Beverly Hills Academy : The Royal Affair

Chapter 128 : Without Looking Back...


"Honey. " Mom Rose cried hurtfully. "I only got your superficial love when you needed me for something. When you declared the contracted marriage and I lost the most precious person in my life, I still tried to forgive you because I loved you. '' His voice shook. "I've sacrificed my life to pleasing you. Yet, it was nothing! You not only destroyed my happiness. but now you're also trying to send me away?'' He was in agony. "How could you, dad?!". Sir Argent looked away to keep his emotions neutral. "Do you know what? I don't care anymore. I'm done taking out your trash! It was all about the money, right?" Sir Argent sharply looked back at Arian but he remained quiet. "Well to hell with you, your money and your damn contract! Your control over me ends today. " Arian threw his car key, phones and credit cards that was on him on some random table. "You don't need to threaten to disown me anymore because I, Arian Antonio De' Argent disown you as my father henceforth!" He stated with an unmistakable finality in his tone. "Even if it's the last thing I do. I promise you won't ever lay eyes on me again. " He gave him one last look before walking away. A heavy thud sounded behind Arian but he didn't care anymore. All he wanted to do was escape the prison walls that had kept him traumatized for years!. And without looking back, he ran out of the six hundred million dollar worth of real estate. ***. ( Astheria, Australia. "Stop having the wrong thoughts! It's not what your dirty mind is thinking. " Esmond laughed, walking backwards towards their destination. Natalia breathed normally again and followed suit. "Now, this is where dinner ends. despite the reversed roles. " He smiled and playfully tapped the guest suite's door. "Okay. Goodnight!" She beamed and turned to vanish. "I didn't say we're done yet. " His amused voice stopped her. Natalia turned. ''But you. '' He leaned on the door and folded his arms thoughtfully. "Normally, the boy takes the girl home and after a few minutes of pointless talks and a heavy amount of blushing, SOMETHING happens and the girl walks to her door, flushing all over. But in our case, playing the guy, you're delaying the final goodnight. " He ended. Natalia played ignorant. "So what do you want? A flower?". He nodded sideways. "That's before the date. "A balcony chair?" She tried again. And he nodded again. "The mat used to hide the door key?" Esmond nodded impatiently. "Then what?" Natalia looked innocent, evilly enjoying her acting within. "Don't you watch movies?!" He was speechless. "Ohhh. " She breathed and dramatically walked towards him with a sweet smile. Esmond watched her approach and felt his heart skip again. But instead of a kiss, Natalia opened the door which made him stumble inside the suite since he was leaning on it and quickly shut it!. "Will this do?" She cooed sweetly. "Not fair! But I don't wanna hurt my other foot too, so thanks!" She heard his whimper from behind. "Should I come see it?" She wickedly purred. "NO!" He shrieked. "Experience has taught me most females are more deadly when they act extra sweet!". "Are you sure?" She bit back her smile. "Don't you want to sleep early for the flight again? Goodnight! I've returned your goodnight. " He sulked. Natalia leaned her ear on the door and opened her mouth but;. "Don't think of asking if I'm sure!" He grumbled and she chuckled victoriously before slipping away. ***. (Beverly Hills, California. Mom Rose snuggled closer to the comfy bed and tried to ignore Tommy holding her hand

"Tommy, stop it. " She muttered weakly when he placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. When did she fall asleep?. Those fingers didn't stop. Rather, they pushed stray hairs away, back to her messy bun. Mom Rose turned on her side, feeling too weak to scold him and grabbed a throw pillow. Sometime later, her inner alarm went off warning her to go check up on the kids. But she was too exhausted to move. She knew Tommy wouldn't be asleep until he'd turned his bedroom upside down and Arian would've probably been married to his phones by then!. The backup alarm started buzzing thirty minutes later and she groaned. Suddenly, the drama in the living room jerked her up like a nightmare. "Arian!" She gasped and sat up, expecting to see him. And there he sat. in the form of his dad. "W. where's Arian? Is. Is he in bed already?" She hysterically looked around. Richard tried to lay her back. "You should rest. The doctor said your blood pressure went out of normal range and. "I should check up on Arian. " She breathed and rushed out of bed. But the moment she stood up, her vision blurred and she felt faint. "Rose, you're ill. You're staying in bed. " He finalised and helped her sit. Richard poured her a glass of water. "But I have to. "Arian's gone. The glass fell and shattered into countless tiny fragments. Mom Rose slowly looked up at him with puffy eyes. "What do you mean he's gone?" She shakily whispered. Richard's dull eyes and his dashingly handsome features countered each other a lot. "Answer me! I'm talking to you!" She yelled as her tears burned down her cheeks. After witnessing his miserable silence, she panicked and rushed into Arian's room. But he wasn't in there. The coffee cup on the table and Tommy's hundreds of gifts gave her hope. So she ran down the hallway into Tommy's room. "Ar. " She froze. The person she saw in the semi dark room, clustered with a mountain lot of wrapped gifts and toys was Tommy. sleeping soundly. Mom Rose would've been pleased at his behaviour but Tommy wasn't her issue. His big brother was. She ran everywhere and looked around the whole manor. But he wasn't there either. Selena!. She rushed back upstairs, hardly noticing the worried French trailing behind her. When she got to Selena's door, Mom Rose heard her crying over the phone and silently listened to the conversation of her missing son!. Her heart stopped beating. Reality struck and she shook. She shakily retraced her steps back into her bedroom. "Richard, we. we should call the cops. he could be anywhere. Where. Did he t. take his car or his phone so we can track him? What about. " Richard hugged her when she started acting unsteadily. Her tears hurt her health so much but she let them flow, trying to break free instead. "Richard, let me go. We should be calling for help and not standing idle. " Her struggle was becoming fierce but he easily held her still. "He's all alone! Out there in the cold. And it's snowing so much! He's not well

