Blind Date ( English Version )



ALEXA’S POV. Even though I still feel sleepy, the only reason I arrived at school early this morning and am walking to our classroom is because of my fictitious boyfriend. I am still drowsy when I enter the classroom and immediately recognize that jerk. I slammed my belongings on my chair to express my annoyance with him, which made a noise that got his attention. “ Why took you so long? “ he asked. “ At least I arrived. “ I said with sarcasm. “ It is still early, but it seems someone here is not in the mood, “ he said with a smirk. “ So? Who cares? “ I replied with my eyes rolling. “ Why are you so rude? Is it the time of the month? “ he innocently asked. I feel like all my blood goes up in my face immediately after hearing his question. Seriously, does he really need to ask that? Such a pervert. “ Pervert! “ I exclaimed. " You know, I am joking; I like to cause trouble for you," he said while laughing. I immediately look at him sharply. This guy is getting on my nerves!. “ Hey, relax. It is still early for your grouchiness. “ Ken said while trying to hide his laughter. “ Really? You realized that is too early, yet you still asked me to go here. You ruined my beauty rest. “ I sarcastically answered him. I got nervous and gulped when his face suddenly became serious. What is wrong with this guy?. “ I do understand the rest, but the beauty, where? “ He stated before filling the classroom with laughter. Gosh, this guy! He is really getting on my nerves. I stayed quiet. I am aware that my disguise makes me look ugly. , but it still hurts to hear insults. How I wish he is here to defend meI instantly push that idea out of my thoughts. Gosh, Alexa! What are you thinking? Ken maybe notices my silence, so he fakes a cough to stop himself from laughing. “ Fine, let us be serious. We need to talk. “ he said. I just raise my eyebrow and give him a “what is it” look. If I continue to talk, I will surely lose all my energy with this guy. “Our relationship. ” he shortly answered. “ This is not the place to talk. Follow me. “ after I said those words, I went outside the classroom immediately. While Ken and I are walking towards my mini office, we remain silent, and no one dares to talk. There are only a few students because it is really too early. We entered my mini-office, which also serves as my hiding place when I am bullied. I immediately sat down on the sofa. Ken slams the door and takes a seat next to me. He gave me a piece of paper and a pen. I gave him a “ what will I do on these “ look. “ Try to simply stare at it; perhaps it will contain only writings magically. “ he sarcastically replied. “ Sarcastic! “ I replied with annoyance. " On that piece of paper, list all the rules you want to offer for this fake relationship to work. Then, we will combine it later. “ he explained. I just nodded and started writing. We finish writing after a short while, and Ken takes my paper and begins to read it. When he oppose what I had written, my eyes began to widen. Seriously?!

