Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by Melina Levine

Chapter 374


‘374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. 374 Don't You Want to Take Revenge?. Anna stood there, holding the table and feeling uncomfortable. Lily was sobbing in a low voice. Her voice was intermittent as if she were being choked. Then Anna looked back, only to see that Lily's eyes were bloodshot. She was biting her wrist, and blood was dripping from it. Panicked, Anna ran over and grabbed her arm, saying, "Stop it! You're gonna die if you lose too much blood! We're in the middle of nowhere and there won't be a doctor for us!". However, Lily bit her wrist again, letting the blood bleed. Anna lowered her voice and persuaded "Lily, please listen to me. After all you've done for Ada, she brought you here as a s*x toy and forced you to. live a miserable life. Don't you want retaliation? Take a look at her life: she appears to be having a good time. Lily paused as she stared in awe at Anna. “It would be a tragedy if you died right now. Ada would throw your body into the mountains and feed the vultures. Hearing that, Lily finally let go of her wrist. She shivered and cried, "I really hate her! She's worse than devils from hell!". Anna grabbed Lily's wrist and tore the sheet off as a bandage to dress her wound and stop the bleeding. She said, "Yes, she is insane. She could have lived a normal life, but she chose to join drug dealers on a desert island. What's more, she's a murderer!". "A murderer?!" Lily asked in surprise. Anna let go of her wrist and said thoughtfully, "Yes, SHE IS A 374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. MURDERER. Ada killed someone, which is why the police are constantly on the lookout for her. She stayed with this group of people out of desperation. You are not like her, because you just made a small mistake. You can start over if you leave here and go somewhere no one knows who you are. You are still quite young, Lily. And you still have the chance to start over. Lily didn’t seem to have considered the possibility before. She was in a trance as she listened to Anna's words. Having stood up, Anna knocked on the door and asked the bearded man standing in the doorway to come over. She asked for a bucket of clean, warm water and a towel and then wiped Lily's body. “after washing, everything can be as good as new. But first, you must be in a positive frame of mind. "But how do we get out?". Anna lowered her voice and said, "There is always a way out. We can't just stay here and do nothing. This island is not well guarded, and there aren't many people on it. We can get out of here if we work together and open the back window. Lily shook her head as she looked at the sealed back window, then down at her bandaged wrist. She said, "No, you're making it far too simple

Ifit was that easy, I would have left long ago. We can't even leave this courtyard because the man at the door is on high alert. "Then we'll deal with him first," Through the window slit, Anna looked out and murmured. Meanwhile, several people were debating what they should do to rescue Anna at the Wright house. "The signal's range is too broad. There are thirteen islands in total, so I have no way of knowing which one Anna was taken to. However, looking 374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. for them island by island will take a long time. Ryan examined the situation by pointing to the computer tracking device in front of him. He then marked the dozen or so islands on the map Where Anna was most likely to be one by one. Peace suggested anxiously, "Why don't we just leave it to the cops? They can gather a large number of people to search those thirteen islands. So long as they start their operations at the same time, those villains won't find out about it. "Nice idea," Karl said, nodding. Wayne said, shaking his head, "No! If an accident occurs, the consequences will be severe. It's extremely suspicious that so many people would suddenly appear at sea. The gang must have its own anti-detection equipment, and they would kill the hostages before escaping. Moreover, the police have no way to hide themselves. Karl said anxiously, "What? Do you wanna go there and rescue Anna alone? No way! I will not let you go alone! You're not Spider-Man,. Wayne!". Turning his head, Wayne looked at Ryan and said, "There is another option. Since the anti-drug campaign started earlier this year, this mob hasn't done much business. They will come out to do business as soon as someone dares to buy drugs from them now. It would be great if we could get them all off the island. Karl, wide-eyed, asked, "You're going to get into drug dealing? Are you insane?". Ryan said, "Actually, I believe we can give it a shot. Three years ago, narcotics officers in London used this method to deal with this gang. However, they were discovered, and several people were killed. They were. at their most powerful at the time. But now things are different because 374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. they are much weaker. If he doesn't get bolder and do more business, the members will all leave. Besides, our goal this time is not to gain Dragon's trust. "What do you mean?" Karl asked. Ryan spoke slowly, "We can first take care of his men. He might not come out easily, but his men will. We can find out who is still in the business if we ask around. But, because of what happened a while ago, everyone is wary now. "What makes you think they'll believe you?". Ryan cast a glance at Wayne and said, "The cash. They don't believe in people, but they believe in money. We can definitely make this work as long as we have the money. Karl had always looked unsure about this. When he saw how certain Wayne and Ryan were about it, he knew he couldn't say anything else to talk them out of it

"So, what are you going to do?” he asked. "We plan to begin with the black market. First, we will track down vendors who have recently sold drugs. They will offer to take more shipments after we purchase some drugs from them. Most of those vendors must have gotten their goods elsewhere. As a result, they will introduce us to his supplier and profit from it. "How do you know these traders are related to Dragon?" Karl asked as he was worried. Ryan said, "Dragon's gang controls the entire city's drug trade, so no one dares to mess with him. Now that the narcotics police here are on guard, other cartel groups avoid coming here. As a result, the only drug dealers who remain here are members of the Dragon's gang. "But you still didn’t convince me. It's too dangerous!" Karl said. Peace rolled her eyes at him and grumbled, "Shut up, Karl. If Wayne 374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. hadn't had a fight with Anna, she wouldn't have been traveling alone. If Ryan hadn't messed with the drug cartel, she wouldn't have been involved in this mess. After all, the Wrights were the ones who put her through this. And the Wrights should have tried to save her at all costs!". After hearing Peace’s words, Karl didn't dare to say anything else. Then Ryan said, "! know it's all my fault, so I'll take responsibility. I'l find a way to bring Anna back safely. Peace frowned at Wayne and said angrily, "I'm not even sure if she's still alive! Wayne will irritate her once more if she returns. Everyone stopped talking, After a while, Wayne abruptly said, "I will agree to whatever Anna requests as long as she comes back safely. She can take Matthew to America, or I will never bother her as she wishes. Ryan said, "Don't worry, Anna is definitely safe now. If these drug dealers truly wanted to kill her, they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of bringing her to the island in the first place. It seemed strange to me because Dragon had never done anything like that before. Peace understood that the most important thing at this point was to get Anna out, so she simply said, "Talk to the police department and let Jasper go. Wayne frowned. "Peace, Wayne did not tell the cops to arrest Jasper”. Peace gave Ryan a stern look and said, "Cut the nonsense. If I were Jasper, I'd be the first to suspect that Wayne was hiding her too. You guys let the cops lock them up because you don't want him involved in this. Stop it and let him go. Ryan was about to say something else when Wayne took out his phone and called his friends, telling them to let Jasper go. And Peace appeared a little satisfied. Afterwards, Wayne and Ryan asked someone for 374 Don't You Want to Take Rev. help. Ryan had previously discussed it with his classmates involved in the drug bust, and they almost all agreed to help him. They'd already offended Dragon, so they weren't going to sit around and wait to die. He said cautiously, "They'll meet us tomorrow night at the back door of the downtown nightclub. We've ordered a dozen or so, and the delivery. man will be a skinny guy