Billionaire's One Night Stand

Chapter 35


Chloe Bishop sweated, ". "His first gossip girl. what the hell?". "I thought that Aman was an impassive gay and no one could touch the president of the Emperor. It turned out that the man had such a friendly aspect. He would help others when he saw the injustice. Good! I feel that his image will be more prominent than ever. Listening to Zoya's words, Chloe looked at herself. "Sure enough. do they all think that I'm not good enough for Aman?". Humph, but he took the initiative to marry her!. She was also very beautiful, wasn't she?. "Chloe!" Zoya shouted like a lion. "Ah?" Chloe recovered from her anger. "What's wrong?". "But didn't you go to the Emperor yesterday to find your secretly married husband? Why did you go to the 'Dejor Luxury Club'?". "Ah?" Chloe recalled that Zoya saw her yesterday when she went to the Emperor. "I. I followed him to the Dejor. I thought he had a mistress outside. "What? A mistress?" Zoya shouted immediately, "He had an affair just after he married you! Chloe, divorce him now!". "No, no, no. " Chloe quickly explained, "I said I thought so. In fact, I misunderstood. "Watch closely. Men are like the cats - natural sleek hunters. "Okay. After hanging up the phone,. Chloe finally let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Zoya did not suspect that the man who married her was Aman. However, how could she watch closely? She and Aman had a premarital agreement, so they couldn't control each other. Zoya sent a WeChat message. [Sure enough, that man is one of the senior leaders of the Emperor. For example, yesterday he followed President to Dejor. That's why you met Aman? Then Aman saw that his subordinate's wife has been bullied by that Dior and decided to lend a helping hand? Hahaha!]. Chloe replied 3 dots. What a good reasoning! Finally, she had a little relationship with Aman. [Don't worry, I probably know who he is. I'll contact a few entertainment reporters to pay more attention to him. If he dares to cheat on you, I will immediately leak the news to you!]. Chloe felt a little guilty about Zoya's enthusiasm, but she couldn't tell anyone about what happened between her and Aman

She could only reply, "Thank you. In the afternoo n, Aman called Chloe in person. Chloe took a look . The caller's name was 'M r. Playboy'. Chloe picked up the phone. "You. call me?" "If I don't call you, who should I call?" Aman said directly, "Come out for dinner tonight. Chloe could not believe it. "Me? I'm going out t o have dinner with you?" . Chloe was co nfused. This was because normally Aman would only return to N inth Dragon Villa at night. Usually, he never called her dire ctly, let alone took her out to h ave dinner. She didn't expect it. This was unexpected. She was so shocke d that she even forgot to be angry wit h him for sleeping with her last night. "I'm going out for dinner with you ?" She said in a shaking voice, "b ut can we? What if someone else. "I didn't restrict your act ions, Aman said. "In a while , John will go pick you up. "Aman!" Chloe was anxious. "What 's wr ong?" . Chloe squeezed her h ands. "Last night, did you do it on purpose?" . Aman hung up th e phone without saying a word. Chloe looked at the phone and didn't quite understa nd what his silence meant. When she returned to the room, she went to a ttached cloakroom and looked around. The cloa kroom seemed to be so luxurious that it shone . There were all kinds of clothes, shoes a nd hats of big international brands, suc h as LV,Chanel, Versace, and Givenchy. She changed into a purple dres s of Burberry and a pair of po inted shoes of the same color. She went back to the room and applied a little lips tick of Givenchy calfskin. Finally, she stood in front of the mirror and looked a t herself. "Well, not bad!" . The purple dress made her loo k elegant and noble, and her skin was white and beautiful. "It's just h air. She looked at the hair that had just grown up to her shoulders and remembered that Aman ha d told her that long hair was more beautiful. Finally, she used a curling iron to curl the ends of h er hair a little, making it more fluffy and cute. "Thi s time I don't need to cut my hair. Keep a long hair. "Young Madam?" The maid knocked o n the door and asked, "Are you re ady? John is here to pick you up. "Ok, ok , I'm c oming. Because Aman invited he r out for a meal, she w as still rather excited

Chloe immediately packed her mobile phone, lipstick, anti-wolf spray, an d other women's objects into the bag. Chloe was taken to the la rgest restaurant center i n City-Florum Star Hotel. This restaurant brand was the most famous one in America in the past t en years. It was founded in France. A year ago, Aman bought it under t he Emperor with 2. 1 billion yuan. At that time, it caused a sensation. On the 20th floor of the building, Chloe fo llowed John to a VIP room. "Young Madam, ple ase come in. President Lu has just arrived. Two young attendants in black vests opened the door from both sides. They made a 90 degree bow and said, "Welcome, Miss Chloe. Chloe walk ed over wi th her bag. In the distance, Aman was sitting in front of the French windows and m aking a phone call. Behind him, two bodyguards were standing seriously with their hands behind their backs, wearing sunglasses and earphones. "Nice to m eet you, Yo ung Madam. The two bo dyguards g reeted her. After Chloe Bish op nodded, they l eft on their own. Chloe sat at the dining table and glanced at Aman, who was s till calling in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. She sa id to the waitress, "Where's the menu? Shall I order first?" . The waitress glanced at Aman and seeme d to be a little surprised that Chloe was so self centered in front of Aman. However, the waitress did not dare t o neglect the distinguished guest. " Oh, okay, Miss, please have a look. Chloe was a little hungry. After opening the menu, she p ointed to several unique French cuisines and said, "This , this, this. And a bottle of the most expensive wine. Seeing Chloe's wanton order, the wa itress looked at her as if she was looking at the lover of a rich man. But after all, she was the woman who had dinner wi th Aman, so the waitress had to nod politely and sa id, "Okay, I'll go and place the order right away. Chloe took a sip of water and look ed at Aman's back. His temperament was clean and elegant, a s if he was a lofty and aloof noble. Ever yone would think that he was so superior. Besides, Chloe had never seen him sm oke, and he only drank some wine It seemed that he only drank grape wine? . "When Bishop Limited officially joins Ali Enterprises, what's the exact time of the press conference?" Aman was asking the person on the phone, "Dior Corporation is not a big deal . Pay more attention to the Ali Enterprises. If Zayn Ali makes any moves, report to me. After Aman hung up th e phone, he walked tow ards the dining table. "Have you o rdered?" He asked her. "Yes, because you were busy. " Chloe held h er pointy chin with her fingers crossed. " Don't worry, I ordered your favorite wine