Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 20 What Doesn’t Belong To You Will Never Be Yours


Chapter 20 What Doesn’t Belong To You Will Never Be Yours . Alice’s eyes glinted with fear. Her left leg took half a step back, preventing her from retreating and forcing her to hold her ground. No matter what, she was not going to show her timidity! Rachel was pathetic. There was nothing for Alice to be scared of. She was certain that Rachel wouldn’t lay a hand on her here. Otherwise, she would have a reason to get Rachel arrested, and she would get her revenge. Alice kept trying to embolden herself, staring directly into Rachel’s eyes. Right now, Rachel stood proudly in front of Alice. As a matter of fact, Alice was half a head taller than her at the moment because she was in high heels, but Rachel looked a lot more daunting that Alice. “You’re right about one thing, Alice,” Rachel said with a straight face. Alice’s reflection was in her eyes. At the moment, Alice didn’t look very impressive. “What?” Alice stammered. “What doesn’t belong to you, shall never be yours. ” Rachel grinned. Before Alice could react, Rachel shoved her away, and stormed out of the Sullivan Group’s building. Meanwhile, Alice was left there, dumbfounded for a long time before she came to her senses. Rachel just satirized her for coveting something that didn’t belong to her! · Alice’s face turned grim. She was clenching her hands so hard that her manicured nails dug into her palms. She then turned around, watching Rachel walk away from the building. Alice restrained her anger, and shouted, “Rachel, I’d like to see how long you can keep up your stubbornness!”. Changing Victor’s mind once he had made a decision was nigh impossible. The Bennet Group’s bankruptcy was practically set in stone. Rachel was just wasting her time if she was going to keep on struggling! Alice took a deep breath, took out her phone and dialed a number. Moments later, the call connected. As she walked towards the elevator, she said, “Mr. Aron, this is Alice. There are still some omissions in Bennet Group’s debt list that I gave you before. I’ll sort out the latest list and send it to you via email. The total amount of debt the Bennet Group has accumulated is around twenty million dollars. Once Aron had responded, Alice stepped into the elevator and replied, “Yes. Mr. Sullivan has specifically instructed me that all the debts must be paid by Rachel alone. I believe. something like this is a piece of cake for an outstanding lawyer like you to pull off

” After leaving the Sullivan Group, Rachel didn’t go home immediately. Instead, she went to an Internet cafe The cafe was located in a small building near the entrance of an alley. It was around thirty square meters, and was packed with more than ten computers. Although the ambiance wasn’t good, it had one redeeming quality. The customers didn’t have to show their IDs to rent a computer. It was around two in the afternoon, the ho ttest time of the day. Inside the dim Internet cafe, there were a few junior high school students who skipp ed classes to play computer games here, and only the sound of clicking keyboards and mouses could be heard. Once Rachel had rented out a seat, she turned on the computer, bent down, and skilfully unplugged the network Moments later, she started tapping on the keyboard with an impressive speed. Consequently, the computer monitor turned black, and a series of codes appeared from the top of the screen going downwards. After a while, a web page popped up. This was a forum Additionally, this forum had no URL, for it was built on the dark web. Rachel casual ly checked the posts on the forum. If someone were to stand behind her and look at the monitor, that p erson would be shocked by the posts on this forum, and how calm Rachel was while looking through them. Any post that belonged to this forum could cause a real world turmoil if exposed. The purpose of this forum w as for trading. Traders could post on the forum to make orders or vice versa. All kinds of orders existed in t he forums. Anything that you could possibly imagine or anything beyond your imagination could be traded there. Here, even taking away someone’s life was just a matter of money. Everything was literally labelled with a price tag. With the right price, any order could be accomplished. And because of the dark web’s ident ity protection and anonymity, neither of the two parties trading on the forum knew each other’s identity. Your trading partner could be an outlaw, an international criminal police, or a hac ker… much like Rachel. She stayed in the cafe for an hour and a half before she wen t back home. In the villa’s living room, Andy and Abby had been waiting for Rachel. Ever since she left the house, they had been glancing at the door every half hour to see if she had come home. At long last, Rachel had returned. As soon as she s tepped into the house, Andy and Abby stood up at the same time and looked at her. “Miss Bennet, you’re back,” Abby greeted her, taking ou t Rachel’s slippers for her. Rachel nodded in response. For a moment, Abby hesitated and wondered how to ask Rachel about her meeting with Victor. But just before she could utter a word, Andy chimed in. “Miss Bennet, what did Mr. Sullivan say?” Once those words had been spoken, both Andy and Abby looked at Rachel, eagerly awaiting her response. Rachel cleared her throat, and she felt a bit uncomfortable because they were staring at her expectantly She had intended to beat around the bush at first, but when she saw how eager they were, she felt too guilty to do so. Rachel touched the tip of her nose using her index finger, formulating the right words to say, so t hat she wouldn’t sound perfunctory

Since Rachel hadn’t said anything, disappointment flashed throu gh Andy’s eyes. “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan didn’t agree, did he?” Upon hearing that, Rachel nodded. Although Andy had been mentally prepared for that answer, his heart still sank when he found out. However, he quickly adjusted his mood and forced a smile. “Don’t worry, Miss Benne t, for I will do everything I can to help you. If you don’t have enough money to pay off your debts, I’ll also help you with that. Trust me, we can get through this ordeal together. If we can’t pay off this debt until the day I die, I’ll ask my child, my grandchild, and future generations of my lineage to continue paying off your debt until it’s all paid off. Rachel’s heart skipped a beat again. “Yes, Miss Bennet, I agree with Mr. Torres. And I’ll also help you. ” Abby nodded eagerly. Rachel smiled at them both. “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. ” Abby was worried about Rachel. She didn’t want her to be sad, for she knew just how much Rache l loved Victor in the past. However, he never reciprocated her love, and now, he was doing everything he could to drive Rachel into a corner. “Anyway, it’s time to prepare for dinner. What would you like to eat tonight?” Abby asked, changing the topic. “I’ll eat whatever you cook. I’m feeling a little sleepy at the moment, so I’m going upstairs to take a nap. ” “In that case, I’m going home to check some relative laws to figure out if there’s another way to get us out of this ordeal,” said Andy. Rachel yawned, and it spawned tears in the corner of her eyes. “If my memory serves me right, there’s a complet e collection of laws and regulations in my study. If you want, you can go to the study and help yourself. It’ll save you a lot of time,” she remarked. Andy’s eyes widened in surprise. “A complete… collection?” he stammered. Rachel nodded firmly. “It’s on the leftmost bookshelf in the stud y. I assume it’s a complete collection, from the very first const itution until the present day. ” Andy was dumbfounded to hear that