Billionaire's Virgin Secretary

Chapter 4


JANE. My jaw drops. I blink my eyelashes rapidly, trying to confirm whether I am in the dream land or this is the reality. Damn! This is the reality. Christian Tate forced me into his car, then made these stupid offers. How can someone be so selfish? When did I tell him that I want to lose my virginity?. I have tolerated a lot by working as his secretary, in the first place. Now, he made those offers. The two offers will even benefit him, it's not like I'm going to gain from the two stupid offers. Christian Tate is really tricky and dangerous. He has a gorgeous face with a mind filled with evil desires and manipulative motives. "Hope you heard what I just said? Or, are you deaf?" His husky voice jolts me out of my thoughts. "I'm not deaf. " I snap at him, already pushed to the highest peak of my anger level. "Don't ever shout at me, Jane. This is gonna be the last time I will warn you about this. " He warns me, with his brows snapped together. "What if I do?" I snap at him once again. I watch as his hands tighten into fists. He shut his eyes for a second, then opens them. "I guess I'll have to keep up with those new bratty behaviors of yours, till you start working with me again. " He mutters calmly. I raise an eyebrow, glaring at him. "I am not going to serve you anymore. I am not going to be your secretary," I utter. "I just made two offers, Jane. Pick the one you want. "I don't want any of those stupid offers. His eyes narrow at me. "I knew you to be highly reasonable. What has gone wrong with you? Are you okay physically and mentally?" He asks rudely. "I'm not okay!" I yell. "Just leave me alone, Christian Tate. I wanna leave my life, please. I don't wanna serve you anymore. I am drained physically and mentally. I'm so tired,". By the time I finish all that I said, tears have begun dripping from my eyes. I don't want to break down in his presence but I guess, I can't help it. The car becomes silent, I don't know what is going on his mind right now. I check my handbag, looking for a handkerchief but I was unable to find one. God! I forgot to bring a handkerchief with me. Suddenly, a white handkerchief drops on my lap. I look up, tears still dropping from my eyes. I am shocked that it is Christian. The blue eyed devil gives me his handkerchief to wipe my tears. The Christian I know isn't generous to the extent of giving people his personal belongings. Christian's lips curl. "I hate seeing tears. Wipe them off now, they must not drop in my expensive car," He mumbles. "Of course. "I hissed. I know he is not being nice. He is just trying to protect his car. What do I even expect? He can never do something nice, he only cares about himself and his properties. I use his handkerchief to wipe off my tears, then turned to him. "Tell Felix to stop the car," I say boldly. "Which one do you want among the offers?" He questions me. "Nothing,"I scoff. "Trust me, you're not going to find any other jobs in California. My eagle eyes are everywhere," He threatens. I force a smile. "Good for you. I am not looking for jobs anymore," I tell him. "You will go broke," He retorts. "None of your concern, Christian Tate. Mind your business," I blurt out. "Stop the car, Felix!" He barks at the driver. I heave a sigh of relief. Finally, I'm free from Christian Tate. I think my last sentence got him pissed off. I don't care, by the way. Felix put the car to a halt. I alight from the car, Christian didn't spare me a glance. I wait till the car leaves, then I board a cab to take me to my apartment. 'Dad got another attack. He is at the hospital

