Chapter 28


*************. Mara. With every sexy pose I took, Damien take pictures of me, his eyes had gone from green to dark but I was far too enjoying myself to stop. Damien groans and looks up above the camera "Can I stop taking pictures now? I want to tear that lingerie off you" He asked. I smirk at him and change my pose again "Hold on will you lover boy? Am far too enjoying myself to stop"I made a moaning sound and change my pose again. The next thing I knew was Damien carrying me and flinging me over the bed, I giggled, I must have teased him far than he could bear. "You like teasing me, don't you? Then watch how I will make you beg"He whispered against my ear making me go all hot, I pray he doesn't tease me too much, and if he does am going to have to put Violet in control. Let see how he tries to tease her. *******. *********. *********. Author's POV. "Hmm" She whispered, and Damien pressed his finger more firmly against her mouth, a caress that Mara felt to her cold, She shuddered, unable to stop herself which Made Damien smile, definitely his plan to tease her was working. "So lovely" He murmured as he traced the outline of her lips with his fingertip. "And so lovely". Damien trailed his finger from her lips to her chin and then down to the hollow in her throat, where her pulse beat frantically. He rested it there, his brows drawn together as he studied her. He glance at her underneath heavy-lidded eyes and then he dropped his finger lower, undoing the lingerie she was wearing. She blush her heart trembled as he knelt before her, his hands on her hips, anchoring her in. place, she stare at him, feeling as pinned and as beautiful as a butterfly. Waiting. Then he lowered his mouth to hers and her mind blissfully empire out. This was what had happened the first time he'd kissed her. Bearly a brush of lips and yet her senses, every single one, had short-circuited. She hadn't been eagle to think. She had barely remembered to breathe. The touch of his mouth to hers had felt like a spark to her soul, lighting up a fire within her. And when Damien had taken control of their kiss it become a complete conflagration. She was consumed. And Mara felt consumed now, in the best possible way as his mouth moved over hers and then lower, he kissed his way down her throat making her moan out in frustration, yup he was bent on teasing her. His tongue touched the hard edge of her collarbone before nestling in the hollow of her throat, sucking and teasing. A shudder escape her and she arched up, already helpless. He completely discarded her of everything she was wearing leaving only her bra and pant Mara blush in embarrassment, trying to cover herself up. "You're are even lovelier than before," Damien said softly. "There's no need to be embarrassed. She tried to hide the fact that she was still embarrassed when Damien begin to kiss her again. He tore his mouth away from her as he move it lower, a shuddering ga so escaping her as her eyes flutter closed and his lips nudge aside the thin cotton of her bra. Her body arched off the bed as he continue his soft and deft exploration, unclasping her bra so swiftly Mara barely realized it had gone, her mind was blurred with sensation, fiery arrows of pleasure shooting through her as Damien continued to explore her body with his mouth and hands. Without fully realizing what was happening she was naked and so was Damien. She gazes up at him, his skin burnished in the dim light, his chest taut and muscled and perfect. Mara trembled against the bed, aware, even in her pleasure state daze state, what a step she was taking. Damien must have sensed something of her feelings for he paused, his hand brush on either side of her head, his breathing harsh and ragged. "Mara. are you sure?" She nodded, too overwhelmed to speak "Tell me"He urged. "Tell me to go on or tell me to stop". Mara draw in a deep breath into her lungs, her body splayed and open to his "Yes" She whispered and reached up to lace her fingers around his neck, bringing his mouth down to hers "I'm sure". Damien needed no more encouragement. He kissed her hard in the mouth as his hips pressed against hers and Mara stiffened at the sudden and strange invasion of her body. He smiles softly at her "It going to hurt a little at first okay". He let out a groan as he slide fully I side her, and Mara tried hard not to flinch, adjusting to the feeling of him, she felt like she had been ripped apart. So this was sex?. Then