Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 11 You Are Going To Regret It


Chapter 11 You Are Going To Regret It. “Argh!”. With a muffled sound, that woman landed hard on the sofa. Somehow, Victor managed to stand up in time and dodge her. He grabbed a wet wipe from Ivan and rubbed his fingertips against it. “It seems that my date didn’t disappoint you, Mr. Guzman,” he said flatly. “I didn’t expect you’d be in the company of such a beauty. ” Trevor raised his head and took a sip of his wine. He reluctantly dragged his eyes away from Rachel and turned to Victor with an uncertain look on his face. “Were you serious before? About the… game? You were surely just messing with me!”. “Not at all! As long as you can charm my date away from me, she is yours. ” Victor’s lips formed a cold smile, his eyes challenging the man before him. Trevor couldn’t hide his excitement. He couldn’t wait to start the game, so he look at Victor and said slowly, “Well…”. Victor knew exactly what Trevor’s look meant. He glanced at Ivan sideways, giving him a pointed look. Ivan took the hint and opened his briefcase. He pulled out a document he had prepared in advance and handed it to Trevor. “This is the contract drawn up by Mr. Sullivan himself. Trevor’s good sense had already flown out the window the moment he learned he had a chance with Rachel. At that point, he was so obsessed with her that he took the pen and signed the contract without reading a single line. “Let the game begin, Mr. Guzman,” Ivan said, returning the signed contract in his briefcase. Victor grabbed his suit jacket from the armrest of the sofa, turned around and walked towards the door, Ivan on his trail. As he crossed the room, he finally got a good look at Rachel. His mind went blank for a moment. No wonder Trevor had lost his mind over her. She looked ravishing tonight. She was wearing a close-fitting, strapless dress that fit her figure like a glove. She looked much different from the exhausted, drained woman Victor remembered. Her makeup was different too. It was simple and elegant, giving her a fresh, natural look. Victor’s eyes lingered on Rachel for a while and he felt a surge of unease. He firmly believed he hated her so much that even a single glance could make him feel uncomfortable, disgusted even. Victor had always been in control of his emotions and he hated the impact that woman had on him. Rachel had been quiet the whole time, but when he walked past her, she grabbed his sleeve, stopping him from leaving the room. Victor gave her a look full of poison and he shrugged off her hand, looking disgusted by her touch. “What do you want? Too late for regrets,” Victor sneered, looking down at her

Rachel tried to ignore Trevor’s hungry eyes roaming all over her body. She lowered her voice in an attempt to keep her anger at bay. “What is that supposed to mean? You were the one who said…”. Before she could finish, Victor’s face hardened. He grabbed Rachel’s chin, for cing her to look straight into his eyes. Rachel was startled by this unexpected move. Th e pain on her chin was so intense that she stagg ered backwards until her back hit the cold wall. Victor’s face was just a few inches away from hers, his voic e cold and piercing as he whispered menacingly, “Isn’t that what you wanted? Huh? Drop the innocent act. I don’t buy it. “I am n ot…” . “Do you really think I will ever believe you again? I thought you had learned your lesson, but I forgot what a stupid bitch you are. You’ll never learn,” he whispered in Rachel’s ear, his voice full of contempt. Rachel wanted to retort, but his gri p on her chin felt like a vice. Utte ring a single word would be torture. Her face turned pale and beads of sweat started forming on her forehead. When Victor spoke again, she fe lt his hot breath on her neck a nd a shiver ran down her spine. “Alice couldn’t be here with me toni ght because she was . taken to the police station. It seems that I underestimated yo ur dirty tricks. Didn’t you do all this just to be my date to t he party tonight? And now you are pretending you know nothing?” . Rachel fr owned at his words. She finally understood w hat was going on. It was all a misunderstanding. The truth was, she didn’t want anything to do with Victor. She didn’t give a shit about this stupid party or who would be Victor’s date for the night. Victor seemed to take Rachel’s silence as an admission of guilt. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear, in a voice so low that only s he would hear him. “Now, time to get what you wanted so desperately. Rachel’s eyes wid ened in fear. This couldn’t be good. Before she could react, though, Victor let go of her chin and grabbing her by the arm, he pushed her towards Trevor. Then, he stood there, one hand in his pocket and a smug look on his face. “Mr. Guzman, I’ ll leave my date in your very capable hands. “Of course. I’ll take good care of her. ” Trevor didn’t know what had just happened betw een Victor and Rachel, so he assumed that the man had simply been telling her to serve him well. He nodded to Victor and rubbed his hands together as he walked towards Rachel. Completely expressionless, Vi ctor turned around and left t he room with Ivan by his side. Just as the door was about to clos e behind them, Rachel’s voice reach ed him

“You’re gonna regret this. Victor paused for a mome nt, but he closed the do or decisively behind him. Back inside the private r oom, Rachel was left look ing at the door fiercely. “So, sweetie, what’s your na me?” Trevor looked at Rachel up and down with hungry eyes. Rachel cradled her sore arm. She had hit it on the corner of the table when Victor had pushed her. Hearing Trevor’ s question, she looked at him, her eyes shooting daggers. She held her injured arm closer to her che st and stood straight. “Come closer, and I ’ll tell you everything you want to know. Trevor’s look became e ven more greedy upon h earing her sweet voice. Looking intrigued, he sta rted forward towards Rache l. “Easy, there, sweetie…” . He was interrupted by a loud crash of a glass bottle breaking. He stopped wa lking, feeling stunned and disoriented. He raised a han d to his forehe ad in disbelief. He felt something warm and wet as the air filled with the co ppery smell of blood. A sharp pain overcame him and he felt dizzy. He pointed at Rachel and stammered numbly. “You… you…” . With a fierce look on her fa ce, Rachel threw what was lef t of the glass on the ground. It crashed on the pristine tiles with a loud bang at the very same moment that Trevor lost consciousness and lan ded on the floor, blood still dripping from his forehead. Victor still hadn’t left th e building. Instead, he had booked another private room. Standing next to the door, Ivan looke d quietly at Victor who was sitting on the sofa, making some business calls. He was really c onfused at his boss’s behavior. The contract was signed, and there’s nothing else to d o here. Why was his boss still here? Why booked another room? It was as if his boss was waiting for something. But wh at? . Or who? W as it Mis s Bennet? . No, that ’s not p ossible. These thoughts flashed thro ugh Ivan’s mind but he coul dn’t make any sense of them. He knew how much Victor hated Rachel. His boss would hav e gladly killed her a thousand times over. So, the thoug ht that Victor was waiting for her was completely absurd. But before Ivan c ould figure it ou t, his phone rang. When he looked at the name that app eared on the screen, he frowned and hit the button to answer the call. In a flash, I van’s eyes wid ened in shock. He hung up and reported to his boss with a serious look on his face. “I was just infor med that Mr. Guzman is now in the hospital