Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 12 : Unbridled...


Elva knew this was gonna happen. And it wasn't even up to two hours yet! She knew trouble when she saw one and currently, one stood by their table spotting a fake red hair!. "Hi. " Bianca smirked. Elva forced a nod, Natalia's polite smile followed while Nicky simply glared! The Queen Bee undauntedly continued. "Since y'all newbies, I'll make this nice and quick. "There's no need stating the obvious. " Nicky interrupted her with a silent sneer. Elva turned at her, impressed. This should be fun. "Oh shut it, four eyes! Did you finally get tired of two?" Bianca viciously mocked and her girls laughed. Natalia unconsciously cringed because their giggles sounded evil! Nicky wanted to retaliate but Elva gave her a look. It was best for them to say whatever they had to and leave!. "As I was saying, welcome to Beverly Hills Academy. And as the queen, it was necessary to welcome you myself. as distasteful as it is. However, there's a particular rule these losers over here understand; Covet my stuff and bitch, i'll come for you. " She leaned on the table, letting her threat sink. "And. what exactly are your 'stuff'?" Elva air-quoted. "Great! There's a smart one. " She pretended to be impressed. "First of. SCRAM from anyone by the name De' Argent. He's mine!". Nicky burst out laughing like a psychopath. "You wish!". "Girls, I'm starting to wonder what happened to the freak in glasses. " The redhead pouted and the B. S chuckled again which silenced Nicky. She took her lip in sparing them a disdainful look. "Nevertheless, have a wonderful stay, huns. " She stood up straight and flipped her hair. "Oh. And the name's Bianca Wells. Look that up online?" She cockily sipped Natalia's milkshake and sashayed away with her followers. No one noticed the graveyard silence until now. Some students even took pictures? Elva was stunned. Meanwhile, the princess had a frown on her face. The milkshake was her favourite!. Taking in a deep breath, she picked up the napkin she'd earlier been toying with and walked away to trash the cup, making an effort of not letting it touch her fingers like it was infested with some virus or something. The pictures increased. Elva couldn't stop her giggle! Natalia could be dramatic, but not that bitchy!. She walked back to their table and sat, oblivious of the whole snapshots. "Who are they?". "Witches you should stay away from. " Nicky gritted. "And who's the unfortunate guy?" Elva asked in curiosity. "That's Arian, Arian De' Argent. His dad is a co-founder of the school, and obviously the coolest guy around here. Else that witch would've had her evil eyes elsewhere!. "He's terribly standoffish but I don't really blame him. This school is full of psychos! And. oh! He's the one leaving the cafeteria right now!" Nicky nodded towards the door. Natalia and Elva looked over. The girls couldn't see his face as he had his back to them. However, Natalia noticed the graceful poise. Arian De' Argent walked like a Royal. Thankfully, his exit diverted the students' attention from them to him as majority of them left their barely touched meals and chased after him like crazy fans. Oh, they were psychopathic indeed. "Fancy. " Natalia offered. "Sheesh, he's hot! Even from the back view

" Elva deliciously purred like a wild cat. Natalia shrugged as the bell rang. History class was next. The girls got back to their lockers, grabbed their books and Nicky walked them over. The moment they stepped in, the gossipy whispers was suddenly subdued. The group ignored them and sat next to each other. Elva sat at the column on Natalia's right while Nicky positioned herself on the princess's left. After a while of settling in, Natalia casually raised her head and was shocked to see the number of eyes still on them!. She mentally groaned. Suddenly, a blue-eyed beauty with sleek blonde hair walked in and stole the spotlight. The girls diverted their attention and giggled and fawned, that it sounded so weird instead of cute. "Hey, Nicky!" Jeffrey beamed and leaned on her desk, ignoring the dreamy class. Nicky briefly returned his smile and faced her book back. Natalia wasn't sure if she was the only one noticing, but Nicky's "reading". seemed pretty FAKE. "Mind introducing your friends?" He smoothly hinted. Nicky stared at the curious girls. "Natalia, Elva meet Jeffrey. Jeffrey, Natalia and Elva. " Her voice was curt. Elva waved hi and Natalia smiled back at him. "Nice to meet you, Jeff. Hope you don't mind me calling you that?" Natalia cautiously asked. Jeffrey nodded with a grin. "Nope. Nice meeting you girls and Nick. " He turned back to her, his sand colored hair flirting with the wind. "I'll see you around?". The Princess almost drooled like he was talking to her! There was something subtle AND naughty about the way he said it!. Elva quietly giggled but Nicky simply nodded, her eyes still stuck on the book she was definitely not reading. Jeffrey smiled at them once more before heading to the back seats where a couple other guys sat. They looked like a team. Soon, the history teacher walked in. The class dryly muttered a greeting but she returned it with a bright smile. The history teacher was young and pretty. She was setting up when Bianca and her crew walked in. Without even sparing an apology, they arrogantly strutted to their seats. Natalia was stunned. If she had been the one, her professors back at the palace would've added a demerit to her results. And she was a princess!. The teacher professionally walked to the front of the class, seemingly oblivious of the first class brats. "Good day, class. As we all know, we have some new students with us today. Please politely introduce yourselves. I'm Mrs. Sharon, the history teacher. " She warmly smiled. Elva introduced herself as Elva Thompson, which was true, but Natalia froze. The princess remembered she did NOT ask her assistant what surname she'd registered with!. And she forgot her ID in her locker!!. "Um. " She wet her lips, beginning to stall. "I'm Natalia, Natalia. " She ran out of gas. The teacher smiled patiently. Natalia was certain the whole class was staring!. "I'm Natalia. " She stuttered again. Kendall. " Elva helped her out noticing her predicament. "Yes! Natalia Kendall. " The Princess released the breath she didn't know she was holding. Well, Kendall was her mother's maiden name before she got married her father who was then, the crown prince