the pain died down "It alright?"He asked, unable to speak Mara nodded wanting him to move already. She arched up, drawing him more fully into her body, wrapping her legs around his hips. Damien begin to move with slow, deliberate thrusts and as she adjust to the feel of him a flicker of pleasure begin to grow, Mara started to match his rhythm, and the flicker grew into a flame, their bodies moving in unison as the fire began to rage. Both of them search and strain for the height of the pleasure until it butts like an explosion of flame, Mara's jagged cry ranting the air before they fell back against the sofa emotionally and physically spent. *******. *********. *********. Mara. I woke up an hour or so, I felt so tired, when I made to turn I hit a hard body I open my eyes and saw it was Damien luckily he was still sleeping so I have all the time in the world to blush. "Good morning sleepyhead, "A voice said in my mind, of course I know that isn't Violet but who is talking to me again? Does that mean I. have two wolves?. "Silly! You don't have two wolves! You want to shy away from me right" I know who has that voice, I look up at Damien he was staring at me but not saying a word. But he was saying something inside my mind. foolish me! That was mind linking wow so since Damien and I complete the mating process we could mind link now. "Of course we can"This time he opened his eyes and said it smiling at me. I blushed "But wait how do you know what I was thinking"I asked. "The mating process allows me to read your thoughts, Mara, I know everything going on in your mind right now"He winked at me. If Damien could read my thought that means he may know I was planning on going to see the Vampire king today with Jordan, no I shouldn't think about it before he read my thoughts again, I decided to search for something else to think about like how cute Damien is. Yeah, that better

"That not fair! Why can't I read yours"I whine pouting?. "That because I blocked mine. I will still teach you how to block me out too and once your Luna ceremony is done, you will be able to mind link the pack members as well but right now am fat to enjoying your thoughts on how cute I am"He winked at me. I blushed "Don't let your head grow bigger I was just kidding". "But that not what your thoughts are saying wait. are you trying to hide something from me"He suddenly asked. "No no!"I answered too sharply but guess he didn't notice. "Your thoughts are getting complicated to read as if you are trying to stop yourself from thinking about a particular thing"He frowned. I need to distract him, I did the only thing that came to my mind, I pull his head closer to mine and kiss him deeply gladly that distracted him. "Up for another round"He asked. "Sure" I winked then blushed. He Is A Wolf. **** ***** ***** . Sem ifi nal . ***** ***** ****** . M a ra . Damien already left to do alpha’s work while I was in the room, well I guess it was time for me to leave, I hurry up downstairs and bump into the person I was looking for. “You okay,” J ordan asked l ooking at me. “Well, I need your hel p come with me” I pull him upstairs with me. “Mara, what’ s up?” . “I want us to go after the vampire king,” I told him. “What? Are you nuts? We have to wait up for Damien, you don’t want it to be like the la st time it's too dangerous” Jordan answered. “We have powers and Damien would understand, I cannot spend my entire life scared that the vampire king would wake up and snatch me away, I have a life to live and because of him I cannot even go to school, how long will we be able to handle that,” I asked him which made him silent for a while. Am sure he was thinking ab out what I said, in the me antime, I got ready to go. “Fine, I won’t let you g o after him alone, am co ming with you” He agreed. Half an hour later both Jordan and I left the house after I left a note for Damien telling him I was going after the Vampire kin g at least if anything goes wrong he’d come after me to save me. But only the person who would need saving would be the vampire king, I was so lost in thought t hat I hadn’t noticed Jordan had stopped walking. “What ha ppened,” I asked. “Shhh” He whispered then I heard a loud growl, geez ha ve we entered someone's territory? Oh, I hope am not ab out to become a rogue not when I have a mate out there. The large wolf came to view and I breathe not noticing I was holdi ng it, it was Damon, he shifted and put on a shirt which Liam must have given