Dear Wife Don't Go

Chapter 570 Show Me Your Sincerity


"What?". Samuel frowned. He didn't want to fight with people from Dungeon before Jacob's men arrived. He was not afraid of them. But he didn't want to leave Nicole alone. Nicole was sick. And Satan King still wanted him to go to Dungeon. It was a sign of unfriendliness to Samuel. Satan King looked away and said coldly, "Right. I am asking you to go to Dungeon. This place is just a remote mountain village. What I need are precious medical ingredients. You can only get them in Dungeon. Even if you have money, a helicopter or any other ways to get them, it would be too late. You don't have much time left with your wife, do you?". Samuel was slightly stunned. He subconsciously glanced at Nicole's ward and asked, "What do you need?". "Cordyceps, lucid lipid of flying squirrels, bat excrement Luminous Grit, musk, bear gall, and pangolin skin. They are not hard to get. But lucid lipid and Luminous Grit are extremely rare. They are currently available in Dungeon only, but there is no auction. I don't care how you're going to get them. Remember, I can't save her without these things. If you get these ingredients, I can bring her back to life and get rid of all her illnesses. Samuel wrinkled his brows as he listened to Satan King. These were all precious medical ingredients. "Isn't she weak now? She can't take any herbal tonics now. You may kill her with those medicinal ingredients. Are you sure you can save her?". Satan King sneered, "You have my words. Do you know why I want the blood of Laurence? His blood is the most important thing. I can't save your wife without him even if you find all these ingredients. It seems like God is helping you. The rare medicine man is your wife's possession. Samuel frowned even deeper. He didn't like people to say that Laurence belonged to Nicole. The man was too beautiful and coquettish. Satan King didn't care what he thought. She glanced at Samuel and said, "Why are you still here? Your wife doesn't have much time left. Samuel paused for a moment and said, "Please take care of her when I'm away. "Don't worry. I'll do my job since I've received my reward. People in Dungeon may refuse to give you the medical ingredients. You have to work things out by yourself. And you must be quick. If you can't bring them here before 8 p. , don't blame me for not being able to save her. Hearing what she said, Samuel hurriedly set off. When he passed the corridor, he saw Karina and Laurence. Karina stopped Samuel and wrote, "Is Mr. Tim really crippled?". "Yes. Samuel looked at Karina and replied. A trace of guilt flashed through Karina's eyes. She retreated to the side. Laurence looked at Samuel and whispered, "Do you need me to go with you?". "No. Just try your best to protect her before I come back. I'll repay you. "It's okay. I will take care of her. Samuel felt uncomfortable again. If he had other choices, he won't commend his wife to another man. However, he could only put up with it now. People from Dungeon immediately surrounded him as soon as he got out of the hospital. Samuel sneered and said, "Take me to your boss. And tell him, I've got an answer about what he wants from me. As he finished, someone hurriedly went to report it. And Samuel followed others to Dungeon

