Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 34 Her Kindness Paid Off – Embarrassing Alice With Full Marks


Chapter 34 Her Kindness Paid Off – Embarrassing Alice With Full Marks. Everyone looked at the door in unison. The interviewer holding the examination paper was the first to react. He took a step forward, and asked, “Miss Jenkins, why are you here?” Alice glanced at Rachel, clenching her teeth subconsciously. She showed them another piece of examination paper and said, “Well, I’m here to drop off the examination paper. “The examination paper? But I’ve already—” “The one you have is wrong. ” Alice interrupted the interviewer and handed him the new test paper. “This is the one she should be answering. ” The interviewer unfolded the examination paper to read its contents. His eyes widened as he looked at her and asked, “Miss Jenkins, there must be some kind of mistake. This set of questions is for—”. “It’s not a mistake,” she retorted as her eyes glinted with malice. “That test paper is designed for the position that Rachel is being interviewed for, so it’s the right one. ” Judging by the look on the interviewer’s face, he was hesitant to agree. “What’s the matter? Do you not believe me? I came here to send you this new test paper because I received a call from Mr. Sullivan. If you don’t believe me, you can call him and ask for his confirmation,” said Alice. ‘She wants me to call Victor?’ The thought of doing that alone was enough to make the interviewer shudder with fear. “No, it’s fine. I must’ve made a mistake. We don’t need to call Mr. Sullivan to confirm this. ” Alice looked at Rachel with a smug smile and said, “Well, if you don’t want to call him for his confirmation, we can just forget about it. I’ve given you the test paper, so my work here is done. I have other tasks that need my attention, so I have to go now. ” Afterwards, she strutted away from the meeting room in her high heels. Once she had left the room, the smile at the corners of Alice’s lips disappeared. She turned around, looked at the closed door of the meeting room, and scoffed. ‘As long as I’m here, Rachel, you will never pass the Sullivan Group’s interview,’ Alice thought to herself. ‘That set of test questions is designed for the position of the CEO’s secretary. No one has ever finished that exam within thirty minutes and got a passing score ever since Victor became the Sullivan Group’s CEO, and neither will you. ’ In the meeting room, the interviewer sighed as he handed the examination paper to Rachel. “I am so sorry for this, Miss Bennet, I made a mistake. This is the one you need to answer. Rachel was surprised to see the contents of the test paper

This set of questions was probably four times more difficult than the previous one. There was no way they were designed for the same level of positions at all. Rachel frowned and clenched the pen in her hand. It was stupid of her to think that Victor wouldn’t make this interview more difficult for her. ‘Is this all you got, Victor? This isn’t enough to scare me off! No way in hell am I giving up ! I’m determined to save the Bennet Group!’ Rachel took a deep breath to calm herself down, an d began to write. Soon, thirty minutes had passed by. She put down her pen at the last second. Just when the interviewer was about to take the test paper from her, the door of the m eeting room was pushed open again. Surprisingly, it was Alice again. “Miss Jenkins?” T he interviewer thought it was strange. In just a half hour, Alice had come here twice. Alice sat down, crossed her arms, leaned back against the chair, and said, “If my memory serves me right, the result of this examination should b e announced on the spot, right?” The interviewer was stunned. When he met her sharp gaze, he nodded immediately and replied, “Yes, that’s right. ” “In that case, go on. Check the answers now. ” Alice chuckled, and then she taunted Rachel with her gaze. “I also want to know my sister’s grade. ‘Sister?’ The interviewer was astonished by that revelation. ‘Alice and Rachel are sisters?’ Although they knew Rachel was the Bennet family’s eldest lady, t hey had no idea regarding her ties to Alice as well as the Bennet family’s background. The moment they heard what Alice said, the interviewers felt like they had been struck by lightning. Rachel looked down while fiddling with her pen, pretending like Alice wasn’t in the room at all. Alice looked at her and smiled. “By the way, Rachel, did you know that Mr. Sullivan designed this examination paper himself?” Upon h earing that, Rachel looked back at Alice without saying anything. “It has been five years since this examination paper was first designed, and yet no one has ever answered a single question correctly. Alice’s smile widened. She pretended to feel sorry for Rachel. “I’m worried that you’ll fail this interview. ” But for some re ason, Rachel’s face was devoid of emotion. She simply replied, “Is that so?” Upon seeing her calm face, Alice thought that Ra chel was just putting on a facade. Truthfully, she loathed Rachel so much that she couldn’t wait to get this woman out of her . sight, but she still kept smiling at Rachel. “But it doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t pass this interview, I can help you find another company to work for. You didn’t study hard enough before, and you lack work experience, so I’m sure it’s difficult for yo u to find a job

Fortunately, I have a wealth of connections. I believe many of them are willing to offer you a job for my sake. How consi derate sh e sounded! . If the old Rachel had heard those words, she would’ve been moved to tears. But now, the old Rachel was dead thanks to Alice’s sleeping pills. The one in Rachel’s body was now Shelia, a vindictive person. Alice was implying that Rachel was good for nothing, while she was a good sister who cared so much about Rachel. Things between them had long been ugly, and Rachel was tired of pretending like she and Al ice were close. “Well, I’m glad to see you’re being so considerate now. You used to steal my work to take my place in competitions to win the prize, and I forgave you every time you . did that. It seems that my kindness has finally paid off. ” The old Rachel was not born a loser. On the contrary, she had inherited Elisa’ intelligence, and she had al ways been exemplary in her studies. Shelia thought that Rachel was stupid, but it didn’t have anything to do with her intelligence. The reason Rachel was stupid was b ecause she believed in Caroline and Alice, the evil stepmother and her nasty half-sister. Just like Shelia, Rachel lost her life because she trusted the wrong people. Meanwhile, the interviewers were shocked by what they heard from Rachel. Alice never expected Rachel to mention stories from their past all of a sud den. The smile on Alice’s face dissipated as she stammered, “Rachel, what are you talking about? When have I ever done something like that to you? D id your memories get mixed up or something?” Rachel tilted her head, blinking innocently. “Did I? I seem to remember that it happened more than once. Let me see… Such a thing happened three times in primary school, four times in middle school, and sev en in high school. Oh, wait, there’s one more! I remember how you also stole the spot of recommended student from me. ” The interviewers’ eyes widened in shock, uncertain if Rachel was telling the truth. Alice’s smile wavered for a moment, but she forced a smile again. “My dear sister, you must’ve made a mistake. ” Rac hel lowered her eyes and chuckled. “Perhaps I did make a mistake. ” Alice bit her lip and gritted her teeth with hat red. At this moment, two interviewers responsible for checking the examination paper interrupted their conversation. “Miss Jenkins, the test paper has been marked. ” Upon hearing that, Alice smiled, stood up, and replied, “My sister didn’t pass the exam either , did she? But it took her so much time to finish the exam! Even if she didn’t pass, you still have to announce her grade. ” “Miss Jenkins…” Th e interviewer cleared his throat and looked at Alice. After a brief pause, he said, “Miss Bennet has received full marks on the examination