Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by Melina Levine

Chapter 29


29 You‘re My Brother. Anna didn’t feel anything wrong about the question. She nodded and said happily, “I can’t believe you still remember me. ” Ada ignored her and kept asking, “What’s your daughter’s name?”. Ada’s eyes fell upon Tammy. She looked at her cute pink face, suddenly seized by fear. Why did this little girl look a little like Wayne? “That‘s impossible. ” The voice in her mind reminded her. “I’m Tammy Gabriel. You can call me Tam. ” Tammy suddenly broke in their conversation. She looked up, and her eyes roamed over Ada. “Tammy Gabriel?” Ada clenched her hands when she heard the name. She thought of that medical record that she saw in Wayne’s office that and felt more suspicious. Then she directly asked, “Why do you take your mother’s last name?”. Tammy turned around to look at her mommy, looking confused. It was normal that Anna didn’t feel anything wrong when Ada asked her daughter’s name. But now that Ada was asking about her privacy, only fools would still take it as a normal question. She immediately pulled Tammy behind her and said coldly, “Tammy is still small, and I have never explained this kind of thing to her. She can’t understand your question. Besides, we are in the 21st century. No matter whose last name she takes, no one will feel weird about it. Ada was slightly stunned. She was more displeased especially when she saw that Matthew hid behind the woman and seemed to like her a lot. She said harshly, “It’s certainly. not a problem whose last name she takes. I just wonder how Miss Gabriel, a manager-in-training, can afford to send your daughter to such a luxury kindergarten as Blue Castle. This is not a school for ordinary people. I guess you must have a rich husband. I really can’t think of another reason. Anna was embarrassed. She didn’t think she had offended Ada before. But Ada sounded aggressive and managed to hit her soft spot with only one sentence. Ada was right. She didn’t have the power to send Tammy here, so she could only stood there silently. “This is her private matter. ” Wayne suddenly interrupted and saved Anna from embarrassment. He shot an angry glance at Ada, “Does everyone have to make a report to you about how they get their kids here? You have been sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong too often recently

Ada paled on hearing Wayne’s words because Wayne spoke up for this woman and humiliated her in front of other people. “Wayne, I only did it for Matthew. ” She tried to save her face, “I was afraid that all kinds of people would come to the school, and I thought I should ask more questions to make sure that there weren’t evil people here. “Don’t bother. ” Wayne said coldly without looking at her, “You can go back to the car. I’ll take Matthew inside. The doorman wouldn’t let Ada in after Wayne, the parent of the students, said so, which was a rule in Blue Castle. “Wayne!” Ada stood outside the gate and stamped her fee t with anger. She watched Wayne and Anna walk into the g ate, neither of them looking back. Ada now looked vivid. Tammy and Matthew walked in front of the two adults. When Tammy looked back and saw the angry expressions on Ada’s face, she squeezed her shoulders back and whispered to Matthew, “Matthew, do you really like that woman? I think she’s a little scary. Since that old grandpa told her that Wayne was going to get married to Ada Xavier, she googled Ada, who was as beautiful as a goddess in the pictures on the Internet. But now when Tammy saw her in person, she secretly curled her lips and thought, “She just looks more fashionable than mom. But look at her face and how mean she looks when she talks. She can’t beat mommy in any part. Uncle Wright r eally has a poor taste. Matthew suddenl y shook his hea d in agitation. “You don’t like her?” Tammy was surprised by him, “And you sti ll want her to be your stepmom?” . Matthew shoo k his head mo re intensely. “So you mean you don’t want h er to be your stepmom?” Tammy ’s eyes were suddenly lit up. Matth ew no dded. “Well,” Tammy’s eyes widened, “What about my mom ? Would you prefer my mom to become your stepmom ? My mommy and I can cook really delicious food. Matthew nodded vi gorously. Tammy so was happy that she almost jumped up. She seemed to see the silver lining in the clouds of the complicated situation. She ear nestly held Matthew’s hands, blinking her big eyes, and said to Matthew, “From now on, you are my brother. Rest assured, I’ll cover y ou and won’t let any other one bully you as long as I’m here. If I can eat the delicious food, I won’t let you eat the leftovers. OK?” . Matthew nodded and suddenly shook h is head. He wrote something on his drawing board and showed it to her. Tammy hadn’t learned many words. She frowned and asked, “Matthew, what did you write?”. Matthew turned around and trotted to Wayne. He put the drawin g board in Wayne’s hands, pointing to the board and then to Ta mmy. He meant that he wanted Wayne to read the words out loud. After looking at the board, Wayne took a weird look at Matthew

Seeing that Matthew was grasping the corner of his clothes and shaking it and looking anxious, Wayne could only. frown and utter the words, “My family is r ich. We can both eat the delicious food. N o leftovers. Matthew, did you write this?” . ( U . Matthew took a cold glance at him and too k away his board, not talking anymore. Th en he walked to Tammy and blinked to her. Tammy beamed with joy and nodded to Matthew happily , “Yeah, right. Hahahaha. Wayne looked at the two kids and couldn’t understand their strange behaviors. However, in his opinion, kid’s behavior wasn’t worth thinking over, so he ignored them. Having a lot on her mind along the way, Anna was finally woken up by the two noisy kids. She hesitated and finally said to Wayne, “M r. Wright, thank you for helping Tammy and letting her study here. With eyes forward, Wayne said deadpan, “You don’t need to think too much about it . I’ve seen that Matthew get along well with Tammy. She is actually Matthew’s fir st friend, so as a father, I want Tammy to be his companion in the kindergarten. After hearing this, Anna was speechless. “So he paid so much money and let Tammy study here only becau se he wanted Tammy to be his son’s studying partner. Rich people can really do whatever they want. If it weren’t for Doctor Turturro here, I would never agree to send Tammy here. But now I have no choice. Anna walked behind Wayne and clenched her fists so angrily that they rattled. “What’s that soun d?” Wayne suddenly turned around to look at her. She loosened her hands and put a wide smile on her face, “What sound? I didn’t hear anything. Wayne looked down an d said calmly, “Real ly? Maybel misheard. The admission procedures had long been finis hed, and the two kids were taken away by the management assistant and went to their class. Anna came into the kindergarten with Tammy because she wanted to take a look o f the place. So did Wayne. However, Anna didn’t have as much time as him. She h ad to arrive at the company before nine o’clock, so she walked at a fast speed. She took a quick glimpse of the play area and wa s about to leave when she suddenly heard a voice questioning something. And she stopped walking. “No safety measures have been taken on the swing set. ” Wayne looked at the assistant who was following them and said in a deep tone, “Are you sure this is safe?”