Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 1110


It was not because they were married and had a child, but because they stayed with him. It was because of her love for him, and so she stayed by his side. "Hmm," Chloe nodded and said, "don't worry, I am. "If. " Aman looked at the sky outside and swore to the balloon outside, "If one day I go back on my words, we must have accompanied each other to grow old, as old as dementia, forgetting that I have promised. But even if that day comes, I think I will still carry out the duty of taking care of you for the rest of my life by your side. Chloe put her arms around Aman's neck, and her forehead touched his. She nodded and said, ". Aman, I am glad that I have recovered my memory. Otherwise, I will never know what you mean to me by saying these words. I don't know how hard it is for us to walk all the way. "Even if you haven't recovered, I will get you back back, Aman said. "No. " Chloe shook her head. "The memories of the past are more precious than diamonds and everything else in the world. "But for me, the most precious thing in this world is not our memories. "What's that?". Chloe raised her head and looked at him. "It's you. " Aman looked into her eyes. "It's not your memories that are precious. It's you, Chloe. He lowered his head and kissed her, breathing rapidly and excitedly. Chloe immediately hugged his neck and crazily kissed him. She had a lot of things to say in her heart. She really wanted to let Aman know her current mood and let him know how much she was grateful to her. She wanted to thank him for giving birth to her life and for letting her marry him. "Thank you for setting so many balloons in the air above Shallow Bay in order to welcome me back to my home in such a romantic and special way!". There were many women in this world who had misfortunes in marriage, and she was fortunate enough not to be buried in this grave. She was going to marry into the Dream Palace!. In their sweet and strong love kisses, the balloons outside kept rising to the sky, colorful, with strips of ribbons with words written on them floating below. The balloons were like crystal bubbles. When they floated to the top, they burst like bubbles under the sun. Shallow Bay continued to rise the balloons again and again, as beautiful as pure love. A steady stream. Dreamy and romantic, they would be loved by all women when they saw it. At this time, people living in other mansions in the Shallow Bay looked at the balloon rising into the sky, and some of the noble ladies stood on the balcony. All of them were shocked and amazed. "Oh, it's spectacular!". "She's so beautiful. I'm so nervous about her that I'm going to burst out!". "I heard that Aman had arranged it in order to welcome Chloe today. Women are indeed going to marry love. Men like Aman are all women's dreams. Some madams started to complain about their husbands. "Ah! Husband, I envy you very much! Why didn't you arrange such a spectacular scene when you proposed to me or when we got married?". "No, I also want to run away from home. You don't have to arrange a scene with your heart like Aman, and I won't come back!". "Get married to Aman, be a woman and treat her as Chloe!". "The most famous madam of a wealthy family in this age, the one envied by all women in the world!". "It's not like there isn't a perfect man in this world. A man who is rich and powerful against a woman is one. It's just not your man! Ah!". There was also a user who looked at the transparent crystal bubble-like balloons in the sky in a distant mirror and wondered,. "That's weird. What's that balloon? How did it break open after rising into the sky?"