If you like, don't show up. I read the note I find on the dining table. I knew that it was wr itten by my younger sister, Bethel. I got home a few minutes ago. I am abo ut to eat when I find this note on the table . Now, I have something else to think about. My dad has coronary heart disease. 80% of my mon thly salary always goes to treating this heart diseas e. I am jobless now, anyway. What is going to happen? . I change into a boy friend jeans and t-shirt and go to the hospital. Mom and Bethel are the re already, while dad is on the hospital bed sleeping. "What is wrong with him, this time around?"I ask them. Mom shoot me a deadl y glare. "Why are you acti ng rude?" She queries me. "I just as ked a simple que stion. "I mutter. "You sounded rude, young lady," Mom snap at me. "Anyway, the doctor said that he got another attack because of his smoking habi t. They treated him and gave him some drugs. We have to pay them," . I take a d eep breath. "Have you paid them?" . "Of course, not. " Bethel chimes in. "Where will we see that amount o f money? We've been waiting for you," . Brea the in. Br eathe out. I don't want to vent out my anger on the m, especially Bethel. Why is my younger sister so rude? She ought to have some good manners. Why is Mom so reserved and cool, desp ite everything? Oh yes, their savior is he re. I am the one who will handle the bills. Mom ought to tell her husband to s top smoking but she won't do that. God! My family is going to make me run mad. "We are waiting for you, Jane," Mom's voice je rks me out of my thoughts. I cross my arms over my chest, glancing a t the ceiling. "The only money I have is the mo ney I saved for Bethel's tuition fees," I say. "We can use the money for your dad's hosp ital bills, then we will use your salary for ne xt month as Bethel's tuition fees," Mom utters. "Why don't you tell her, Jane?" Bethel mumble s, gazing intensely at me. I let out a loud hiss, then turn to mom . "I have quit my work," . Mom's mouth falls open. "Why?" . I give a half sh rug. "I am tired of my boss," I say bluntly. "Are you okay, Jane? Why would you quit such a nice job? You're lucky to b e working at Hagar Industries, even my friends are jealous of me. How will you b e able to take care of the family's bills? What is wrong with you?" Mom rambles. "I just want freedom. I am tired of serving Christian Tate, that is all," I mutter. "You're so un reasonable, Jane," Mom shouts at me. I squeeze my eyes shut. Chr istian also said that I am unreas onable. Am I really unreasonable? . "I will clear the bil ls. We will talk later, mom . I need to clear my head," . With these words, I walk ou t of the hospital ward. Mom calls my name but I do not answer her. Mom won't understand why I chose to quit my work. My mom and Bethel don't even care about me and my mental health. The y just want me to keep working and taking care of their wants. I clear the hospital bills and decide to visit Freya. Freya will be at home, at this time. She al ways leaves her workplace early because of her kids. I need to ask for some adv ice from her. I need to know wh ether I am unreasonable or not. *** . "Why do you want to quit your work? Is it because you are tired of work ing for Christian Tate? Or because you're always jealous whenever he makes o ut with his girlfriends in your presence?" Freya bombards me with questions. I am in her house. We're kinda similar with our res ponsibilities. She takes care of her jobless husband and her kids while I take care of my inconsiderate family. Ar en't we similar? . "B oth. " I mutter. "You have to ta ke care of your bills , right?" Freya asks. " Yes. " I reply

"You r family expenses?" . "Sure. I am so tired of my family too. Why must they rely on me ? I have tried for them. I quit college in order to get a job, just because of them. Now, I have to serve them till death," I complains. "Responsibility. You just h ave to bear with it, I guess. I also have my own responsibility," . "But, I am so tired. I am tired of se rving Christian Tate and my family. I also want to enjoy this life and explore a bit," . "You can explore even though you're wo rking with Christian," . " How?" I groan. Freya smiles. "You already h ave the answer. That arrogant ma n offered to be your girlfriend," . I let out a soft chuckle. "Christian said that because h e wants me around him always. "That is it. Be his girl friend, girl. I think he has a thing for you or something. I shrug. "No. He wants to w ork me to death. Christian doesn 't like anyone, except himself. "Honestly, I don't know what to say anymore. The ball is in your court, Jane. Choose one out of his silly offers and keep working for h im. You need the damn money. Your family is there, baby. Family first," . "Fami ly first. " I repeat. I spend the rest of t he evening with Freya and h er kids before I went home. Bethel isn't at home yet. I guess she decides to spend the night at my parents' house. I make dinner for myself and eat to my satisfaction. I ou ght to be in the living room watching a romance movie but I am in the bedroom, lying on the bed and glancing at the ceiling. Perhaps, I should just keep working for Christian T ate. I should just choose his second offer. I guess, I am just in this life to serve Christian Tate and my family. I should just be his girlfriend. Like he said, I am going to enjoy the privilege of being the girlfriend of Christian Tate. Should I call him and tell him about my decision? . No, I will go t o Hagar Industries tom orrow and talk to him. I th ink that is better. With that final decision, I drift o ff to the dreamland. T HE NEX T DAY… . My colleagues are shocked to see me in Hagar Industries, after a day of absence. They thought that I was sick. I steal a quick glance at my wristwatch, it is 2:24pm. I overslept. I guess it is bec ause of the events that took place yesterday. I get out of the elevator. I swallow a gulp down my throat. I hope that Christi an Tate wouldn't have changed his decision. The bodyguard guarding the entrance of the CEO's office nods his head in the affirmative when he sees me. That is his way of greeting me. I greets back and press the doorbell. The door opens by itself. Well, Christian uses the remote control to open the door. As I enter his office, a redhead walks out of the office. I noti ce the red marks on her shoulder, she is putting on an off shoulder go wn. Surely, something has happened between this redhead and Christian. I a m jealous already. I haven't seen thi s redhead before. Maybe , she is his new fling. The door closes by itself. Christian has used t he remote control again. Finally, I look at him. He is staring intensely at me, without saying anything. I lift my eyebrows. "If you're going t o be my boyfriend, I don't think I want to see any other lady with you," I say boldly. His eyebrows furrow. "Is th at your way of saying you accep ted the second offer?" He asks