Dear Wife Don't Go

Chapter 569 He Had No Other Choice


After Lucas sent the location to Joseph, he suddenly found a thin figure not far away. It was Hedy!. After moving into Blair's place, Hedy was so unaccustomed to it that she followed behind Lucas all day long. They were closely associated with each other, which made Lucas feel a little distressed. Now that he was about to leave for ten years, he didn't know what Hedy would do and whether she would blame him. Lucas hurriedly walked over and gave her his personal protective talisman. "This is for you. Hedy was slightly shocked. Although she could not speak, she gave him a wink, asking him what he meant. Lucas said indifferently, "I'm going out. If you miss me, just look at this. I'll be back. "Where are you going?". Hedy asked Lucas in sign language. Lucas smiled, "I'm going to find my daddy and mommy. They need some help over there. Hedy, Blair, and Gabrielle are good people. You don't need to worry about being abused here. If you are unhappy, you can go talk with my sister. My sister Zoe is a foodie. As long as you have delicious food, she will definitely be friends with you. Hedy's eyes suddenly became moist. She was reluctant to let Lucas go, but she could not stop Lucas from helping his parents. Hedy held Lucas' hand and remained silent for a long time. Seeing that it was almost time to meet Joseph, Lucas whispered, "I'm going to see my brother. Come with me. When I'm not around, you can turn to my brother if you need anything. He will help you. Hedy shook her head and said in sign language, "I don't need anyone. I'll wait for you to come back. Lucas smiled contentedly. "You are so cute!". He wanted to pat Hedy's head, but he was not high enough. So, he just patted her hand and say, "Wait for me. "Alright!". After saying goodbye to Hedy, Lucas contacted the people from Night Elf Empire, asking them to prepare a helicopter. Right at this moment, Joseph rushed over. At the sight of Joseph, Lucas was especially happy. Joseph was his close brother. "Joseph, here you are. "What do you bring with you?". Joseph looked at the thing in his hand and asked with puzzlement. "These things are amazing," Lucas said proudly. "This is the air gun I prepared. I can put chili powder in it. If that old witch tortures me, I'll use this to attack her. "Lucas, do you really have to go?". Joseph looked at Lucas and was especially reluctant to part with him. Lucas suddenly quieted down and whispered, "I want to save my mommy. This is my only chance and Satan King's only requirement. I have no other choice. Lucas had no other choice, but not no choice. Joseph sighed with sorrow in his eyes, "Ten years is not a short time. Won't you miss Uncle and mommy?". "Yes. But I don't want anything to happen to Mommy. So, please take care of them for me in the next ten years. After Lucas finished speaking, he patted Joseph's shoulder courageously. Then he turned around and left. Lucas looked relaxed as if he could really throw everything away. The moment he turned around, Joseph suddenly slashed at Lucas' neck with his hand, directly knocking Lucas unconscious. Lucas was a little surprised, but he involuntarily fell down. Joseph drags him to the side and called the people from Night Elf Empire. He asked them to bring Lucas back while he got on the helicopter. "Young Master, what are you doing?"

The pilot was puzzled. Joseph looked at the slee py Lucas and whispered, "Go to the position Lucas scheduled. "This . "What? Am I not the yo ung master of the Green fami ly? Don't you listen to me?" . Joseph turned grim, and the pilo t quickly took off. Both Lucas and Joseph were young masters of the Green family. Everyone knew that Samuel treated them equally. Moreover, Joseph's father, Vincent, w as in charge of the Eternal Group. Night Elf Empire would not offend Joseph. The moment the plane took off, Joseph looked at Lucas and Hai Shi behind him. He whispered, "If it has to cost a child ten years to revive Mommy's safety, then let me go. " First of all, I am your brother, the eldest grandson of the Green family. It is my duty to protect you. Secondly, all of this is caused by my daddy. If you ask me to watch you leave home and watch Mommy and Uncle miss you ever y day, why don't you let me take your place? Anyway, I have lost my biological mother, and my dad has become like this. Why don't I learn a technical skill from a master? Maybe I will be of assistance. Joseph knew that Lucas could not hear him, but h e still said it out, as if by doing so, he had not le af without saying goodbye, nor had he acted willfully. The pilot didn't dare to say any thing else as he followed the route L ucas had given him and flew to City A. When Joseph ar rived in City A, he wasn't used to it. He had always lived in Seapolis City and had never seen such a remote town before. But this wa s the place where Uncle and Mommy had an accident. Joseph looked at Lucas' comp uter. The coordinates on it refer red to the hospital not far away. Jos eph walk ed over. The nurse was slightly stunned w hen she saw Joseph. "Who are your par ents? Why are you here ? Hurry up and leave!" . Generally speaking, no one dared to allow their child to appear at the entra nce of the hospital because Satan King had a temper. If she was in a bad mood, th ey were worried that their child would be used as a human specimen by Satan King. Therefore, when the nurse saw Joseph, she was quite surprised and felt compassion for h im. After all, the child was too good-looking. However, Josep h whispered, "I'm he re to find someone. "Who are you lo oking for?" . "My master. She said that as long a s I come and stay by her side for ten ye ars, she will promise to save my mother. Hearing it, the nurse was shocked. "Are you the son of the woman inside?" . "Y es. Jose ph did no t deny it. The nurse fro wned slightly, som ewhat in a dilemma. Sata n King wa lked out. "W hat's go ing on?" . "Miss Morgan, this child said that you wanted to take hi m as your disciple and that he would stay with you for ten ye ars. He asked you to fulfill your promise to save his mother. Satan King suddenly turned around when she he ard it, seeing Joseph standing alone at the door. H e looked a little cold, but he still stood upright. He was not th e child who had a v ideo chat with her! . But Sa tan King li ked Joseph. Although Joseph was seized by f ear, he tried his best to check it, just like that the treasure of hers. Satan King 's gaze suddenl y became gentle. "Wh at is yo ur name?" . "My name i s Joseph. Nicol e is my mother. Satan Ki ng was slight ly surprised. "How ma ny brothers do you have?" . "One. I am the elder brother, and the one you saw is my younger brother, Lucas. I share my daddy's surname, and he shares mommy's surname. Josep h said met hodically. Satan King looked at him and found that he loo ked very similar to Lucas. "Wh y are yo u here?" . "It means the same to you no matter who co mes. My younger brother is still young. I'll be with you for ten years. Please save my mommy. Jose ph's eyes were wet