“ What is wrong with you? Why did you not choose anything? “ I asked with irritation in my voice. “ They are not worth choosing. All in your lis t is "no" in everything. We are in a relationship ju st in case you forget. “ he irritably answered back. “ Correction, we are fake, so we cannot break our limits. “ I said while raising my eyebrow. “ Whether fake or not, we are still in a relationship in the eyes of the public, so w e should act like a real couple. ” He explained . “ Fine, if you insist, you should only be the one wh o made the rules, so I did not waste my time writing if y ou want to be followed. “ I said while gritting my teeth. “ Tss, being stubborn and ho t-headed are reasons why girls ar e complicated. Read it without any . I started reading the rules. So far, most of them are fine with me because I am not at disadvantage. I am ready to agree to his rules when my eyes suddenly widen because of what I had read. “ Anong yes k issing ?! “ I excl aimed in unbelief. “ Why? Are you at d isadvantage with this ha ndsome face? “he smirked . “ Huh? Who are you? Is it not enough that you stole my first kiss? I am not yet crazy t o agree on this thing. “ I said simultaneously. “ Kissing is normal in a relationship. It is the ultimate evidence of having a relationship. Unless you came from a conservative family. “ he explained, but I saw his short grin, so I am sure he is teasing me. “ I said no and that is final. “ I said with an emphasis on the word no . He checked hi s wristwatch and th en look at me again . “How about this? We wil l kiss only if necessary. “ he said trying to convince me . “ Fine, but I will m ake sure that it will neve r be necessary. “ I agreed . He gave me a mi schievous smile as a sign of his victory. “Okay, s ee you around girlfriend. After he said that, he leaves me in my office. I sat on my sofa because I am getting weak. Gosh Alexa, what trouble you entered?! . KEN ‘ S POV . After I left the office of Alexa, I decided to go straight to our classroom because my first cla ss will about to start. While walking, I can still remember her face of Alexa when she is so annoyed. It is really fun teasing her. I stopped what I am thinking when someone put his arm over my shoulder. “ Bro, you seem crazy. Y ou are smiling alone. “ Caleb told me, he is my best friend . “ Idiot, I jus t thought about som ething. “ I replied . “ Is that something you a re referring is your girlfrien d? “ he asked while chuckling. I look at him wit h confusion then asked , “ how did you know? “ . “ What? News is easily spreading like it has wings. Especially when a campus queen like Tiffany is too furi ous about it. She is crazy over you right. “ he narrated . “ You know what, yo u are a guy and a gossip er “ I irritably replied . “ Tsss, when I will have a chance to meet her ? You know I really thought you will not be able to have a girlfriend after what happened to Sandra. I glared at him because of what he said. He really ca nnot stop himself from talking. I think he noticed my glar e because he raises up his two hands as proof of surrender. “ Okay, I think I hit a line there

“ he said while trying to hide his laughter. “ Let’s go to t he classroom before I punch your pace. Right after I said it, I walk faster than him. He followed me silently until we reached our classroom. After a while, Alexa entered the classroom. She actually smiled at a girl and sat beside that girl. She is prettier when s he smiles. I almost slapped myself because of what entered my mind. She is not beautiful Ken, you are unbelievable. “ Who are you looking at , “ asked Caleb . I looked at him and sai d, “ no one. When our teacher entered the classroom, I had a feeling t hat this moron would say something. What a relief! I am sure t hat if our teacher is not here, he will never stop buzzing me. “ Good morning, class. Since I was not here yesterday, we will start our class by in troducing ourselves. “ our teacher instructed . My classmates started whispering to each other because of what our teacher announced. Ser iously, introduce yourself. Are they not getting enough of it? The introductions among my clas smates began. The entire classroom became silent when Alexa's chance to speak finally arrived. “ Hi. I am Alexandra A lcantara asjdgdjjd “ she sa id in almost no voice sound . “ Her name is beautiful but not suitable for her. “ s omeone at the back whispered. I immediately looked at whoeve r said that and glared at her. She w as silenced together with her squad. “ Anything to a dd, Miss Alexandra ? “ our teacher asked . My attention shifted back to the girl standing in front of the class. However, for some reason, s he is trembling right now. Is she nervous, but why? . “ Ahm, 18 years old. I hope to own a business whe n I am older. That is all. After she said it, she returned to her seat and covered her face with her hands. Seriousl y, what is happening to her? I just disregard that thought. I am not concerned about her. I am a bit confused because when I am the one, she is talking with, she looks like an amazona girl. After a while, I feel Caleb tap ping me. I irritably look at him. He just pointed his lips in the front. “ Yes, mister? Care to introduce yourself. ” I was asked by our teacher. I stand up and then walk towards th e blackboard. Tsk, am I in the deep thou ght that I did notice that it is my turn? . “ He is really handsome! “ . “ How I wish he is my boyfriend. That are the only few things I hear on the girls whispering to e ach other. I cough before starting. “ Ken Andrew Valenzuela, 18, your future engine er. If I fail, I still cannot be yours in the future . I am in a relationship with someone here already. My eyes automatically gazed in the direction where Alexa was seated. She seemed shocked by what I had said. Well , even I got shocked at why I said that. Tsk, I think I need to go in the check-up. I return to my seat, and my class mates continue to introduce themselves. After everyone is done introducing themselves, our teacher starts our lesson. TO BE CON TINUE !