Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 19


Chapter 19 . “Sure. Daniella nodded. “So, does this mean you said yes?”. With a cheeky smile on his face, Xavier stood up and took out the necklace from the brocade box. “Come here. I‘ll put it on for you. As he stood up in front of Veronica, she frowned and opened her mouth to say in a low voice, “Hey, don‘t cross the line—it‘ll be too much if we take this act a step further. Xavier raised his eyebrows at her. “We have to act properly so they‘ll believe us. He undid the pendant necklace, approached her, and put the necklace on her in the fashion of a hug. Even though it was just an act, Veronica still blushed because of how intimate the move was. The nurses at the door cheered in excitement. “Aw. How touching!”. “Oh, my God. If I wasn‘t a nurse, I might have the time to fall in love and be in a relationship myself. ” I. “Kiss, kiss, kiss!”. “Yes, yes! Kiss!”. “Hahaha…. More nurses joined in on the fun and even tried to make it a big deal. Not only that, they were even standing aside while filming videos and cheering. Immediately, Veronica was speechless. She felt helpless at the nurses outside her room. Easy peasy. Xavier tilted his head to look at the female nurses at the door. His beautiful lips. curled into an upward are before he planted them on Veronica‘s check. “Damn, public display of affection right in my face!”. “I‘m so jealous!”. “I could have a dozen boyfriends if they were all like this!”. “Come on. We should get back to work. Let‘s go, or the head nurse will chew us out again. The nurses grinned at Veronica and left. Veronica, on the other hand, stood there with a slightly stiff body, staring at Xavier with angry eyes. That look seemed to be saying, Xavier Crawford, you jerk! Didn‘t you say that this was all just acting? You‘re just taking advantage of me! . Xavier merely smiled. On the contrary, Daniella was in a very good mood , and she repeatedly told her, “Veronica, Xavier is so kind to you–you have to be nice to him too. “Okay, Mom. I know…” . Veronica nodded. Immediately after, she turned her head to look at Xavier and said in a voice that only the tw o of them could hear, “Xavier Crawford, I‘ll kill you. Although the two of them were just acting, Daniella remained in a very good mood till noon that day , and she even finished the lunch that Veronica brought

After the lunch, she never mentioned wantin g to discharge from the hospital again. Once she finished eating, Veronica and Xavier left the ward. Daniella sent the two of the m to the elevator. “Xavier, take care on your way back. “Sure thing, Mrs. Murphy,” Xavier put his arms around Veronica‘s sh oulders and replied very politely. “Don‘t buy me any mo re things when you c ome next time, okay?” . “Understood, Mrs. Murphy. You should go back and rest. “Well, then I will go visit Mr. M urphy for a bit. ” As she said that , Daniella turned around and left. Veronica was speechless. Was that it? My existence is nothing to them already? That quickly?Ding. The elevator doors closed. In an instant, Veronica‘s expression changed. Immediately, she brush ed away Xavier‘s hand and kicked him in the shin. “Xavier Crawford, a re you out of your mind? I told you to act–not take advantage of me!” . “Ouch…” Xavier rubbed his leg in pain. “If I become a cripple because of this, you‘ll have to support me for the rest of yo ur life. Besides, it was just a show; why are you so serious?” . “Then why did you kiss me?” . “The ‘plot‘ called fo r it. What else could I do but play along?” . “You! A*sh ole!” . Veronica‘s head began to hurt the more she quarreled with Xavier. At that point, she fo und it pointless to talk to him and proceeded to take off the necklace, but was stopped by Xavier. “If you take the necklace off now, your mother will be suspicious tomorrow. “Nevertheless, I c an‘t have this, it is too expensive. “I bought it at a roadside stall for 23 bucks. I f you still think it‘s expensive, you can buy me more mutton skewers when we have dinner tonight. “Well, I guess that‘s fine. ” Ver onica bought what Xavier said, s o she didn‘t think much about it. The two walked out of the elevator and passed through the lobby of the inpatient departme nt. Right at that moment, a group of doctors and nurses in white coats approached, and in front of them were Matthew and Thomas, looking as if they were some sort of celebrities. When Veronica saw Matthew, Matthew was also looking at her, then his eyes finally fell on Xavier. At that exact moment, Xav ier had his arms around Veronica‘s shoulders, and the two of them chatted and laughed like good friends. Immediately, Matth ew‘s calm face burst into stormy waves, but he still managed to perfectly conceal all of his emotions within a split second. It was just that the two passed each other this time, and neithe r spoke to the other. Xavier only looked at Veronica and chatted with her the whole time, so he didn‘t notice Matthew passing by. They then exited the hospital, and Xavier left. When Veronica was riding her motorcycle and was about to drive away, the phone in her pocket rang. When she took it out, she saw that the call was from Matthew. She frowned in annoyance

“Hi, Young Master Matthew. How can I help?” Like bullets, her words escaped her lips with an obviously nasty attitude. “Come to your father‘s ward in f ive minutes. Otherwise, I will le t the experts leave immediately. “What? Okay, o kay. I‘ll be th ere right now. As soon as she heard that there were experts with him, Veronica sudden ly remembered the group of ‘angels in white‘ who were following closel y behind Matthew, and she immediately ran back with her phone in hand. At that time, the medical experts were discussing Tony‘s condition in the office. Matthew walke d out of the office as he was bored and walked toward Tony‘s ward. When he passed by the nurses ‘ station, several nurses were still chatting about the scene with Veronica and Xavier just now. “Hey, girls. Why do you think Veronica Murph y has such a good life? She only looks averag e, yet such a handsome guy confessed to her. “Huh? That‘s impossible. She is so ugly—it would b e nice if someone even liked her to begin with. How could she get such a handsome guy on top of that?” . “It‘s real! Why would I lie to you? We saw it with our own e yes and even recorded a video. “Let me take a look. Matthew overheard the conversations of those nurses and slowed down on purpose, only to hear their gossip. Immediately, he thought of Xavier, who was with Veronica just now, and he already understood the situation. “My God. This guy is so handsome. “I know, right? He even kneeled down on one knee to confess and gave her a necklace. My boyfrien d has to propose to me like this in the future. “Damn, I‘m go ing crazy ove r his looks. The nurses only kept gossiping—they obviously didn‘t notice Matthew, who was passing by. Originally, he fou nd a team of experts for Veronica‘s father, but now it . seemed that it was no longer necessary. With that in mind, Matthew walked into the elevator with a gloomy face and called Thomas. “T here is no need for the expert team to treat Tony Murphy anymore. “Young Master Matthew, what‘s the matter?” B ut before Thomas could get an answer, the cal l was hung up from the other end of the line. Matthew‘s face was as black as the bottom of a burned pot, and he too k the elevator down to the first floor. When the elevator door opened , Veronica was standing outside the elevator–she seemed out of breath. “W–Why did you come down? Didn‘t you say that you hired a team of experts for my dad? Are they in his ward already?” Veronica a sked Matthew. She then said, “I‘ll go up and have a look first. The man stood upright, his hands in the pockets of his trousers. He then gl anced coldly at the new necklace on Veronica‘s neck. The jewel glimmered un der the light of the elevator, making it exceptionally dazzling in his eyes. “No need. I already told th em to leave. ” He brushed pa st Veronica and walked away. In an obvious state of confusion, Veronica immediately looked at the tim e on her watch. “Hold on. I only took two minutes, which is obviously fa ster than the five minutes you gave me. How can you break your promise?”