Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 22


Veronica joked lightheartedly. Seeing that she was here, Xavier put away his mobile phone, pushed open the car door, and got out of the car. “What can I do? God made me so charming that all those young ladies love throwing themselves at me. “Bah, how shameless. Veronica‘s face showed contempt. In the whole of Bloomstead, although Xavier was a ‘swinger‘in everyone‘s mouth, no one dared to be so presumptuous like Veronica in front of him due to the strength of the Crawford Family. Only Veronica, who was like a sister to him, could ruthlessly nag him on his behavior. “Let‘s go eat! I didn‘t eat lunch so that I can cost you a big one today. “Tsk, you say that, but God knows which woman‘s bed you were in this afternoon. The two walked to the food stall while talking. Veronica naively thought that Xavier had never been to a food stall before, so she took the initiative to order a lot of food. While waiting for the food, she realized that the people around her threw them strange looks from time to time. “Damn, that handsome guy is so rich. He is driving the latest Maserati, which is worth more than 30 million. “Oh, Lord! The girl sitting across from him is so damn ugly. “She is so ugly, and yet she can meet rich and handsome guys. I guess her family conditions are also good. “Well, that makes sense. They could naturally hear the obvious whispers of the crowd. Veronica didn‘t think too much of it. Instead, she looked at Xavier. “How about… we sit inside?”. She was afraid that Xavier wouldn‘t be able to bear the strange looks and gossip. “You‘re afraid that I‘d feel ashamed? You‘re so cute. As Xavier said that, the boss brought over iwo bottles of beer. Briskly, he took a pair of chopsticks and pried off the caps, poured two glasses of wine with a disposable cup, and took a sip. “As far as I can remember, unpleasant words have been ringing in my cars everyday, but I still live at case. Well, we shouldn‘t pay too much attention to other people‘s opinions but live for ourselves. ” He raised his eyebrows and looked at Veronica. “Only by practicing to be invincible will you not be hurt by gossip, and it is also a means of protecting yourself. Come on. Cheers. “I can‘t drink. Veronica knew that she had a child in her womb, so she could only lie. “I‘m having my period. I‘ll have some tea. She had known Xavier for three to four months, but most of their interactions were in the Twilight Club. It was their first time coming out and having dinner like this. From his words, Veronica discovered that perhaps Xavier was not the kind of trash that outsiders saw as a good–for–nothing

At the same ti me, at the Lar son Residence. When Floch got the information that he sent his people to investigate, he rushe d back to the Larson Residence and told Tiffany and Rachel the results. “Veroni ca Murphy has been pregnant with Matthew‘s child for more than two months now. “What, p–pregnant? Impossible. Veronica has such an ugly face. How could Matthe w even bring himself to sleep with her?” . Tiffany could not accept such a resu lt no matter what. She picked up the documents on the table. In addit ion to various examinations, there were also photos of Matthew and Veronica appearing in the hospital. “I heard that Old Mrs. Kings gave Young Master Mathew medicine in order to let him have children. Who knew that Veronica ran into Matthew by mistake, and the two naturally slept together…” . Floch expl ained. However, his squared, dark–ski nned face was full of anger. “ This b*tch has such good luck” . Rachel sat on the sofa and care fully looked at the investigatio n results without saying a word. On the contrary, Tiffany couldn‘t stay calm. “No, this can‘t be. If Veronica‘s child is born, how can I marry Matthew?”. “Tiffan y, calm down!” . Rachel snorted softly when she saw Tiffany‘s emotions burst out. “You have had a good relationship with Matthew Kings in the past two months. Based on what he said, he is v ery satisfied with you, which means that he does not love Veronica. Why are you angry?” . “But Veronica is pregnant wi th his child! I will never l et that child see the world. Tiffany‘s face was red wi th anger, and her eyes we re full of killing intent. It was a terrify ing look. “Are you crazy? Don‘t forget who you are now. The thing with Veronica‘s parents hasn‘t subsided yet, and you are already thinking of messing with Matthew‘s child? Do you still want to marry into the Kings Family?” Rachel scold ed. “If you don‘t curb your arrogance and impatience, you won‘t be able to make great achievements in your life. After being reprimand ed by Rachel, Tiffany finally calmed down. As she sat on the sofa, her eyes were red with anger. She hated t hat b*tch, Veronica, to her core. Just as the few fe ll silent, Tiffany ‘s cell phone rang. She sobbed, took out a tissue to wipe her tear s, and looked at the screen of her mobile phon e, only to realize that it was Matthew‘s call. “Tiffany immediately regained her comp osire, answered the phone, and said in a sofi, cotton–like voice, “Matthew?” . “Would you like to marry into th e Kings Family?” . Matthew was straight to the point, and his words were clear and concise, . “Huh? What? … I didn‘t hear what you said Mathew

How co uld sh e not? . She clearly heard that Matth ew was asking her if she wan ted to marry into his family! . However, the news w as too sudden and c aught her off guard, . It was as if a huge sum of money fell from the s ky and knocked her duris. “Do you want to m arry me?” . “O–Of course, of course I want to. ” Tiffany was belligerent with excitement. “But… Matthew, your proposal is too sudden. I‘m not prepared at all…” . As the invitation had come in such an impromptu mo ment, all of the coy tactics such as playing hard to get and being graceful had long been forgotten. Matthew asked her i f she wanted to mar ry into his family!! . “If you do, I will make it public in four days that I will get engaged to you. Veronica‘s child was already two months along, and M atthew knew that things could not be delayed any long er, so he could only get engaged as soon as possible. That way, after Veronica‘s child was born, he and Tiffany would get marrie d, and the timing would be just right. Tiffany was overjoyed and suddenly felt that all h er efforts were worth it. She nodded. “I do. I do want to marry you. No one knew how exci ted and happy Tiffan y was at the moment. ‘It was the Larson Family‘s greatest honor and her great est wish to become Matthew‘s . br id e. “Alright. I‘ll ask Thoma s to discuss other matter s with your family soon. Matthew‘s attitude was indifferent. Even when discussing engagement with Tiffany, he was still as cold as a block of ice—which made it difficult to understand his emotions. After hanging up the phone, Tiffany emotionally looked at Rachel with a pa ir of red eyes, and then directly ran into her arms. “Mommy, Matthew wants to get engaged to me. He said that he will get engaged to me in four days!” . “Re all y?” . “Yes, I‘m sure. I‘m very sure. “That‘s good, that‘s good, my dear. You ‘re a noble young lady, and marrying Yo ung Master Matthew must be God‘s plan. Rachel patted her shoulder with great relief, seemingl y in a very delighted mood. Tiffany, who was beaming with excitement , took a while to calm down–but her face suddenly looked as if it was void of joy. As she looked at the investigation documents on the ta ble, she frowned. “Matthew is about to get engaged to m e. Should we still keep the child in Veronica‘s belly?”