Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand by Melina Levine

Chapter 31 A Shameless Woman


At first, Anna thought that Wayne refused to play because he didn’t want to trouble her, so she kept telling him that it was alright. After pushing the swing for a few rounds, she finally sensed the anger and reluctance in his tone. He said, “Anna Gabriel. Stop it. Now. ” She quickly let go of the rope, “What…What’s wrong?”. Wayne stepped on the ground and controlled the swinging ropes, his expensive leather shoes leaving two “skid marks” on the ground. He turned around and glared at Anna, said word by word, “Did I say I want to swing?. “Didn’t you just think it was not safe? You should try it for Matthew. ” Anna still hadn’t realized what a wrong thing she had done and said naturally, “Besides, staying with a child means playing the things they like. Haven’t you played with Matthew before?”. “And that’s the reason why you think I should swing right here right now?” He stared at Anna with annoyance in his eyes. Anna looked at Wayne up and down in confusion. Then the smile on her face froze. His suit was certainly incompatible with the colorful swing. Besides, she was busy thinking about comforting him and totally forgot how cold and scary he usually looked. And she just put the cold scary CEO on a children’s toy…. “Well, ahem… I suddenly remember that I’m in a hurry. I need to go to work. I…I must go now. ” Anna pretended to look at her watch and took a few steps back, quickly running away. As Anna ran out of his sight, the anger on Wayne’s face gradually faded. It seemed that his face was lit up and there was a glimmer of amusement in his eyes when he put his fingers on the ropes after making sure there was no one around. Anna didn’t stop running until she stepped out of the gate. Then she stood there to catch her breath with her hands on her chest, embarrassed and frightened. She thought,“ That was close. If I stayed there for a few more minutes, I would be killed by Wayne Wright’s sharp eyes. “Ms. Gabriel, did you come outside alone?”. Anna raised her head and saw that Ada Xavier who just walked out of Wayne Wright’s MPV was giving her a hostile stare with arms folded. Frowning, she thought of the aggressive words that Ada said to Tammy, which had aroused antagonism in her body, so she only nodded and snorted drily. Then she waved her hand by the street to get a taxi. “I suppose you must know that I’m going to marry Wayne, do you?” It seemed that Ada didn’t want to let her go so easily. Anna could only turn around and answered , “The rumor is all over the company. It’ s impossible that I don’t know about it. “That’s great. ” Ada stroked her hair and raised her chin loftily, “Though we haven’t made an official announcement, we will hold a press conference soo n

Our marriage will be a sensational news in our whole country. If anyone still holds the delusion that she could do something to our relationship in t his period of time, she should be prepared to get spat on by millions of people. Don’t forget that old saying, ‘Many go out for wool and come home shorn . “Mr. Xavier, I think you have worried too much. ” Anna pret ended that she didn’t understand what Ada said in order to evade a conflict, “I don’t quite understand what you said. However, Ada wouldn’t play along and d irectly said in a cold tone, “I meant I wanted you to stay away from Wayne. Ada had known Wayne for over six years. She had never seen him care about any woman. Once she thought that this could her advantage. Since he wasn’t interested in women, all she had to do was to occupy the position of “Mrs. Wright” so that she could obtain everything she wanted. Besides, she didn’t even need to worry that he would like another woman. But this woman in front of her managed to make Wayne willing to solve her daughter’s education problem in person. This was too weird. Now the glove s were off onc e Ada said so. Anna took a deep breath and clenched her fists. She said angrily, “Miss Xavier, I suggest that you take back what you said. “Why?” Ada snort ed coldly, “Do y ou feel guilty?” . “Do you think that every woman around Mr. Wright would like to seduce him so that they can get his money?” . “I think nine out of ten will do so. Who knows what was on your mind when you saved Matthew? Or can you tell me ho w you, a manager in training, was able to send your daughter to Blue Castle? You just wanted to make more chances to get closer to Wayne. I’m no stranger to the filthy thoughts of you people. I have seen a lot of women like you. Seeing that Ada’s mind was full of evil thou ghts and listening to her acerbic words, Ann a asked with a dark face, “A woman like me?” . “Yes. A shameless woman who achieves her goal by seducing rich men. ” Ada twitched her mouth and sneered at Anna, “I’m warning you now. Don’t cast your greedy eyes on the man and the things that don’t belong to you. Otherwise, you need to be careful about your daughter. Anna’s hands clenched involuntarily when she heard Ada’s words. She said, “Mi ss Xavier, you are responsible for what you said. I’m not interested in Mr. W right at all. All your suspicion is only an illusion because of nervousness. When Ada was about to say something more, she saw from the corner of her eye that a man she was quite familiar with came out of the kindergarten

She immediately put a b right smile on her face and turned around to greet him, “Wayne, why are you so late?” . “I got held up. ” Wayne looked at her perfunctorily and then looked at Anna, who was standing behind Ada. He asked, “I have some work to do at the hotel. Are you going with me?”. Ada had already warned her. If she didn’t keep a distance from Wayne Wright now, Ada would take her action as a deliberate provocation. She didn’t want to make any trouble, so she shook her head quickly, “No, I’ll take a taxi. Wayne didn’t insist. He got into the car with Ada and went to the hotel. Ada kept staring at Wayne on the way and saw that he seemed to be in a good mood. She was more and more sus picious that something happened in the kindergarten. She carefully asked, “Wayne, I know Ms. Gabriel saved Matthew, but don’t you think that you have been too kind to her?”. Looking out of the window at the street, Wayne said unemotionally, “Have I? You are Ehinking too much. “It must be you who made the arrangement to get her daughter into Blue Castle. ” Wayne’s face dark ened. He looked at the driver and said coldly, “» . “Gabe has been more and more careless in hiring peop le. Go to the accounting department this afternoon to clear your salary. You don’t need to come tomorrow. “Mr. Wright. ” T he driver panick ed, “I…Sorry……. “I asked him first. ” Ada hurriedly explained, “It just came out o f my mouth. I didn’t mean anything. Why are you so serious about it? Will you admit now that you care too much about Anna Gabriel?” . “I’ve told you,” said Wayne in an a nnoyed tone, glancing at her impati ently, “You are thinking too much. “Really ? I just think…” . “I don’t care what you think. ” Wayne shot a warning glance at her, “If you won’t stop talking about this topic, you can ge t out of the car now. You have had too many questions lately. Ada closed her mouth. Her hands unconsciously gripped on the purse on her knee, her knuckles white. She had an i nstinct that Anna Gabriel was definitely not that simple