me, and true to my word Liam came out of a nearby bush. “Look they found us” J ordan smile. “So soon? What did you do” I glared at him? . “Me” He dec ided to pla y innocent. “Don’t lie to me, you mind linked him right? I should have known you were mind linking him when you were quiet the whole time” I scolded. “So you were planning to go out there and fi ght the vampire king alone? Do you even know where he’s hiding” Damien asks glaring at me? . “Well if I keep looking I may see him” I defended. “And what if you wandered o ff to a wrong territory? Yo u’d get caption as a rogue” . Well, he was kind of right, I wasn’t thinking this true but when I thought of it, it had m ade perfect sense but now it just sounds dumb. “Sure you’re right and thank God you’re here but do you know the vampire king hideout,” I asked. “I guess, The witch will be giving us feedback n ow let go” Damien reply. *** *** *** . ** *** *** . Da mi en . Thank God I had to find Mara tight on time, well than ks to Jordan as well the vampire king knew she would be coming after him and he already set a trap for her. “Mara, you and Jordan will be the first going into the curved Liam and I will stand behind and instruct the guards to surround them, we won’t be giving the vampire king any chance to escape this time,” I told her. She nodded, I hugged her before she left wit h Jordan while Liam and I stayed behind, we h ave to make it hard enough for him to escape. “Are you sure he is in he re? What if it is another trap?”Liam asks worriedly. “The witc h would h ave known” . “But what if he got another witch p rotecting him? They could give us t he wrong signals” Liam pointed out. “You’re right, I don’t w ant to risk Mara’s life let go in,” I told Liam. “Not yet! Mara has powers as well…whatever Royal stuff th ey have I guess that should buy us enough time to instruct the guards on what to do before going in” Liam suggested. Am just starting to get worried bu t I nodded anyway, I won’t make the same mistake I made the other day. ** ** *** . ** *** *** . M a ra . “Look who is here! My little mate!”A dark voice chuc kle behind us, Jordan and I quickly turn around only to realize a sliver cage has been dropped around us. W ho a! . So he knew we are coming here today and set a trap for us? Does Dami en know about it? And he looks scarier than I have ever seen him, the re was a crawls mark on his face, the same one I had given to Janiel. Only God kno ws who had gi ven him that. “Well, it crawl s on power” He chuckled again. Did he know how h orrible does soun ds are? I bet not. “Bring her out of here” Another vampire guard walks out of the dark and pulls me out of the cage, he the ws me on the floor at the bloody vampire king's feet. “Your first punishment for running away from me is watching your brothe r being sucked to death” He sneered. I turn back to see sev eral people well Vampi res surrounding Jordan. “Let him go! You want me as you r mate right? There you have me but let my brother go” I yelled. This made the cage that Jordan wa s staying in break loose, causing the whole vampires to move back. “Cowards! Suck him to death” The vampire king sai d angrily, his eyes going red, the same as mine, w hen I yelled my eyes automatically changed to red. “I said ste p away” I y elled again. Stones after stones begin to fall, everywhere going nuts , the stones were killing the vampires and dude to the l ight coming from outside the begin to melt and dried up. This is good

Jordan was moving the stones away one after the other to make more light com e in and stone after stone was falling. “Mara watch o ut” Jordan su ddenly yelled. I turn around and look up, only to see a big stone falling in my direction, I look up and panic for a moment the sto ne almost hit me but someone pushes me away, we both fall. “Are you ok ay?”Damien asks softly. Thank goodnes s! I would ha ve died today. “Yes am fine but the Vampire king…don’t let hi m run away” Damien help me up, we both turn to see the Vampire king trying to chant something. He is going to vanish like before, I signal to Liam, who quickly moves one of the stones away, light shines directly from the roof and stone after ston e keeps falling, of course, the stone fell on the Vampire king, he screamed. I was enjoying the view until I heard Damien yell for us to get out, the whole place was crashing down, rocks after rocks are falling. We ran to the entrance but it was blocked, and more rocks were rolling towards