From Omega to Luna

The mysterious man


“Mother, look at that filthy little bitch, we can get rid of her forever after today!” I was doing the dishes by the sink, while hearing my step sister Thana and my step mother Ann talking about me, again. “That’s right Thana, she’s already 20 years old but never developed her wolf, that’s an embarrassment for the whole family. Your father wanted to kick her out long time ago. ”I clenched my fist, my nails embedded into my palm, but I didn’t even feel the pain. I guess when ones heart hurts too much, the physical pain is not worth mentioning. After today, I will become an omega, I had been expelled from my pack. Ever since I was born, I’ve never been accepted. As a werewolf, I didn’t get my wolf at age 16 like everyone else did. For that reason, I have been blamed, taunted and humiliated by my stepmother – Ann West, as well as her daughter-Thana Green, who’s hatreds towards me is what she was born with, and of course, my father Luther Green, the greatest Gamma of Bluemoon pack. This is what saddens me the most, after my mother died, he was my only relative and the person I cared about the most. Although he doesn’t care about me as much as I care about him. My mother wasn't his mate, so he didn't have much father-daughter affection for me either. But I still wish that one day he would treat me like my stepsister Thana. “Don’t worry, mother. Father will abandon her for sure this time after what happened. Thana said to her mother smugly, without a trace of pity, as if she was not talking about her sister, but an irrelevant person. I squeeze the dishcloth tightly and let the water fill up the sink. This, is my family. “Of course he would. She defiled the whole pack, no one would care if she dies in this room. My stepmother affirmed that, as my father's mate, her words could undoubtedly have a great effect on him, especially since he never had any feelings for me. “Maybe I should destroy her face before father comes…” As she said, she suddenly came over and pinched my face hard, "Ah!" I was startled by her sudden action, and the place on my face where she pinched was hot with pain. Thana's words were so vicious, I really wanted to slap her in the face if I could, though I can’t. Thana had her own wolf long time ago, if I fought against her, it would only be me who suffer. "Tomorrow our father will expel you, and you'll be working hard in the packhouse like the other Omegas!" Thana said triumphantly, "What's the use of that face then?" She Stretching out her pointy nails towards my face. "No!" I backed away in fear, and when I was so anxious to cover my face, I splashed her with water. "You bitch!" Thana gritted her teeth at me, and I saw her twinkling brown pupils, her wolf eyes. Although Thana is strong among shewolf her age, she has a problem: she is not good at controlling her emotions, her wolf always controls her easily. “Don’t, listen to me," her mother hurriedly stopped her, "no need to be angry w ith an Omega, with a face like that, she’s going to face so much trouble out the re when she loses protection from our pack. Let’s keep her pretty face for her

"You're right, mother. " Thana struggled to control herself, holding back her ang er, her eyes finally returned to normal. I kept my eyes closed and waited until their footsteps disappear. My whole body was shaking. Not because I was scared of what they said, or the torment they gave me, I was just angry, angry at the women who just humiliate d me; angry at the girl she was talking to – my stepsister Thana; angry at my father who never took a glance at me. If the place you grew up in never wants you, can you still call it home? If the people who sleep under the same roof as you wish you would die every day, would you still consider them as family? . Sometimes I think , maybe I was born to be abandoned. I have always been the shame of the family, because I didn’ t have a wolf. Most would develop their wolves at the young age of 14, but I am 20 and I had never developed my wolf. However, I never wanted to give in to fate. For so many years, I endured Ann and Thana's day-to-day taunts and put up with my father's ignorance . I didn’t believe that the Moon Goddess will have no pity on me. I prayed to her that one day, That the Moon God will let me have my wolf, I will find my mate, he will love me, protect me, he will heal my wound and never leave me. Until that night, the night that c hanged my life. I could still remember the whole patch of lavender flowers, the rich floral scent pushing towards me like a wave. The gentle moonli ght shines on me l ike lover's gaze. I called Thana over an d over again, anxiety was about to eat me up. Early that day, Thana told me that father wo uld train me in the woods. She dropped me of f in the woods and said father was waiting. I was very happy. My father was ashamed of me all the year round and would never let me participate in any training or run in the pack. Besid es Thana and my step mother always gave me endless housework to do, sometimes I would notice that Thana was out for training, but I never kne w the location. Now, I've become a complete Omega, and maybe my father regrets about ignoring me. This could be my opportunity, I told myself. And before I co uld even react, Thana was gone. After countless tries of calling her, Thana fina lly picked up the phone. "Where are you? Where is my father? Why did you l ie to me?" I was furious. Her shrill laugh came from the speaker: “My silly sister, do you really think father would waste his time and train you, an Omega?”She laughed e ven more exaggeratedly, "I just thought it was fun to tease you! Hahaha" . Tease me? I cannot believe it. It's far from the packhouse, sh e drove me here just to make fun of me? And she knew that I did n't have a wolf at all, so I couldn't shift, and then ran home

Just when I was in a daze, I heard a low roar from the l avender garden not far away. The person sounded miserabl e, I approached cautiously: "Who's there? Are you okay?" . Suddenly, a big hand wrapped around my lower back, and I fell uncontrollably into the fragrant flowers. What is going o n? I wanted to run away, but he was too strong, and when I realized the aura emanating from him, I shivered. That is - an alpha aura! He is a mighty werewolf, an alpha! "Please…" I'm just an Omega without a wolf, how can I resist an alpha? . His arms clung to me like steel, and he was so close behind me, his cheek w as against my neck, and I could feel his fiery breath. His lips brushed aga inst my earlobe, and I heard him growled in a low voice: "My mate…my Luna…" . Wait, no! It can’t be, I can’t be his mate, I didn’t even have a wolf. “I’m not…I’m not your mate…”I t ried to waken him, but fear mad e my words sounds like pieces. Suddenly, his hand forced my head toward him, and just as I tried to see his face, his lips covered mine. A strong smell of alcohol mixed with a hint of mint filled my mouth, his kisses were hot and rough, I nearly couldn’t breathe. Yet his other hand gently caressed my back, as if to comfort me. "Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to do this to you," I could feel him trying to hold back as he paused abruptly after touc hing my sensitive skin, his trembling growl showing his pain. "Elias, don't do this to m e, I can't, can't be contro lled by this stupid bond!" . Elias, is that hi s wolf? Is he tal king to his wolf? . "I can't do this to a poor woman!" Hope rose in my heart when I heard his words. But still, I saw hi s glittering golden eyes - those are his wolf eyes? . "Sorry," his big hand caressed my body again, "I'll be gentle!" His magnetic voice echoed in my ear, his lips nibbled at the tip of my ear, making me shudder. I'd say no, he doesn't look like the kind of alpha wolf who doesn't care what shewolves wa nt, but soon, a strange feeling enveloped me. I could smell a strange scent on him, that scent made me feel safe and sound. His kiss, his touch, nothing felt weird. He was a tota l stranger, but I feel like I have known him from deep to my soul…. His caresses gradually became less gentle, and I could hea r his moans. My body was trembling with his touch. Desire t ook over my body, I knew that I was going to lose control. His hands were going f urther, I didn’t stop him, I didn’t want to. If I was meant to be falling, a t least I’m falling with him, i nto this deep, destinate desire… . By then, I didn’t know that what happened that night, would made m y miserable life hit rock bottom