Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 4 Will And Testament


Chapter 4 Will And Testament. Alice’s fingernails were digging into her palms, and her chest was heaving up and down due to the anger she was feeling. All of a sudden, she pulled Rachel up and slapped her face. The slap left a palm print on Rachel’s face. Blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. Obviously, Alice didn’t hold back when she slapped Rachel. Gnashing her teeth, Alice said to the servants, “You two, hold her up!”. Rachel’s vision was fading because of how hard she had gotten hit. The servants didn’t dawdle, and they immediately followed Alice’s command. Each of them held one of Rachel’s arms to restrict her. With a murderous gaze, Alice clasped Rachel’s chin, forcing her to raise her head. The imprint of an open hand was evident on the right side of her face; it was red and swollen. Once more, Alice raised her hand and snarled, “You’re quite glib, aren’t you? Say something again, I dare you!”. “Alice, do you know what my life motto is?” Rachel spat out a mouthful of blood, trying her best to keep her eyes open. Her almond-shaped eyes looked as cold as ice. Her steely gaze was enough to intimidate people. “Ten eyes for an eye, and ten teeth for a single tooth,” Rachel sneered. “As long as I live and breathe, I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth, and I will make you suffer for what you’ve done to me today!”. For a moment, Alice was startled by her gaze, but she soon came to her senses. “Don’t try to frighten me with that threat! Do you think a loser like you could scare me?” she said through gritted teeth. Right after she said that, Alice hit Rachel’s face until it swelled up. Her anger was finally quenched when she got tired. She looked at Rachel dead in the eyes and said to the servants, “Didn’t you hear Mr. Sullivan earlier?”. “Yes, ma’am. He ordered us to remove her clothes and throw her out,” a servant said, lowering her gaze. Alice massaged her sore wrist, smiling with satisfaction before she decided to strut away. Before long, the servants stripped Rachel down to her pelt, leaving only a set of silk underwear to cover her naked body. Unable to resist, Rachel closed her eyes and gave up struggling. She just let them do whatever they wanted to her. She knew very well that her survival was now the most important thing. The servants supported her on each side as they walked towards the door. After all, Rachel was once Victor’s wife. Even though the servants loathed her, they still didn’t want to bear witness to her embarrassment. Along the way, she didn’t see anyone else besides the maids who were escorting her. Meanwhile, the butler knocked on the door of the study. “Come i n,” said Victor. The butler entered the room and said t o him, “Mr

Sullivan, Mrs-Ms. Bennet ha d been thrown out as you’ve commanded. Victor was currently reading a contr act, so he didn’t raise his head whe n he replied, “Did she say anything?” . “No,” s aid the butler. With a snort, Victor thought of what Rachel had said earlier. His eyes br immed with cruelty as he shut the folder and ordered, “Tell them to throw that bitch as far as they can. Don’t let that woman disgrace my doorstep. The butler was shocked t o hear that. “Yes, sir,” he answered reluctantly. Inside a cramped b asement somewhere south of the city… . “No!” Rachel suddenly woke up, sitting upright and screaming. She was breathi ng heavily and looking ahead in horror. Just then, someone pushed the door open from outsi de. Seeing that she was awake, the man set aside t he medicine he had prepared and walked to the bed. “Miss Bennet, you’r e finally awake,” h e said with concern. Rachel looked at him vigilantly, calming down at once. She tried to recall the man’s name, because he looked familia r. However, she couldn’t remember who he was at the moment . She looked down at her body and remembered that she had been thrown out of Victor’s house; half-naked and almost dying. But now, she was still a live, sitting here in a tacky yet neat floral shirt with matching pants. “Who are you?” Rachel’s voi ce was hoarse, and it seeme d like she was wary of him. “We’ve met before, but you were still a child back then . It’s normal that you don’t remember me. I’m Andy Torre s, your mother’s private lawyer. ” The man smiled at her. ‘Andy? Mom’s l awyer?’ . Rachel remembered that her mother did have a la wyer. “Did you save me?” . “I did. When I called you, a passerby answered the phone and said that you had fain ted. But don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. The man who found you covered you with a coat, and then I carried you to my car and drove you back here,” Andy explained. “Then, why am I wearing th ese clothes?” . “Oh, I asked an old la dy who lives next door to change it for you. Rachel breathed a sigh of relief, but she still frowned. “You mentio ned that you called me. What for?” . Her mother died when she was 13

Andy said that he was her mother’s lawyer, but Rachel hadn’t seen him for so many yea rs. It was suspicious that he suddenly showed up this time. Andy got up and walked out of the r oom. Moments later, he returned wit h a document, and gave it to Rachel. “This is your mothe r’s last will and t estament,” he said. “My mother’s will?” Doubt filled Rachel’s eyes. If she remembered correctly, her mother departed this world so suddenly that she didn’t have the time to make a will. Otherwise, Rachel’s useless fathe r and his mistress wouldn’t have been so reckless and high-profile. “Yes, she entrusted me to be the witness of her will when she was still alive. She told me to make this wi ll public, and give it to you on your 24th birthday. Now that Andy had mentioned that, Rach el remembered that her birthday was th e same day of her divorce with Victor. “It’s clearly stated in this will that you will inherit all of your mother’s assets, including fifteen percent of the Bennet Group’s s hares, and the villa she lived in before she died,” Andy continued. Rachel turned to the last page and she saw the name “Elisa Bennet” on t he bottom right corner of the paper. “Mr. Torres, how many days have I been uncon scious?” asked Rachel. “Thr ee d ays. She then put away the document and got out of b ed. “In that case, they’ve been living comfortab ly for three more days. That’s enough for them. After saying tha t, Rachel walked towards the door. “Miss Bennet, w here are you goi ng?” asked Andy. Rachel stopped at the door, glan cing at the will in her hand. Sh e raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Where else? I’m going back home and kick out my f ather, his bitch of a mistress, and their daughter! ” With that, Rachel opened the door and strode out. Andy was taken aback by what she s aid for a moment. Somehow, he saw a glimpse of Elisa during her youth. As he watched Rachel walk aw ay, Andy put on his suit jac ket and followed her quickly. In the Bennet family’s hou se, in the Riverside Villa District north of the city… . Rachel and Andy stood in front of the doo r. They had been ringing the doorbell doze ns of times, and yet nobody was answering. Annoyed by the constant ringing, finally the housekeeper trot ted outside and shouted, “Stop it! Who is there? A debt colle ctor or something? Stop ringing it! You’re driving me crazy!” . Right after she stopped talking, the housekeeper opened the side door and looked at the visitors w ith a frown. She was stunned to see who they were. Rachel put on a sardoni c smile. “Well, we do h ave a debt to collect. “You… it’s you!” The housekeeper’s face tu rned pale, and a chill ran down her spine because of how intimidating Rachel looked