Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 1112


"Workaholic, on this point, you are similar to President. " Shawn smiled helplessly at his serious older brother. The two brothers, who were well-known in the international elite circle, chatted. They then started to walk towards the villa's gate. Taking advantage of the time when Henry was reporting to Aman about what had happened in Country during this period of time, Chloe and the elite elites were sent to the children's room. The room was a pink children's room. It was round and solid wood house. The floor was covered with soft, short fur white carpet. There was a table with some favorite desserts of children, and many toys. There were all kinds of glittering fairy tales on the wall. There were many stars on the sky. They were surrounded by the moon with smiling faces. The whole room was decorated very beautifully. After putting Lita on the bed, the two maids also talked about the events that happened in Country in recent years to Chloe. When they heard the story of elites and secretaries, Chloe was surprised. "Ah? Are elites and Shawn together?". The elite was a little embarrassed. "Young Madam, please don't laugh at me. In these three years when Young Madam was away, the Young Master always ran to the company. Maybe he wanted to make himself busy with work and forget about the miss of Young Madam, so he often doesn't come back all night. Sometimes he also spends the night in the lounge of the company's office. Chloe was stunned. "That's why when there's time, Bucky asked me to send over the lunch or dinner cooked by the Ninth Dragon Villa Rich Craft chef. After all, it's the chef at home who is more at ease to make the dishes. " When the elites said this, they smiled sheepishly and said, "That's why, if I go there twice, I often go to Young Master's company and have more opportunities to interact with John. That's why. we're together. "Haha, it means that you are destined to be together! Chloe said with a smile, "It's a happy event!". The elites lowered their heads, and their faces were a little red. Mmm. "But. " At the same time that Chloe was happy for finding a boyfriend for the best man in her heart, she sighed and sighed emotionally to Aman. "Men are sometimes really stupid. It's lucky that he is just an executive president in charge of Emperor. Why didn't he take good care of himself?". In this way, in the past three years, Aman had still been the only one who had fallen in love with him. At least she had lost her memory. She was not in so much pain. Moreover, she was enjoying the riches and glory of a princess. The one who was in pain was Aman, who had been waiting for her to return. The elite said, "As the saying goes, love will make a woman a little girl, and a mature and wise man a big boy. It's probably the case. "Maybe. I shouldn't always ask Aman to promise me anything," Chloe said, "Even the most successful man will feel uneasy. I should give him some sense of security, even if he is ten years older than me. "Young Madam, it's like this. " A bright smile appeared on her face. Speaking of this, Chloe raised her eyebrows and smiled at the elites. "However, I really congratulate you on being with John. It's a very good fate!". "Thank you, Young Madam. " The hero was grateful. "But compared with Young Madam and Young Master, we are not worth mentioning. As long as we have the happiness of ordinary people, we will be satisfied. "What the hell!" The man next to her, who had been leaning over the bed and looking at the picture of Lita's cute sleeping face, spat out a sentence, "If a boyfriend with an annual salary of 50 million can be considered as an ordinary person, can we be considered as the basics of the basic level?". "Bucky. " The young man looked at her shyly and said in a low voice, "Don't say that. It's John's business. I'm a maid like you,". "Yo, John. You call him true family. " Bucky laughed out loud. "Why don't we just let Young Master and Young Madam make the shots for you guys and get married directly? Hahaha!. Chloe also smiled and said, "You are so excellent. I think Aman will be very happy