Elva was such a smart ass!. "Good! Welcome to B. A once more. Now to today's topic. We'll be going back to the history of one of the top empires we are all familiar with. Empire Astheria. " Mrs. Sharon said and walked back to the projecting screen. Elva exchanged looks with Natalia who felt her heart do cartwheels. How could fate be so. so - so??. "Miss Bianca, as you're the representative of your study group, would you mind giving us an inkling of the topic today. " Mrs. Sharon added, more as an order than the apparent request it seemed to be. The class silently chuckled. Everyone knew it was Bianca's punishment for being late!. Mrs. Sharon was so cunning!!. Bianca rolled her eyes and proudly tilted her chin. "In the time when Empires ruled supreme, two orphaned friends by names, Don Pablo Santiana and Don Grantino Rodriguez, were banished from their birth town on the charge of conspiracy against their king. They suffered exile for years, living in the wild until they found solace among a group of wanderers. "In a short time, the group grew in strength and number headed by the two friends. They made a colony, sort of a rebel band, consisting of anyone who had been unjustly banished or lonely. "The colony soon grew into a community, then a town, then a city, then a state, then a group of states which formed an Empire overtime. All through, the now elderly duo ruled the Empire they'd created from scratch. "Astheria grew in prosperity, fame and wealth. She had resources, mines, alien treasures enough to make a man go crazy, armoury, soldiers, state heads, merchants, philosophers, power and influence. Other nations bowed and cowered at their feet! Everything was going on well until. " She took a dramatic pause. Feeling smug that she had everyone spellbound, Bianca continued. "Lord Grantino Rodriguez made a costly mistake. When important dignitaries arrived, he maintened his calm as a show of humility while on the other hand, Lord Pablo Santiana took major credit for their hardwork through his robust hospitality!". "When Lord Grantino could righteously bear it no more, the two friends slowly fell out. You see, Lord Grantino had the support of the council men while Lord Pablo had the support and love of the people. "So when their enmity became unbridled and clear to all, he was able to manipulate the situation, as the politician he was, and hold the position of utmost supremacy, becoming the first legal Emperor. " Bianca ignorantly chattered on, enjoying the undivided attention she was getting. Astheria was an obscure Empire. However, there was no rivalling the power it had! The history of Astheria was so sacred to her citizens that not every foreigner had complete access to its knowledge. It contained the secrets of the Empire's easy success, which kept aiding them till date and making them stand out from the rest of the Empires scattered around the world. The royal palace and the citizens guarded it closely with their pride and lives!. However, since such crucial information wasn't easily granted to strangers, it was easy to misunderstand the various versions of the truth from different researchers over the centuries. So as Bianca felt smug about her research, she had no real proof of its accuracy. But the history teacher knew, and was only bidding her time. "After his inauguration, Emperor Pablo banished his old friend who left swearing to avenge his injustice. Years passed and no one heard of him again. In his ripe old age, the Emperor ruled and died peacefully in his sleep. As Bianca chattered on, Natalia felt rage building up inside her that it was almost blinding! So much nonsense to document a false history?!. Natalia clutched her butterfly pen hard enough to break it. Every cell in her body reacted painfully to those words like poison. Her glares alone told how much she wanted the parroting Bee tortured with immediate effect!. Elva noticed the change in her aura and whispered her name in a cautious way. But the phoenix had already boiled cver!. "Those are false documentations, Miss Bianca. " She growled slowly. The whole class could feel the venom behind those words. They paused and turned towards the daring owner of the voice. Bianca sharply looked back to lash at the fool who interrupted her, and frowned instead when she sighted the newbie shooting her a hard look. "Excuse you?" She menacingly cocked a brow. "I said that your version of Astheria's history is FALSELY documented!" Natalia took her on, her cold tone unwavering. Everyone gasped. Suddenly, a new thread enveloped the school blog. Chapter 13