Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 12


Veronica answered the call and listened to the old woman’s warm words. Elizabeth told her that if something were to happen to her, she should give her a call. Elizabeth then hung up after she heard a yes from Veronica. “Stop the car!” Veronica shouted after ending the call. Glaring at her, Matthew reached out his hand and grabbed her by her jaw before turning her face toward himself. “What? Think you’re somebody now just because you have Grandma’s support?”. “It’s not that. ” She shoved his hand away and dropped her gratifying act. “Although you’re rich and good-looking, Matthew, not every woman is dying to be married to you, so you don’t have to be so smug all the time. What happened this time was just an accident. I understand that you don’t want me to be pregnant, but I don’t have the desire to bear your child as well. Two months later, I’ll go get checked in the hospital, and you can have. Thomas follow me. If the results state that I’m pregnant, we can opt for an abortion then, cutting off any connection there is between us. ” Seeing her serious attitude, Matthew revealed a grin. “You think I’d buy that?” After all, how could he trust a slippery, Oscar-worthy woman like her? “It’s all up to you, but that’s the best choice, isn’t it?” Veronica confidently smiled. Her bright smile somewhat disgusted Matthew. “Stop the car!” With that, the sedan stopped. Veronica politely bid her farewell. “Goodbye. ” Having said that, she pushed the car door open before slamming it shut and departing. Her forceful slam left the car swinging. Meanwhile, inside the car was Matthew rubbing his forehead, perturbed by how troublesome Veronica was. “Pay close attention to her phone calls and have someone to keep an eye on her. ” “Yes, Young Master Matthew,” Thomas replied without questioning his boss. Having worked for Matthew for many years, he was well aware of how he thought. He understood that Matthew was worried Veronica might look for another man or seek any kind of measure to impregnate herself within the following two months. … And so, for one and a half months,. Veronica never bumped into Matthew. She had returned to her previous life—working as a security guard at Twilight Club during the night and doing takeout deliveries in her spare time during the day. Other than that, she would send lunch over to her foster mother at the hospital. Her foster father, on the other hand, remained unconscious

One day, as she was delivering takeouts to her customers, she received a phone call from the private investigator. “Miss Murphy, I’ve found the negligent driver,” the investigator claimed. Since the negligent driver succeeded in escaping the accident involving her foster parents, plus the fact that, after the investigation, the vehicle was discovered to be a legally scrapped car, the negligent driver was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, the private investigator was able to come up with a way to locate the car, and obtain the blood inside it to run a DNA test. Eventually,. he discovered that the negligent driver was in fact a criminal. Receiving the news, Veronica was even more convinced that the Larsons had bribed the police office r responsible for the case. Otherwise, how could the police force fail to come to a finding? “Where is the man?” “I’ll arrive at Bloomstead in two hours. I’ll con tact you again by then. ” “Great. Thanks. ” After hanging up her phone, Veronica muttered, “Dad, Mom, I’m getting closer to the truth! I’ll make sure the people who . hurt you pay for it!” In the meantime, in the Larson Residence, Rachel received a call. After ending the call, she nervously stared at Floch and Tiffany who were sitting on the couch, anxiously stat ing, “A private investigator hired by Veronica found the driver in the accident. Do you think she has figured out that we were behind it?” “What? How did Veronica find him? Didn’t you say we recruite d someone trustable?” Tiffany visibly panicked. As the matter would affect the Larson Family’s reputation, she couldn’t just stay out of it, fearing that it would tremendously hurt the family’s name. Then, Floch revealed a glum look. “Tiffy only began to get closer with Young Master Matthew recently. We can’t let Veronica work out that we were involved in the accident. Or else, we can no longer dwell in this city. ” Rachel replied, “Indeed. That’s what I’m worried about. ” Floch pondered with a glower. “Now that Veronica’s investigator has found the driver, if we wish to keep this buried, the driver will have to die. ” Rachel then questioned, “What if Veronica already . knows about it?” “Then she shall die too! As long as she lives, us Larsons can never find peace!” Tiffany’s face was filled with apathy along with traces of malice. Feeling helpless, Rachel and Floch peered at each other. Although Tiffany’s suggestion was an overkill, if Veronica found out about the truth, she would definitely inform Elizabeth about it. By then, they could forget about establishing a connection with the Kingses. “Fine, I’ll come up with something. Unable to sit still, Floch stood up and left. Two hours later, Veronica received another call from her private investigator on her way home from deliverin g takeouts

“Are you in Bloomstead already? Where should I look for you?” She couldn’t suppress her feelings and was obviously agitated. “Greetings, Miss M urphy. I’m Ash, the private investigator’s assistant. I was told to relay to you that my boss has decided to terminate your recruitment. ” “What? I’ve given . you a total of 80,000, and now you’re saying you’re going to call it quits?” Veronica was infuriated. “The private investigator responsible for you r investigation was violently beaten up by a gang of men on the way to Bloomstead, and the negligent driver was taken away. My colleague is in a cr itical condition and is now in the ICU. ” “How can that be? Where’s the investigator now? I’ll go have a look…” “There’s no need for that. Farewell. Finished, the person on the other side of the phone hung up. In that instant, Veronica was thoroughly baffled. She stopped her scooter under a tree by the road. The sky was covered in gray cloud s. Suddenly, the thunder roared and a downpour quickly followed. The raindrops fell on her helmet while she remained stationary, sitting on her scooter. Larsons… It’s another ruthless move pulle d by the Larsons! Veronica was utterly enraged, though there was still fear for the Larson Family within her. After sitting idly by the road for a long time, she suddenly sprung up from her seat. As she was about to leave, her vision started to darken, and she collapsed. Later, in the hospital, the unconscious Veronica was apparently sent to th e hospital by Matthew’s man who was monitoring her. After some time, she finally regained consciousness. Swiftly, she opened her eyes, only to find he rself waking up in the hospital while beside her was a nurse changing her IV liquid. She raised her hand and rubbed her drowsy head, asking the nurse, . “W-Why am I here?” After changing the IV liquid pack, the nurse replied, “You’re pregnant, and you weren’t getting enough rest, which caused you to faint. ” “What? I-I’m… pregnant? No way. I even had my period two days ago. ” Veronica shook h er head rapidly. Matthew and I only did it a couple of times that night, and he managed to hit the jackpot? Isn’t that… too easy? “What? That’s a threatened miscarriage, which is why you lost some blood. You’re a grown woman, yet you can’t tell if you’re pregnant?” “T-Threatened miscarriage?” The news stormed into Veronica’s head, leaving her immensely dazed. All of a sudden, the ward door opened, and Matthew, who she hadn’t seen for more than a month, appeared in her vision