelled. "Then why?!" Because I'm still freaking in love with you!. Natalia badly wanted to scream it out, telling him that everything tearing them apart was killing her as much as it was killing him!. That he still occupied most of her thoughts all round the clock!. That not being able to be close to him made her feel useless and empty!. That his absence in her life made her addiction worse!. That she wanted to have him alone and own him completely!. That he was practically the air she breathed??. Despite how unscientific and absolutely fictional it sounded, it was already on her damn list!. But the reality on ground made her swallow those confessions and push them back into the remains of her crushed heart. Arian desperately waited, searching her big brown eyes for the answer he was bleeding for. Yet, it never came. Not even a whisper of it. He took his disappointed eyes away and retraced his steps back to the door. "I almost forgot. " He chuckled self-depreciatively and looked at her. "You've moved on. with someone else. Natalia's breath became hard and painful. She tried to breathe staring at the hurt radiating in his eyes and forced her tears to stay still. "I'm sorry for getting 'carried away' with you. And I promise to never bother you again, Your Highness. " He gave her one last bitter smile and was gone the next moment. Natalia's heart bled and a lonely tear escaped her eyes. ***. "Do you really think she'll like it? I think she's allergic to lilies but I can't remember the exact color! Wait. Do lilies have different colors?? I'm definitely gonna screw this up! Why should the place be totally dark??. "What if she trips and fall and spend Christmas in a hospital? And then have to be bandaged like a corpse and limp her way around on new year??. " Ricky Winterfield, the repented playboy, hypertensively ranted and walked around his room, nervously preparing for a date that wasn't until four hours!. Jeffrey wasn't listening and neither was Arian who was lying on the other side of the bed, occupied with his headphones. The dirty blonde was thinking about his girlfriend, Nicky and everything that had been happening between them lately. Nicky had been skipping his calls and barely replying any of his texts. They didn't hang out anymore and rarely saw each other. Jeffrey knew most of it was his fault, but fate had been playing a wicked game with him!. "Y'all should help a brother out! Is the aquablue or black shirt preferable?'' Ricky dangled two formal shirts in front of them but no one replied him. Suddenly, Jeffrey's phone disappeared and Arian's own also vanished next. He threw them into a drawer and locked it shut!

"What?" Jeffrey drawled, definitely not in the mood. Ricky's panic attack returned. "Which shirt is the best??" He repeated. The two occupants of the bed looked around his bedroom which resembled that of a girl's. A girl on her first date!. "Did you ransack your closet?" Arian raised a brow. "And are you normal? You've never asked us that silly question before. " Jeffrey added. Ricky groaned nervously and threw the shirts away before going into his closet to look for more clothes. "What happened to the guy who's always looking 'fly'?" Arian snorted and Jeffrey shrugged. "Ass, I heard that!" He cussed from the closet. "Just follow your heart. " Jeffrey encouraged halfheartedly. "And make the worst mistake ever. " Arian mumbled lifelessly. Jeffrey curiously inched his head to stare at him. "I've got it!" Ricky grinned triumphantly, walking back into the room. "Now should I use a bowtie, a regular tie, a neck scarf, a shawl or go casual?" He displayed them. "Remind me what you're celebrating again?" Arian nicely smiled all of a sudden. Ricky fell for it and glowed. "It's our anniversary. "Yeah. Not your darn wedding! So pick anyone and leave us the hell alone!" He snapped and Jeffrey swallowed a chuckle. Ricky snorted. "Your jealousy is the last thing I need right now. Elva's the only girl I've ever fallen in love with and I want this night to be perfect. " He nervously admitted. "I'm sureee you do. " Jeffrey teased. "Please don't talk about girls. " Arian rolled over and backed them. Ricky and Jeffrey shared their famous eye contact. "Yo, look on the bright side. You'll probably be planning your first wedding anniversary like me this time next year?". Arian raised his head to murderously glare at them. They flinched because the threat was evident. "Don't be such a sourpuss. You ain't the only guy having girl problems. The feeling's mutual. " Jeffrey muttered to cheer him. "Yeah. So sorry to ruin your favourite grumpy mood but we're having this conversation. " Ricky stated, momentarily forgetting about his anxiety. Arian threw a pillow over his head to show cold shoulders, and held it there. But they grabbed it!. "Nice try!". "Crashin' at your house isn't an acceptance to harassment!" He scowled at them, pushing his hair away but they ignored him. "I'm not going against my father anymore. " He admitted after a while, seeing the determined looks on their faces. "B. but why?". "What happened to Natalia and happily ever after and. and having a daughter who looks exactly like her mom??" They questioned. "Give me a break. Fairytale is over! Even if I decide to get out of this whole mess, it'ld only be because of my sanity. Natalia and I. " He paused and took a deep breath

"Natalia and I are over for good. I'm going to marry Selena. She's moved on and I'm gonna try the same. without anyone in my heart. And his confession left his best friends dumbstruck. ***. Good luck on your date, El. Gimme the full gist whenever you come home. I'll be going on a trip. Be back before you know it. Kisses. Natalia texted Elva. But the royal assistant replied almost immediately. ~ What trip?? There wasn't any trip on your schedule. Don't move an inch without replying!. Natalia almost rolled her eyes. ~ I'm spending Christmas with grandma, mom and dad. I've gotten your presents ready already. Merry Christmas, El. And don't worry, I'll be careful. Natalia dropped her phone and hugged herself as a cold wind blew. She'd forgotten to bring along her coat at the conference room where Esmond was currently with the executives, handling details about the university. She needed some fresh air so she'd excused herself and walked around the La Croft's garden where they'd had their 500th year anniversary party. Natalia got to the water fountain and sat on it, remembering her memory there with Arian. She watched with a bit of beauty and envy as the gold fishes swam peacefully without a care in the world. After a while, she breathed out and stood up to return to the meeting when a beep on her phone distracted her. It was from a private number. Natalia furrowed her brows and read it out. ~ Season's greetings, From yours sincerely. Natalia would've ignored it but the symbol of a triskeles at the end of the text made her heart skip!. It was definitely from the Mafia who was involved in her family's deaths!. Before she knew it, her fingers were typing away a reply. ~ What do you want? What game are you playing at?! ~. Another message popped in almost immediately. ~ All will be revealed in time, Empress. Enjoy the season as much as you can because time is running out. Natalia's courage returned as her anger made her bolder. How dare he?!. ~ Being a coward hiding behind the shadows is pathetic! If you really want me gone so badly, then do it straight to my face! ~. A couple of seconds passed without a reply which felt like eternity to her. The gold fishes became quiet as if they could sense the sudden change and tension in the air. As a result, the entire garden became quiet, too quiet. The only source of sound came from her angry heartbeats. ~ As tempting as your offer sounds, I still have better use of you, alive. Don't worry about the cowardice. It's only an effective means to an end. ~ Use of me? Keep dreaming! Or rather, keep hiding because you'll never get to me. Not to talk using me! ~. She seethed. The arrogant bastard infuriated her beyond control. ~ Like I said earlier. all in good time. Your PA was right to say your new look suits you. So much that the lapdog of a prince couldn't take his eyes off. If there'ld be a next time. be sure to take a coat along whenever you feel like wandering deep into the La Croft's garden alone. Because you never know the coward lurking behind the dark shadows