When they passed by the gate, Samuel saw Josh. Josh was tied up there, beaten to a pulp. Samuel thought for a second and said, "Let him and his family go. "It's not up to us. Josh glanced at Samuel. He was somewhat surprised tha t Samuel would plead for him. "Don't get me wrong," Samuel said indifferently. "I owe Tim a fa vor. After all, he got lame in a leg for my wife and me. You are his friend. Although you betrayed him, he still regards you as a friend. Josh's e yes instantly became moist. He bit his lower lip and said, "I'm sorry. Please tell him I'm sorry. I know he won' t forgive me, but I had no choices. Kemp is too powerful. I have to protect my wife and c hildren. I'm not you, Mr. Green. I don't have any backup. I can only sell my soul to him. Samuel d idn't reply. H e felt bitter. He did have a strong background. B ut what could he do? . His wife and son were still s uffering with him. Every man protect ed his family and belov ed ones in his own way. Samuel suddenly und erstood Josh. "I will te ll him. After saying that, Samuel direc tly walked inside. He would also do everything he cou ld to save his wife. News travelled fast h ere. Samuel was taken to a private room before long. This was the first tim e he saw Kemp. It was a man in his fifties, who look ed quite experienced. Samuel was sure that he had never offended this person. Samuel didn't eve n know him. Why did Kemp go against him? . He was confused and asked in a deep v oice, "Are you Kemp?" . "Yes. Ni ce to meet yo u, Mr. Green. Kemp was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar. He didn't look like getting up at all. It seemed that he was accustomed to being the king of Dungeon. He paid no atte ntion to others. Moreover, it was Samuel who had come to beg him, so he put on airs. Samuel lo oked at him wi th a cold face. The calmness on Kemp's face showed that he was an old hand in the bus iness world and was even better than Samuel. However, he was underestimatin g Samuel if he thought that he could shake Samuel's confidence in this way. "I need som e medical ingredi ents in Dungeon. Samuel d id not beat ar ound the bush. Kemp smiled and said, "OK. I can gi ve you the entire Dungeon if you want. B ut you should also give me what I want. Samue l's face t urned pale. "Who told you about the secret of the Green family?" . Samuel star ed at Kemp and as ked word by word. Even Nicole did not know about it. Ho w could this man know? . He didn't know why the Green family was always in trouble. Why would Zama spend her who le life in the Green's? Why did Swift rack her brains to marry Riley to a Green? Why was Vinc ent mad at him? Why was he drugged to be an addict? Why was he hypnotized after he came here? . Samuel had so many questions. And he f igured them out when Kemp had him hypnotized and planned to winkle something out of him. Kemp was aimi ng for the secret o f the Green family! . Few people knew about it. An d among them, the only Greens wer e Mrs. Green, Samuel and Vincent. Kemp looked at Samuel and sa id in a low voice, "What if I don 't want to answer this question?"

"Then we 'll just stay where we are. Just as S amuel finished , Kemp laughed. "Mr. Green, you are smart. I know that. But you seem to have looked down on me. I can't get into Satan King's hospital, but I have s omeone there. Do you know why the number of patients suddenly increases? I gave them to Satan King for medical research. She can dispose them at will. And it gives me a chance to know about your wife's condition. I know she's dying. How long do you think you can stay here?" . Samuel 's heart ski pped a beat. Kemp's men were in the hospital! . How was Ni cole now? Was La urence reliable? . Samuel was a litt le worried, but he didn 't show it on his face. "Well. You have people there. And you know my wife's condition. I admit that I can't wait. But let me tell you, if anything happens to my wife, everything of th e Green family will be buried with her. I will go with her too. What do you think?" . Kemp's ex pression immed iately changed. "No. You won't do that. "We'll see. Samuel said flatly, "You know that my wife is my only soft spot. You tried so many times t o use her to control me, didn't you? Listen, she's my soft spot when she's alive. If she dies, I won't have any weakness. And I will destroy you, Dungeon, and the secret of the Green family!" . Sam uel was serious. Kemp put on a long face. He looked at Samuel. For t he first time he felt that he ha d underestimated this young man. "Young man , calm down. It' s just a woman. "But she is the one that I want to pro tect with everything. "Rea lly?" . Kemp sneered at Samuel. "I heard that Mr. Green of Seapolis is rather powerful a nd influential. There's nothing you can't do. That's impressiv e. I just want to know how much you can do to save your wife. "Wh at do yo u want?" . Samuel stared a t Kemp. He couldn't see through this man. Kemp suddenly laughed and said, "You are here to beg me. You should show your sincerity, shouldn't you? But I feel that you are here to threaten rather than to beg. I hate to be threatened. What you said is true. But I won't lose anything withou t the things of your family. As for you . If you don't beg me for the medical ingredients, what do you think you will lose?" . Sam uel was shocked. Ri ght. If he lost Nicole, what e lse did he have? . Those things that he felt proud of were now wort hless compared with Nicole. Without Nicole, his life would be da rk, gloomy, and cold. Thinking of this, Samue l looked at Kemp and asked, "What do you want me to do?" . "I've already told you. Show me your sincerity. Y ou are a king in Seapolis, but in here you are just so meone to ask for medicine. Don't you know how to beg?" . A trace of coldness flashed in Kemp's eyes. Sam uel was shocked. Kemp w as asking h im to kneel