"Is there such a balloon on the market?". Meanwhile, the other rich people in Shallow Bay were speculating,. "Chloe has returned to Country as a princess of a country. Her treatment must be different now!". "Aman, he's trying to win Madam favor with all of this!". "After all, she is the woman who gave birth to three children for him. The Emperor Family is also preparing to give her shares. It seems that Aman also values her more. "In my opinion, Aman wants to make the world clear that he has not divorced Chloe. He wants to use this method to tell the people of Shallow Bay that his wife has returned. Anyone will have to give way to her in the future?". "One is the president of the Emperor and the president of the 'Chamber of Commerce'. The other is the princess of Xavier Country. Indeed, everyone has to make way for them in the future. Inside the car, Bucky and two young masters were using this type of balloon. "Young Master this kind of balloon is the latest proposal developed by the well-known 'Fundative' proposal company in the worl and it will be on the market soon. It's stipulated that the customer must be a man, and a man can only buy it once in his life for the sake of proposing to his beloved woman. The balloon and the ribbon rise to a certain height and break on their own due to the pressure, then merge in the air. It's a kind of new product that is romantic and more traditional rubber balloon!". "Oh! Did daddy buy it first?" Lan immediately asked, looking at the bubble-like balloons with his big eyes. Even the ribbon under the balloons was transparent. "Yes, 'Fund put' Group developed this PMDB unconstrained superstar in the morning, but Young Master has never been in the market. He's the first buyer. " Bucky said, "I bought it specially to let Young Madam have a look. "Oh? Does Mommy like balloons?" Lita also asked. Bucky smiled and said, "I'm not sure, but Young Madam likes novel things very much,so Young Master Wei caters to her pleasure!". However, Chloe liked novelties when she was only 18 or 19 years old. But now, as a mother, she still had a girlish heart and was particularly interested in this romantic novel!. Looking at the romantic scene in front of her, she only felt that. "It's so beautiful!" She widened her eyes like her two sons. "It's good that you like it," Aman said. "What a special balloon! It's transparent, like glass crystal!" Chloe was so excited that she looked like a child. She turned to look at Aman and said, "How come I haven't seen it before?". She didn't know the meaning of this balloon, nor did she know that Aman was the first to buy it from that "Journal" company-. She just wanted to be the first one to show it to her!. "This kind of balloon was originally used to propose. " Aman said, "Although we didn't propose before we got married, I bought this marriage proposal balloon and showed it to you. I thought you would like it. "Well, I like it!" There were stars in Chloe's eyes. "Although I didn't propose to you before, this balloon is also a token of my love. " Aman said, "I will try my best to make it up to you if I can make it up to you. "Aman. " Chloe wanted to cry, but she was a mother. She could not be moved to tears like a little girl. "What do you think?" Aman raised his brows. "Do you love me?". "I can't love her anymore. Chloe looked at her husband with a sigh. "Come, give me a hug. " At the same time as Aman was hugging his daughter with his left hand, he extended his right hand and embraced his beloved wife in his embrace, as if he was hugging the entire world. The car drove all the way to the ninth district. Chloe was moved for a while inside the car. She leaned against Aman's shoulder and sighed, "So happy, Aman, even if I am a princess, the mommy of three children, I can't help but sigh when I see these balloons. I really like them, so dreamy! Thank you for preparing a surprise for me!". "You like it so much?" Aman smiled, deeply concealing the quota for the first-time sale of this balloon. "Why don't we set it up again at our wedding?"

"Is it really possible?" Chloe immediately looked back at her. Aman said mysteriously, "According to the principle, you can't buy this balloon only once in a man's life. But if I put it on, it's equivalent to advertise this balloon. There's no reason for the seller to refuse. All in all, he had a special privilege!. It would be fine to set up the balloon again at their wedding!. Chloe's eyes lit up, and she said in a trembling voice, "It's really. that's great. If everyone can see such a beautiful thing at our wedding, that would be great. Aman, I want to come to our wedding and all the people can feel our happiness!". Aman nodded, "Okay, then as you wish!". Shawn was sitting in the car of the three babies, while John was sitting in the passenger seat of their car. The two brothers had also returned to City with Aman this time. After hearing Aman's words, Mrs. , who was sitting in Chloe's car, said, "Mr. Emperor, if you want to buy it for the second time, you may need to talk to'guesses in the air' first, because it has the theme of the balloon that refuted them. It's Thasip, a once in a lifetime. Aman's voice was gentle and tough. "Give me the phone number of their general manager. If they don't agree, I'll buy the lease of this balloon. From now on, I'll show it to Chloe alone!". "President, then. "Aman, forget it. " Chloe thought that there was a problem, so she quickly said, "Although it's a pity that I didn't see such a beautiful balloon at the wedding, I've already seen it. Aman didn't care. "It's not a big deal. This is the first request you made to me after returning to America. Don't worry, I know the chief manager of the wedding company. " "What's that?". Chloe was dumbfounded. Was Aman acquainted with this balloon-clad wedding company?. "Young Madam, President is the first buyer of this balloon. " Secretary said, "In order to put it in shallow water bay to let Young Madam see this surprise, Young Madam especially asked me to order it. In order to make the balloons rise evenly, she even let the owner of every mansion in shallow water bay cooperate with each other and put this kind of balloon on the roof of each mansion. Chloe looked at Aman in surprise. "So you were the first to buy it. I suppose you haven't even been on the market yet. Why didn't I see it before?". There were so many rich people in the world. If it had been such a romantic and beautiful marriage proposal balloon, no matter how expensive it was, it would have been bought by a rich man a long time ago. The news had also spread on the Internet long ago. Unexpectedly, her husband became the first" compilation" to buy this balloon!. "I don't care about the first right to purchase. For me, it's a smile for my wife. It's worth it to spend a lot of money. " Aman said to John, "Hubert, call bombarded with the Informed' wedding company. "Yes, my lord. John, who was in the front of the deputy driver, immediately made a phone call. Since Aman was able to get the wedding company to agree, then Chloe did not try to persuade him. She turned her head to look at the balloons outside the window and used her professional eyes to identify them. "When it rises to a high altitude, it will rupture deeper in the air. It must be made of some chemical liquid. If it is environmentally friendly, the materials must be expensive, and the market price should be appropriate. After all, it is a product that only rich people can afford