"Young Madam, don't laugh. " The elite said, "And Bucky, if you keep this up, don't blame me when you find a boyfriend. The elite expressed that she would "revenge" for him. "But I didn't. I'm a single noble!" Bucky continued to laugh wildly. "Single dogs have nothing to fear! I've already been immune to dog food for the past few years! I've even dared to go out alone on Christmas Day to fight it out. Chloe also said, "But it's not surprising. When I was in female baby hospital a few years ago, I thought that you and John matched well with each other. After all, you are all Aman's and my people. "Oh, talking about this. " Chloe thought of something. "I remember that you thought that John was very good at that time, didn't you? When you saw him, he blushed, and I thought that you might be successful in the future. In Chloe's impression, there was this kind of thing. The elite laughed with her hands covering her mouth. "Young Madam, that's not me. It's Bucky. She's an anthomaniac to Shawn. "Ah?" Chloe was stunned. She looked at Bucky and said, "So it's Bucky? I can't even remember it correctly. Bucky's face fell, and his back was stiff. His ears turned red quickly as well. He kept a straight face and didn't say anything. "Special Assistant is not bad. You can try your best on Bucky," Chloe said. "I. I don't want it. " Bucky coughed. "I think being single is good. Free. "Well, I sincerely wish you all can find your own happiness. " Chloe stopped teasing them. "Bucky, you don't have to be shy. Go and chase whoever you like. You don't have to care about status or anything like that. These things are nothing in front of love. I will support you with all my strength. Bucky blushed and didn't say anything. The elite nodded and said, "Thank you, Young Madam. Chloe walked to the window. The curtains of the velvet window in the room were very cute. The color was pink and tender, and they were made of the best material. There were three layers, and the shade was good. It was smooth and exquisite. Chloe stroked the curtains with her jade- like fingers. "We've finally returned home, drifting from place to place for a few years. It's finally over. I hope our family can live a peaceful and stable life in the future. "Young Madam, we will," said the elite. "The news of Young Madam's return has shaken the entire nation, and with Young Madam's current status and social status, no one will dare to disrespect or cause trouble for you. At that time, you and Big Young Master's wedding will receive countless blessings. He said with a smile, "In this way, the Young Master can give the Young Madam a wonderful wedding and fulfill his wish. Otherwise, the Young Master will always think of owing the Young Madam. "Did Aman say that?" Chloe turned around and asked. Aman was willing to hold a wedding ceremony for them. She had only treated it as his heart. She had never thought that he would owe her anything. "That's my guess," said the elite. "In the past few years, Young Madam's room and Young Master of the Workshop didn't allow anyone to enter, not even Young Master, but we would occasionally go in and clean it. One time, when I went to Young Madam's studio to clean it up, there was a book called Sevorla on the table. It hasn't been closed in time. Young Master read all the books on Young Madam's bookshelf, but he always read the last page of the book. Chloe took a sip and asked, "Which page. "I didn't look at the terms carefully. I only read some content. " The elite said, "There is a sentence in it, 'The wedding is young and beautiful

No matter if the Young Master cares about this sentence or not, he must have seen it and thought deeply about it. Chloe's eyes flashed and she bit her lip. "Perhaps the Young Master has thought that his wedding to the Young Madam was too simple, so he separated with the Young Madam. " The elite said, "That's why he took advantage of the pretense to announce his marriage with Nangong and ordered his men to plan the marriage. "That's right. " Bucky interrupted. "Young Master must have been wanting to give Young Madam a wedding!". Chloe didn't laugh. She sighed and lowered her eyes. "I just thought that he just wanted to do what he had promised me, but I didn't expect. "Since Young Master promised Young Madam, he must care more about Young Madam. " The elites said, "However, we have never been to the wedding scene. We only know that we are on Aurora Island. I and the elites are usually only responsible for taking care of Young Master, and recently, we are arranging the children's room of Miss Lita. Chloe nodded. "Well, it was well decorated. I promise that Lita will definitely like it. "I designed the sky flower. " Bucky immediately said excitedly, "When the lights are turned off in the evening, the moon and stars on the sky flower will shine, just like the real night sky, but it won't shine the eyes. I heard that children like this. "Oh, I have a lot of ideas!" Chloe praised, "Lan likes interesting things. "Young Master used to decorate them in his room. " The elite girl glanced at Bucky and said with a smile, "It's the two young masters' fault that they're so young that they're not interested in these children's things until they're three years old. They've been removed. Bucky has been sad for a long time!". Bucky pouted, looking as if he had been wronged. "That's right. I climbed up the ladder and stuck to it one by one. Who would have thought that the Young Master wouldn't like it?". "Liam and Lan. they are different from the ordinary children. " Chloe comforted Bucky. "Everything is up to them. Don't be sad. " Seeing His expression, Chloe remembered that in Xavier, Zoya said Lita called her aunt. She was afraid that her heart would shatter into pieces like Zoya's. Chloe expressed her helplessness. "That's true," the elite said. "Bucky said that the two young masters were once in a century. "Mommy!". Two voices interrupted the utmost part of his words. Chloe and the young man turned their heads and looked over. Liam and Lan poked their heads out of the door and looked at the new room of Lita with a pair of big eyes. Chloe said with a smile, "Liam, Lan, come in. Look, this is the room prepared by the elite auntie and Bucky auntie to help Lita. It's beautiful, isn't it?". The two young masters came in and glanced around the room of Lita, and then the little adult stood still like a child. Lita held his little fist and coughed. "Well, it's good. " Liam smiled with curved eyes. "Well, Lita will like this style. "Is that so? You think so too?" Chloe scratched the exquisite nose of her two sons "Then, what style do you like? I heard that you don't like elites and patterns?". "Cough cough. " Emperor thought about what the brothers had said. He was afraid that her mother would not like him after having her younger sister, so he said obediently, "No,aunties and aunties have also been put in place. But. didn't they say that the children have to cultivate their own thoughts, so I and Liam have to follow what we like?". Bucky couldn't believe it. Was this their Master Sealer?. According to his usual character, shouldn't he say something like 'they are decorated too childishly and don't match my tastes!"?. There was a change in the person who had returned from Xavier?. "Well, Mommy, daddy often said that there was nothing missing in 21 years. What was missing was talents, creative talents. " Liam, the Young Master, also said, "So Lita and I have to cultivate our own ideas and active brain thought from childhood