Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 17


Finally, she came out of the bathroom and looked at this luxurious but not large bedroom in front of her. She threw a towel that was used to wipe her hair on the bed. "I knew it! The side bedroom is so luxurious! It turned out to be his room!". As she regretted, Chloe Bishop pulled open the closet. In the big cabinet of the cloakroom, there were only a few night dresses and high-end pajamas of real silk, all were elegant and beautiful. Chloe thought about it, she had already slept with Aman, so she didn't need to worry about these things. When he was about to leave, he felt In the luxurious and golden luxury hall, Aman had already had breakfast and was sitting in the large leather sofa area, reading the domestic commercial reports. He was wearing a white shirt, a completely custom-made Armanni black vest and long trousers, and his tie was also black. He was very handsome. The luxuriousness of a high-ranking person was not missing in the words of the ancient American. It was as if he was a man that people looked up to!. "I'm coming down," Aman said flatly without raising his head. Chloe clenched her fists, strode over, and sat down on the sofa opposite Aman, with a fragrant breeze. "Mr. Aman" She tried to maintain her politeness. "You were too aggressive last night, weren't you?". If it weren't for the fact that he had servants under the roof, he would not have to be humble. This was also his villa. He was so tall and she was so petite. She couldn't beat him. Otherwise, she really wanted to fight with him!. "What the f*ck!". Aman gave her a faint look. "It's you who came to me by yourself. "The fire is strong! Endure it!". Chloe gritted her teeth. "Then how can I be your legal wife? Then can I have some requirements for our relationship in the future?". "You can try to tell me. " Aman said faintly, "But I don't know if I will agree. " For the sake of the satisfaction that this little wife gave him yesterday, he didn't care about her waking him up in the morning!. Chloe glared at the housekeeper next to her. "When you point out your destination to me in the future, please tell me in front, back, and rear. There are no North, East, South or West in my world!". Aman slowly looked up at her and said, "I remember that in your information, you are at least 19 years old. You are attending a famous university, and you don't even have the ability to distinguish directions. "How old I was? Does this have anything to do with my school?" Chloe said angrily, "I am born to have a bad direction. How can you blame me? Don't go too far. "Give her a compass," Aman said. "Yes, Young Master. " B ucky nodded. Chloe knew tha t she had been insulted. "No!

I only do this in st range places. You do n't need to bother!" . "In that case, you should recognize your own room in the future. " Aman looked a t Chloe in front of him and fought with a kind of elegant light brown color in his eyes. "It's your own fault that you got into someone else's bed by mistake. Chloe clenched her fist s, and her eyes were ab out to spurt fire. "There's one more thing. I believe Bucky told you yesterday that you'll be grounded for a week because you went to Zayn Ali on your own. " He said, "I' ll teach you a lesson. We have a pre-wedding agreement that will solve the problem for you, but the premise is that you won't take the initiative to ge t into trouble. You don't have to worry about your life here, but try not to go out and cause trouble. There are some things that I'll handle for you. Only Bucky knew that his Young Master's words were all for the good of Chloe, because now the media outside and Zayn was looking for her everywhere. "Finished?" Chloe look ed at Aman. Aman made a gesture of invitation. "You ca n say i t now," . "My second request. " Chloe pulled at the pink women's nightdress with the wide straps. " I'm not used to wearing such a coquettish nightdress. Please change into clothes and pan ts. It's a home style. I prefer pink and lavender colors. Pure colors or patterns are. Bucky narrowed his eyes. This was the latest series o f Victoria's Secret. Because time was short, he had a ll asked people to buy expensive pajamas last night. He didn't expect Chloe would call it sexy and cheap. Aman said to th e bucky , "Chan ge it for her. "Yes, Young M aster. "Do you still have any problems?" Am an looked at Chloe and said, "If you don't, you can stay here this week. Bucky said, "Young M aster, the car to th e company is ready. Aman put down the newspape r and got up. Chloe remembered their two pestering . She held her knees and hesitated f or a while. Then she said, "Well. Aman stopp ed behind h er. "What?" . Chloe glared at him. "Didn't the outs ide world say that you like men? Then why did you. do such a thing to me?" . Aman knew the rumors about him from the outside world, b ut he did not intend to clarify them them. Because this would reduce the number of women who would pander to him

When he heard Chloe's words, his thin and beautiful lips were slightly raise d. "How can you not eat the delicious food that was sent to your mouth? It's not a good thing for me to marry you. You have to do your duty to be a wife. Chloe's hear t immediately turned cold! . She began to fear again. H e must have said that she w ould have a baby for him. "What a sh ame!" . "Yes, but this matter. take it easy. " She glanced aside and the corners of he r mouth twitched. "Mr. Aman is very handsome. He is in the prime of his life. Wh y should he worry about having no children? Why should he be in a hurry, right?" . Aman just smiled and did not answer her question. He said to the bucky, "Give her my phone number and re port to me before she does something in the future. "Yes, Young M aster. Finally, Aman glanced at Chloe, he looked a t the light red butterfly birthmark behind h er shoulder, and turned away from the villa. Chloe nestled on the sofa and began to feel cold again. Didn't she fall into t he wolf's den when she married this man? . The golden Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped outside the Ninth Dragon Villa. Two bodyguards stood i n front of the car. "M orning, young master. Aman stood in front of the car door and said to Bucky behind him, "Watc h her. Although I don't know why she wants to live Shallow Bay, since s he married me, I will not allow her to have any contact with Zayn Ali. Bucky was a little surprised. is Young Master worried that the Young Madam asked t o live here in Shallow Bay because of Zayn?" . Aman's eyes were s lightly cold. "The re is a suspicion. Before he married this little girl, he had asked people to look into her personal information ab out Bishop family and her past with Zayn! Bucky said, "Perhaps Young Madam is still not used to getting along with Young Master, so she chose a quiet place. Young Master, don't worry too much. Aman did not speak. His elegant, brown eyes reflected t he beautiful sea view of the shallow water in the dista nce. He smiled gently and said, "It's better to do so. Oth erw ise! . When he was about to le ave, he felt . Chloe sat in the villa hall and felt ashamed, thinking of what Aman had said just now. She asked the netizens on Weibo, ". I wa nt to ask everyone a question. If a gay h as sex with a woman, what does that mean?"