Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 1109


On the Internet, the news of Chloe's return to America and her arrival in City today had also reached several hot threads. "Great news, Chloe has returned to Country!". [Yesterday, Mrs. Emperor, today's Princess Mia, is going to talk about the birth of a modern fairy tale. [In the face of Chloe's return, should the relationship between Ali Family and Emperor Family continue to worsen orcompressor, and everyone pay attention to it]. Aman led Chloe out of the VIP airport under the escort of many bodyguards. John had already arranged for a car to be waiting for them. "Young Master, please get into the car, Young Madam," John said. "There are too many reporters at the airport, so it's not convenient for us to stay outside. The bodyguards rushed to the front of the golden Rolls-Royce and opened the doors from both sides. Chloe wore sunglasses. After all, she had been on the plane for a few hours. At the moment, she might have been shot tired by reporters. It might cause another wave of excitement. "Are you tired? Let's get in the car and sleep. " Aman said to her, "Let's have a good sleep when we get home. "That's right. Chloe nodded. Bucky took the two young masters and got into the car in the back. Lita had fallen asleep. Chloe directly held her daughter and got in the car with Aman. After the Rolls-Royce was opened, the other dozen cars followed it and left the airport with great momentum. Knowing that the president of the Emperor was going to come to the airport, the airport had cleared a path two hours ago, allowing Aman's car to successfully leave the airport. Inside the car, John said, "President, the reporters have already made arrangements. It'll be two hours later. Aman raised his hand and looked at his watch. "I'll send Chloe back. I'll be there later. Chloe gently patted the sleeping Lita in her arms. After taking off her sunglasses, her soft face was slightly tired, and even the voice of asking Aman was sleepy. "What's the matter? Do company?" you still want to go to the. Aman put his arm around her shoulder and held the two of them in his embrace. "It's not a big deal. It's just a press conference. John had already arranged for it yesterday. I'll just tell the media that the products have entered Xavier market. Chloe looked up at him and said, "You're so busy. "It's worth it for you. Aman kissed her forehead. "Now I understand even more why father made one of our sons the crown prince of Xavier. Because as long as we get your help, no matter who Xavier's king is in the future, with the help of Emperor Family and Emperor, Xavier will become stronger. This is my father's long- term consideration," Chloe said. "Therefore, for the sake of us being likely to take charge of Xavier's son in the future, it would be fine for me to assist Xavier. " Aman lifted the corner of his mouth. "Isn't that so?". Under his gentleness, he had an incomparable amount of courage!. Because as long as he made a move. It could push Xavier Country to make a big progress!. Chloe smiled and her head rested on his shoulder. She closed her eyes for a while. When she opened them again, she was at Shallow Bay. Outside the car window, when the familiar scenery came into her sight, she was in a trance for a moment. Outside, it was the largest rich district in Michael-the Shallow Bay. "We're home soon. " Aman's calm voice sounded in her ear. "You've only slept for half an hour. You can sleep after we get home. Chloe sat up and found that Aman had carried Lita in his arms. She turned her head and looked out of the window. Looking at those familiar scenes, she and Aman's home after marriage. "We finally arrived at the Shallow Bay. " Edith sighed. "I feel. like I've traveled a long way. "Yes, this is our home, Chloe