us, someone push the rocks from outside and it shattered, the witch was standin g outside just as soon as we step out of the cave the whole thing crashed down. Finally, th e vampire ki ng is dead!. “Mara! You are bleeding” Damien cr ied out, then I notice blood drippi ng out from my forward and fainted. He I s A Wolf . **** ***** ***** . Seas on f inale . ****** ****** ******* . M a ra . Isn’t he supposed to throw me another birthday party? Geez, what kind of boyfriend is he? . And I wanted the party before th e Luna ceremony well seems like I wouldn’t be getting any party. It's been three days since we came back home from the battle with the vampire king, who is dead now and I have also told Damien about Janiel’s death. Well, all the bad guys are now gone am so happy and sad and angry at the same time, sad about my grandma and a ngry that Damien hadn’t even tried to make it up to me. I have forever d reamt about my ei ghtieth birthday. “Hi,” Tricia and A llison said taking a seat opposite me. “Hello” I reply not as cheerfully as he would like to buy who am I kidding? Am in a bad mood already. “Ohhh…I even forgot to tease you, you’ve got Dam ien's scent mixed with you’re now tell me the di rty have been done already right” Tricia winked. I blush a little “Shut up, it been five days ago” I rolled my eyes. “Oh am sure something happen yesterday or so I heard your screams when I wal k past you guys' room” Allison laughed. I threw a slice of pizza at her “Your little liar! I was screaming about a cockroach” . “Well doesn’t seem so…you look angry a while ago what up,” Tri cia asked waving Allison aside. “Damien promised me he is going to throw me another birthday party but he didn’t am sure he forgot about it” I answered. “You should be preparing for your Luna cer emony…. get ready to rule the pack alongsid e your dear Damien” Allison bows a little. “I just wish I have a party, I keep forgetting am no longer just a human” I roll my eyes. “You will be fine am sure” Tr icia console as she hugs me t ightly I could hardly breathe. ** ** *** . *** *** *** . I waited patiently for Dami en after school beside his far but he never showed up. Which reminds me I haven’t seen him all day in school, am so going to give h im a piece of my mind when I get home, I watch as Liam, Josh, and Jordan appr oached us and Jordan already found his mate, she’s a werewolf very cute Lisa. And she gets along with us well and my relationship with Jordan is like every brother and sister . n o w. “Hey doll face” Josh s ide getting into the dr iver's side of the car. “Hey sis” Jordan l aughed, I wonder w hy he is laughing. “You should have see n your face” The thr ee guys laugh harder. “Hehehe…Wh ere’s Damie n” I asked. “Just get in the car Luna will you,” Liam said opening t he back door for me, I haven’t even got in when Lisa sho ve me aside and sat down, Tricia came next then Allison. “Fine” I got into the ca r with them. “Why didn’t you choose the limo? This car is so tig ht” Lisa grumbled, brushing her ginger curls away f rom her face, I love her hair color wish I had that. “Because boys are so dumb of course ” Allison replied. “Well, that o ffensive” Jor dan reported. “Will you move thi s car? I have to g et home” I yelled. “It's so tight,” Tr icia said. “Josh is the only one who g ets to sit Comfortably at th e driver's seat,” Liam said. Finally, they drove out of t he parking lot. Getting home I went upstairs read y to give Damien a piece of my mi nd, I turn on the light and gasp! . Wow, the whole room was dec orated right to my taste my dream Eighteenth birthday. “I thought we coul d have our little party” He smirked. “All this for me!”I ye lled jumping on him, w e both fell on the bed. “Oh, and Jordan said you were going to give me a piece of yo ur mind…so give it all baby” He . grinned then kiss me, I push him off. “So you were home doing all this for me? I love you Dam” I chirp happily. “Dam? Don’t call me that ” He frowned. “Whatever! Let cut the cake al ready chocolate cake? Wow, am dying to eat that” I grumbled. “First can I have this dan ce? He asked. “Why of course y ou may” I bow a little laughing. I know everything will be far from now on, I got great friends, wh o are also family, and I have Damien by my side and I discovered a whole new self, being something else isn’t as bad as you may think. I am happy and am sure if m y parents and granny are lo oking down at me right now. ****** ******* ******* . THE E ND. 2 4 4