Satan K ing immediat ely softened. "Do you know what it means to be with me for te n years? That is to say, you can't see your parents and brother for ten years. Are you willing to do so?" . "I'm not, but I do n't want to see anything wrong happen to Mommy. Jose ph was ve ry honest. Satan King thought Joseph was alike some one. That was her son, who was almost as old as Joseph. But she had accidentally lost him. At that tim e, her son always cared about her. Satan K ing hugged Jo seph tightly. Joseph wanted to struggle. H e even leaned his hands against S atan King's chest, but he stopped. He d idn't have a choice! . Joseph closes his eyes. Smelli ng the soda on Satan King's body, h e couldn't help but frown slightly. Satan King said excitedly, "I promise you. No matter how difficul t it is, I will help you save your mommy. But Joseph, from today onwar ds, you have to call me mommy until the end of the ten-year agreement. "I only have one mommy. She' s lying inside. Other than this, I can promise you anything else. Jo seph in sisted. Since Joseph was stubborn, Satan King couldn't help but s igh, "Alright, call me master. "Master, please save my mommy. At the same time, please don't tell her about my arrival. I 'm afraid she won't be willing to part with me. Hearing it, Sata n King grew increasin gly fonder of Joseph. "But Nicole w ill know. "At that time, with my brother and daddy by her s ide, she will feel better. Joseph's eyes were fu ll of sadness. Lucas, Lucas, Uncle and Mommy were a family. He was just Mommy's nephew, a child without a biologic al mother. Even his daddy was persecuting the family. Wha t could J oseph do? . It was natural for a son to pay off his fa ther's debts, wasn't it? . Joseph was very scared and didn't know what he would face. But he once heard from Samuel that men had to be responsible and protect the people he wanted to prot ect. Right now, Nicole and Lucas were the people Joseph wanted to protect the most. He cou ld do anythi ng for them. Joseph bit his lo wer lip tightly and te ars sprang to his eyes. Satan King was surprised that Lucas wasn't the one who came. Compared to Lucas, who was lively and naughty, Joseph was quiet and tolerant. Satan King f elt sorry for what Joseph had experienced and grew increasingly fonder of him. "Alright, I promise you. I won't tell them about your deal with me until they leave, okay?" . "Th ank you, Master. Joseph did not say anything. He had endured too much at a young age. Now, he became silent. The che erful Joseph in the past had unknowingly disappeared. Satan King asked the nurse to take c are of Joseph and didn't allow her to talk too much. Then Satan King went to Samuel. While Samuel was still worried, Satan King came in. "I can save her, but there are some things yo u need to do on your own. When Samuel heard that Sa tan King could save Nicole, he hurriedly asked, "What is it?" . "I need a few precious ingredients to save her. I know you're rich. But if you buy them from somewhere else, it probably will be too late. Right now, o nly Dungeon has the medicinal ingredients I need. However, I have an agreement with the owner of Dungeon that I won't enter Dungeon for the rest of my life, and I won't do any business with them. Therefore, if you really want to save your wife, you have to go to Dungeon to buy the medicinal ingredients I need. Hearing this, Samuel w as astonished. The people from Dungeon harbored hostility towards Samuel. If it weren't for Satan King, they would have rushed in long ago. Now that sh e asked Samuel to make a deal in the Dungeon, what did Satan King want?