" Aman held his daughter in his arms and looked at his wife with gentle eyes. This man, who could cause a financial storm in a country, was now looking at Chloe with tender eyes. That was the warmth after the glacier melted. His warmth was only for her own sake. "Miss you?" Seeing that Chloe was looking out of the window without saying anything, Aman smiled and asked her, "You haven't come back for a few years, do feeling in your heart?" you have a special. Chloe's eyes were already red. Everything that had happened at shallow water bay seemed to appear before her eyes. When she and Aman had just gotten married and had a quarrel with Aman, she had driven the first car Aman had given her out from this place. "Yes. I miss you very much. " She choked with sobs. "Currently, shallow water bay has expanded to fifty districts. " Aman said, "I have purchased two-thirds of the land property here. Although there are other rich people living here, in the future, if we want to do anything, we will have a lot more freedom. This is because I am the current largest boss of shallow water bay. Chloe smiled with her eyes turning red. "You're so bossy. "I can't stand my home, and I can't control it. " Aman said, "When I was not married to you, I bought the ninth district purely because I wanted to buy it and put it away. But if you want to live here, I have to come and live with you. After that, it became our home, and I have feelings for it. Chloe looked at the side of Aman's face as he spoke. He looked at the distance in front of him, with the expectation of the past and the future in his eyes. "That's because when we first got married, Zayn and Kate were still staying here. " Aman continued, "Those people still have the opportunity to meet you at Shallow Bay, which is the most uncomfortable place for me. That's why when the developers at Shallow Bay were expanded to fifty districts, I purchased two-thirds of their shares. In the future, if you want to enter Shallow Bay, no one would dare to stop you. The guards, as well as the security personnel of the entire Shallow Bay, all know that you are the wife of the owner of Shallow Bay's biggest share. "Well, thank you for your consideration. " Chloe knew that she had to take it. "Eathen and I have been staying here for the past few years," Aman said, frowning again. "However, when they are disobedient, I will also send them back to the Emperor Family in Imperial Capital. Anyway, the old master likes them very much. "Puff!" Chloe laughed out loud. "No wonder Liam and Lan told me that their father dislikes them. "I never turned my nose up at them. They are our children. " Aman turned around to look at her. "I'll like all of our children. It was just that she was inclined towards her youngest daughter. Because he wanted to make up for her fatherly love in the past few years to Lita. "Well, I believe you. " Chloe nodded. "So I told Liam and Lan that you only pay more attention to them, so you are strict with them. "But if they don't listen, I don't mind letting them know what the world's most terrifying father is like. " Aman laughed again. "If I invite ten teachers for them, they won't be able to go out from now on. Chloe, who had not graduated from college officially, immediately trembled. "Don't. don't do that. Liam and Lan are still young. Don't be too strict with them. At this time, in a car in the back, two young masters who were dozing off suddenly woke up. Lan, the Young Master, rubbed his arms. "Why do I feel like daddy is talking about us?". Yes. Liam also held his small arms. The two brothers shared the same mind. All of a sudden, Lan eyes lit up as he looked out of the window. "What? A balloon?". Liam also looked at the other side of the window. When he saw the balloons outside the shallow water bay, the two young masters' brown eyes grew bigger little by little. Bucky, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said with a smile, "That was arranged by Young Master to welcome Young Madam back. Young Master, please take a seat and don't sway your body. It's very dangerous

Whether they were better or not than their peers, they were still two three-year-old children. They had to sit on the children's safety chairs in the car. At this time, the two young masters who were tied to the children's safety chairs by the seat belt opened their eyes wide and looked at the balloons rising from the whole Shallow Bay!. "Daddy, he. really likes Mommy!" said Liam, the Young Master. Mm, mmm. " The Young Master of Liam nodded his head in a daze. In the Rolls-Royce car, Chloe was about to say something for her son when Aman said, "Well, let's not talk about those two boys. Come on, look at the surprise I gave you!". "A surprise?". "Look outside. " Aman glanced at the window beside her. Originally, she wanted to let Chloe see a surprise for the first moment, but when it came to Liam and Lita, she turned back again, and President expressed his helplessness. "What? Outside. " Chloe turned around, and when she saw the outside, she was immediately stunned. She only saw a scene in a big-budget love movie. Above the shallow water bay outside, countless balloons suddenly rose, big and small, colorful and transparent balloons, just like the bubble blown by Cupid who was sitting in the clouds!. The size of the balloons was big and small, almost warming the whole sky of the Shallow Bay, but the blue sky outside the transparent balloons could also be seen. Under each of the big balloons, there were rows after rows of them. The banner was made of a pink and transparent ribbon with some words on it. [Chloe, welcome home. Chloe's eyes were trembling. "What. what is this?". "Ba balloon. " Aman raised his eyebrows. "Do you like it?". "A balloon?" Chloe couldn't believe it. "Why did you prepare so many balloons?". There was no way to react at all!. "Of course. " Aman said, "I just said that I have bought two-thirds of the shallow water bay. Many people are unable to do it. However, I can do it because I am the current boss of the shallow water bay. Boss can act willfully and have the privilege!". Chlo looked at the balloons filling the sky. The words on the ribbon. She opened her mouth, but couldn't say a word, and her eyes became blurred. The balloons all over the sky, the magnificent and beautiful scene, had a huge impact on her heart!. "Aman, you. you actually. She couldn't express her feelings at the moment. Was it prepared for her?. Looking at the banners under the balloons and the hundreds of words "Chloe, welcome home!", she felt sad and something rushed into her eyes. Aman approached her from behind and shook her shoulder. "I've heard that women like romance. Women of all ages like to have a little girl in their hearts. They hope to be pampered by the heavens and hope that a man who can forever maintain the heart of a girl will appear. Chlpe, I hope that I can be the man in your life. To the children, you are their mother. But to me, you don't have to grow up. You can still be wilful and pampered to be my wife like before. Don't even talk about the balloons that fill the sky. Even if you want to step onto the moon, I will contact the National intervenement Bureau and pamper you. Chloe slowly turned her head, and in her moist sight, she saw Aman's handsome face. "Thank you. Aman. " She opened her mouth and her voice was trembling. "Then let me be your girl forever. I hope that we won't let our love fade away because of our marriage or the passing of years. I will always keep my love for you in my heart. She did not mind why Aman had not come to see her for three years, but at this moment, she truly had let go of her worries. "Okay. " Aman kissed her forehead. "I won't let you stay by my side, not because of responsibility, but because of your love for me