Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by Melina Levine

Chapter 34


34 I’ll Make You Suffer. Standing on the escalator, Anna turned around and laughed, “I’m very busy. Unlike you, I have a lot of things to do other than thinking about how to inherit the family fortune and marry into a rich family. Allie was furious, almost digging her nails into her palm. Six years ago, she almost racked her brains to frame Anna in order to completely ruin her. In Allie’s plan, father would loathe Anna, and she wouldn’t be able to inherit the fortune of the family. However, Allie didn’t expect that she managed to escape and hid for six years. During this time, Allie had felt free and relaxed without Anna. But now, Anna had come back. What is she planning for? . After returning home from work, Anna was cooking dinner for Tam. Suddenly, her phone rang. She wiped her hands on the apron and took out her phone. The look on her face froze when she saw the caller ID. It was her father. “Dad. “I heard you’ve come back. ” Her father said in a deep voice. She hadn’t contacted him for a long time. He sounded tired. “Yeah. ” She answered in a low voice, scraping her fingers on the chopping board. Obviously, Allie told father after she went back home. She definitely wouldn’t say nice things about Anna. “Move back home now that you have come back. You don’t need to live alone. ” Anna frowned, “No, dad. I’ve been fine living here. “Anna, I know you have complaints about me because of your mother. But this is still your family. I’m worried that you will run into danger when living alone. You should…”. “Dad. ” Anna interrupted her father, “I’ve really had a good life. I… I have a job, and I live near my company. I have something to do now. I’ll hang up. I’ll go back to visit you sometime. Her father didn’t say more and told her to keep safe before he hung up. Anna had always been a stubborn girl, and she didn’t know how to pretend to be nice in front of adults like Allie

Besides, her mother died when she was born. The adults all thought that she was a jinx, so no one in the family liked this withdrawn girl. She stood in the kitchen for a long time after hanging up the phone. “Mommy. ” A cute voice from outside distracted Anna. She tried to smile at the sight of her daughter, “What? Are you hungry? Wait a second. Dinner will be ready. Tammy walked inside and pointed at the phone, “Is it grandpa?”. “Yeah. ” Anna nodded. She crouched down to touch Tammy’s head and asked irresolu tely, “Tam, do you want to see grandpa?” . Tammy blinked her big eyes, “What about mommy? If you want to g o back, I will follow you. I’ll stay with you no matter where yo u go. I’ll always be mommy’s sweetheart no matter what happens. Anna felt that her heart was filled with warmth. She pulled Tammy into her arms,“ You’re right. You’ll always be my sweetheart no matter where I go. She left with Tammy five years ago because she wanted to hide from the man who bought her child a nd because she didn’t know how to tell her family about it. If she suddenly brought a child back to home, she would have to face the condemnation of everybody in the family, so she chose to hide. Now that five years had passed, she couldn’t hide Tammy in the darkness anymore. Besides, even if she didn ’t want to put herself into trouble, there was someone else who wanted to make trouble for her. A big city as Birmingham was, it was likely that Allie found out about Tammy one day. She had to be prepared for it. It was late at night. Ada was supporting Wayne at the gate of a restaurant. She seemed to be worried about Wayne, but in fact she was looking at a minivan in a distance from the corner of her eyes. The HD camera had frantically captured every move of Ada and Wayne after they walked out of the restaurant. Ada tightened her hold on Wayne’s hand and leaned over to him. Her breasts wrapped up by the evening gown were directly pressed on Wayne’s arms and almost popped out. Wayne looked a little drunk. He slowly felt something, frowning, and pulled out his hand,“No, I can go myself. “Wayne. ” Ada hurriedly lifted the hem of her dress and followed him, “You’re drunk. I can’t let you go by yourself. I’ll send you back before I go. The people in the minivan to ok more pictures of Ada gett ing into the car with Wayne. Wayne normally lived in the townhouse in K ingsford neighborhood. The wine he drank today seemed to be much stronger than before. He stagger ed after getting out of the car and could hardly stand up. Ada called the servants to support him and walked him to the bedroom on the second floor

“Mr. Wright is too drunk. Miss Xavier, thank you for sending hi m home. ” The maid said politely. “You don’t need to thank me. Wayne and I are going to get married. I’m the one who should take care of him. ” Ada sat by the bed and brushed over Wayne’s shoulder with her slender fingers. She glanced at the maid and said, “We are alright here. Let me take care of him. “What?” The maid asked in surprise, “Miss Xavier, d on’t you need to go back?” . “Did you not hear me?” Ada’s face darkened. She said, “This place is going to become my home i n the near future. Where do you want me to go?” . Realizing that she said the wrong thing, the maid hurriedly sho ok her head, “I didn’t mean that, Miss Xavier. I’ll leave Mr. W right to you. You can call me if anything happens. I’ll go now. Ada snorted loftily as if she had already becom e the lady of the house. The maid left, and the room fell into darkness aga in. Ada slowly turned around, with a complacent smi le in her eyes, and put her hands on Wayne’s chest. “Wayne…” Heavily drunk, Wayne impatiently removed his tie and said in a husky whisper, “Hot. “You feel hot?” Ada bent to whisper in his ears, “Let me unbutton your shirt. ” As sh e spoke, she had easily undone his collar. The completely unbuttoned shirt showed Wayne’s tan firm c hest. Looking at his body passionately, Ada took off her shoes and straddled him, slowly moving her hands downward. There suddenly came a click of the doorknob, which sounded very clear in the dark silent night. The light from outside came th rough, casting a shadow of a small figure on the bedroom ground. It wa s Mat thew. At the sight of him, Ada said in a low voice with great wrath, “Who allowed you to come in? Get out!” . Normally, Matthew would immediately run away when he saw Ada, but he stood there with a pale face, grinding his teeth, because he heard the maids’ conversation just now. Though livid, Ada had to stop her move and got out of the bed. She grabbed Matthew by his collar and pulled him outside. After making sure that there was no one around, she pinched his face and warned him, “Little Matthew, I think I have told you before that I’ll make you suffer if you ruin my plan. Feeling painful, Matthew started st ruggling with her. Ada was afraid that the noise woul d attract other people’s attention, so she pushed him hard, “Stop it. Immediately after the words left he r lips, she lost hold of Matthew. T hen he slipped and fell downstairs