Where will he go? What if he runs into thugs? What if he gets hypothermia and freezes to death?! What if he gets run over by a car? What if he's kidnapped or murdered??" She panicked frighteningly. "I promise nothing will happen to him. " He soothed. "And those cops! Why do we have to wait forty eight hours before he's declared missing?!". "I've called in favors from the forces. They'll find him. All we have to do is wait. "But I can't!" She finally broke free and searched for her phone. "I can't bear the tension. We need to start by calling everyone he knows. Where are his phones?". "Rose, don't work yourself up. Your blood pressure is high enough. Try to get some sleep and I promise to call anyone you want me. "It's all you!" She paused and looked at him with red, puffy eyes. "You're the reason he left! It's all because of you!" Her voice got louder and the tears slower. "Even if we find Arian, he won't want to come back home because of his promise to you which you incited. Richard, you took my son away from me!" She glared at him. "Rose. "Don't Rose me! You're the one to blame. You caused everything!" She screamed. "I know and I accept it!" He yelled to get her attention. And when he did, his voice became softer. "I admit it was all my fault. I should've treated him much better. If I'd been more sensitive and more of a parent, I'ld have realised what he was going through, but I didn't. I was blind and it ruined us. Rose, I feel guilty for disappointing him. "Well, it's certainly too late for that!" She bitterly spat. "The damage has already been done. I have a depressed, suicidal son on the loose and God knows what condition he'll be in if we eventually find him!" She wiped her tears roughly. "Richard, you have a week to find Arian and if you don't. '' Her eyes turned cold, ignoring his glum ones. "I'll file for a divorce and take Tommy away with me before you get the chance to destroy his life like you did with my Arian!. ***. ( Countdown to the New year. Social media buzzed about the suspended but most anticipated wedding of the year! Both citizens and netizens talked about it. It became the hottest, most trending topic on social media following the romantic, public sightings of the #thebuzzingroyalcouples. A famous entertainment show was discussing the news and Selena and Minji were watching. ~*~. Host 1 : This piece of juicy, gossip really shook me! I was like, really rooting for this new year couple. Host 2 : Yeah, Dave. But before we break more hearts, we need to point out the fact that it hasn't been officially announced yet. It's just a speculation going round because the paparazzi snooping around the whole wedding arrangements noticed a dramatic stop a couple of days ago. Host 1 : And the new year is just two days away! Anne, do you have any idea why?. Host 2 : That. I'm not so sure but let's keep hoping, honey (Shrugs). Host 1 : Yeah. Fingers, fingers REALLY crossed on that one. But guess what, y'all??. Host 2 : Huh? (Fakes genuine interest. Host 1: (Excited) As we all can't be so lucky with relationships, others can right?. Host 2 : (Nods) That's right, Dave!. Host 1 : Then allow me blow your minds because our #thebuzzingroyalcouples are topping the entertainment charts as the most cutest couples in the Royal world!!. Host 2 : (Squeals dramatically) Did you see those pictures of them together at the launch of the La Croft's new Aqua museum?. Heavenly!. Host 1 : Yeah! Like HOW and WHERE does Alexis buy those dresses from?!. Host 2 : Events this public? She doesn't 'buy' dresses, Dave. Nah-un!. Host 1 : (Looks in wonder) Really, Anne??. Host 2 : (Nods in affirmation. ) We got news that one of her personal designers is the world class Madame Stephanie!. Host 1 : (Gasps) Madame Stephanie?! World most sought out fashion designer?? ONE of them???