Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by Melina Levine

Chapter 25


25 An Invitation Card . Ada smiled softly. Her smile was only the nightmare in Matthew’s memories. “Come on, give me your hands. She reached out her hands. Her nails were painted with pink polish and decorated with diamonds, giving out a cold light, which seemed to be a daggers light in Matthew’s eyes. He trembled and put out his hands. Then she grabbed them and led him out of the room. “He’s probably afraid that you won’t have time to play with him after we get married. Ada held Matthew’s hand and stood in front of Wayne. She said with softness and affection, “I have explained to him that I’ll shoot less movies and take care of him with you. We will take him. to the playgrounds. Then he finally calmed down. Seeing that Matthew put his head down and control his temper, Wayne wasn’t suspicious at all. He was relieved and became more certain that he needed to get married as soon as possible. In the evening of Friday, Anna came home from work and habitually took the newspapers and the magazines she subscribed from the mailbox. Tammy ran out of the bedroom and greeted Anna with a big hug. “Blue Castle Bilingual Kindergarten?” Anna suddenly shouted in surprise and stared at a thick envelope between the newspapers and magazines. “Mommy, what’s wrong?” Feeling confused, Tammy moved closer. Anna quickly opened the envelope and poured out a pile of documents from it. “A letter of admission?” Anna shouted even louder than just now. “What?” Tammy could only read few words, so she looked at Anna in more confusion, her delicate eyebrows frowning. “Free tuition?” Anna almost broke the window with her scream. “Mommy!” Tammy dug her ear discontentedly, “You’re scaring me! What’s going on?”. Anna murmured in disbelief, “Why are you admitted by Blue Castle Kindergarten? Do you know Blue Castle?”. Tammy shook her head blankly. Anna patted on her head, “Well, of course you don’t know about it. Anna grew up in Birmingham and was familiar with all the well-known schools in the city. Blue Castle Kindergarten was the most expensive luxury school in Birmingham. It was like the Hermes bags in all the fashion industry. It was the top kindergarten that only the richest kids could get into. The tuition fee alone was a hundred thousand dollars, let alone the cost of clothes, food and school activities. No one would dare to send their kids to this place they didn’t have about four hundred grand in their pockets. “I can go to such a good kindergarten without paying?” Tammy blinked and also feit. con fus ed. “But I didn’t even apply for it

How did they have your personal information?” Anna frowned and felt this was too weird, “Could it be your god mother?” . Peace Brooks had a lot of friends. She had suggested that Tammy should go to a good private school and proposed to cover Tammy’s tuition fee. But Anna refused her. Did she do it without telling Anna anyway? . Then she called Peace to con firm her guess, and Peace was also blown away by the news. “Blue Caste? How would I do that to you? Sister, you’re thinking too highly of me. I could’ve pulled s ome strings and got Tammy admitted by the kindergarten. But the problem is that you weren’t willing to use my money. And I was afraid that you couldn’t afford the fee there by yourself. I wouldn’t do that. “What? It’s free? You don’t need t o pay anything? Am I having an illu sion? You’ve just hit the jackpot!” . Anna couldn’t bear Peace’s loud screaming and had to p ut the phone away from her ear, “OK, I’ve got it. It’s not you. I’ll hang up now. I need to think about it. “Have you hooked up with a rich ma n or what?” Peace suddenly made a joke with Anna before she hung up. Anna’s words suddenly lit up a sparkle in her mind. Could it be? . The only person who was so rich and powerful and had a reason to help was that man. After hesitation, she dialed that number in her phone. “Hello? Mr. Wright… Sorry to bother you so late. She couldn’t think of anyone else who would spend almost a million dollars without hesitation except Wayne Wright. Wayne answered coldly, “What do you want to say?”. “It may sound presumptuous, but I couldn’t think of anyo ne else. I’ve just received an admission letter from Blu e Castle Bilingual Kindergarten. Did you do this for me?” . “Y ea h. Y ea h? . That was all he c ould say? . Anna got into a muddle, “What? Why?”. “You saved Matthew. It’s a little favor. You deserve it. ” “This favor is too much for me. I can’t accept it

” “All that I did was to make a phone call. “But…” Anna didn’t know how to explain what she was upset about. She hemmed and hawed for a while, but she just couldn’t find the right wo rds. She was afraid that she would sound too ungrateful and annoying. “Is there anything else you want to say?” Wayne asked impatiently. 25 Poi nts . 25 An I nvitati on Card . “No…” “Then I’ll h ung up. I still hav e some work to do. Then Anna heard the busy signal in the phone. She looked at the phone in a daze and suddenly felt morose. Anna thought, “What’s wrong with this man? If he wants to help me, at least he should ask what I need. If he was willing to help her abo ut that private kindergarten and let the government approve Tammy’s admission, she would’ve sincerely thanked him. But why does it have to be Blue Castle? Though he has solved the problem of the fee, how can Tammy get adapted to the kindergarten that is full of rich kids?” . “Who the hell does he think he is?” Anna sat on th e sofa angrily, “What was he thinking? Getting you into Blue Castle? Does Blue Castle belong to him?” . Tammy was eavesdropping beside Anna and basically understood what had happened. Secretly feeling pleased, sh e said gleefully, “Maybe because that uncle likes me. He thought that I was cute, so he helped me to get int o the kindergarten. Maybe I will become his daughter in the future. What’s wrong with helping his daughter?” . “Stop the nonsense!” Anna patted on her bottom, “I hav en’t punished you for what you did in that Japanese re staurant. Don’t push my button! I’m in a bad mood now!” . Tammy twitched her mouth and murmured, “It’s not nonsense!” . “All sorts of signs show that the uncle is very concerned about mommy. As the old grandpa said, Uncle Wright never cared about women. Treating mommy differently must be the first sign of love!” Tammy was immersed in the joy of getting close of success. She looked at her mom, who was still sighing and mourning, and felt that her mom somehow didn’t meet her expectation. “Mommy, when will you become more brave and smarter? How can you eat delicious food and put those women to shame and then marry into a wealthy family if you don‘t try hard enough? . Anna, feeling gloomy, impatiently threw that pile of docume nts on the side table. Along with the flap sound, she accide ntally swept all the magazines and newspapers to the carpet. A touch of dazzling red color suddenly cau ght Anna’s eyes. It flew from the pile of magazines and fell on the top of her feet. She was busy looking at the admission letter of Blue Castle and didn’t even notice it. She bent to pick it up and frowned after glancing at it. It was an invitation card of an engagement party,