Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 25


“Nah… he’s young and strong. He won’t starve to death even if he skipped a meal,” Veronica said as she waved her hand. But in truth, she was planning to treat Xavier to lunch later,. However, Veronica received a death glare from Daniella by saying that. “Hurry up and go. “But, I…” She was at a loss of words momentarily. Left with no choice, Veronica turned to Xavier and said, “Come on. Let’s go! Time to take you down for your breakfast. “Oh, it’s fine, Mrs. Murphy. There are some matters that I need to attend to at my. “Is that so?”. “Yeah. I’ll be back later to visit you. After bidding Daniella goodbye, Xavier left the ward, and Veronica sent him off at the elevator. “Thanks a lot, buddy! I’ll treat you to a meal sometime later. Oh, and rest assured. Seeing that you came to visit twice, my mom is certainly convinced that you’re my boyfriend’ now. So, I’m pretty sure she won’t ask you to come over again next time. “Bye…” Losing his usual cheeky smile, Xavier merely said ‘bye’ and did not say anything more. After that, Xavier made his way downstairs and out of the inpatient department. As soon as he was outside, he made a phone call. “Help me look up information regarding Veronica Murphy and Tiffany Larson. In the meantime, Veronica was upstairs in the ward, accompanying Daniella. “Mom, can you please stop asking Xavier to come over in the future? He’s very busy with his work. “Alright, alright. I know. ” Daniella waved her hand and said nothing more. Now that she had lost her job at the club, Veronica could only deliver food every day in the following days. Rain or shine, she was still as busy as a bee. That was until the third night. Veronica received a call from Thomas, asking her to. pack her belongings and move to the Kings Residence the day after tomorrow. Later. once Young Master Matthew had gotten the results of the investigation of the car accident, Thomas would notify her first thing. Knowing she was not qualified to negotiate, Veronica naturally agreed. With that, Veronica hung up the phone. It had been a long day for her, so she fell asleep after watching a variety show. Since she was pregnant in the first place, Veronica was constantly drowsy. In addition, she had to juggle between her food delivery job and visiting the hospital. Hence, there was no doubt that her workload was intensive. The next day, the sky was clear, and the sun was warm. On this day, the Hilton Hotel was exclusively reserved by the Kings. There was a photo of Matthew and Tiffany posing together at the front entrance, and the words Matthew and Tiffany’s Engagement Party were printed on the LED screen. Starting from 9

00AM, various luxury cars were seen driving into the Hilton Hotels parking lot one after another. Many of the Bloomstead’s elites and celebrities walked through the sidewalk and made their way all the way to the hotel lobby’s red carpet. In front of the hotel’s entrance, many reporters had gathered around. The atmosphere was boisterous-whether it was live broadcasting, the rapid clicking sound of the photographers’ cameras, or the constant photo shooting. Yet, as one of the main characters of the engagement party, Matthew was still working in Spinfluence Group’s President’s office. To him, such an engagement party was just a formality, and it even seemed to be less im portant than the work documents in his hand. Even if these work documents in his hand were not urgent to be processed, Matthew would still think they were more important than his engagement party. However, things were completely different on Tiffany’s side. Currently sitting in her boudoir in Larson Residence, Tiffany wore a custom-made dress sent by Matthew. Her long hair was slightly curled, and she had applied some light makeup on her face. Topp ing her whole look with a pair of limited-edition earrings, necklace, and headpiece, Tiffany looked like the most dazzling lady. “Oh, my. Our Tiffy is really beautiful. Rachel kept staring at Tiffany’s reflection in the vanity mirror, For her engagement party, Tiffany wore a white off-shoulder dress that enhanced her waistline and perfectly showed her delicate collarbone. Her chin was raise d slightly, revealing her fair neck. Like a proud white swan, Tiffany portrayed gentle regality and noble origin. With a smile on her face, Tiffany took Rach el’s hand. “Mom, I can finally get married t o Matthew! I finally got what I wished for. “Tiffy, you’re a lady of talent a nd beauty in Bloomstead. Of cours e you can have what you wish for. As Tiffany’s mother, Rachel wa s extremely delighted to witne ss her engagement with Matthew. Finally, years of ha rd work and nurture were being rewarded. “Mom, how about Ver onica? Did you make any arrangements?” . “Don’t wor ry. It’s al l settled. “Then, let’s go. It’s ge tting late. “Come, let me hold y our hand. The atmosphere was lovely as the pair of mother-daughter duo expressed their profound endearments toward each other. At this moment, Veronica, who w as drowsy, got up and washed up . Then, she applied her makeup. Sitting in front of the vanity mirror, Veronica looked at the pil e of cosmetics in front of her. Those were special cosmetics that she had found on the Internet, and they did not wear off easily. That way, unless cleaned with a special makeu p remover, the makeup on Veronica would not we ar off despite being exposed to wind and rain. No doubt Veronica knew how damaging thes e substances were to her skin, but now, she could not reveal her real looks yet. Otherwise, she had no idea what psychotic things the Larsons wou ld do if she pushed them too far. After she was done, the ringing sound of the delivery notificat ion came from her phone. She glanced at the delivery order and s aw it was a delivery order from Wakey Bakey to the Hilton Hotel. Looking at the extra note on the delivery order, Veronica saw it was a note from the client. Remember, you must deliver the order through the back entrance of the Hilton Hotel! . Accepting the order, Veron ica rode out and proceeded with delivering the food. After picking up the order from Wakey Bakey, Veronica clicked on the address navigation on her mobile phone. Then, she rode her motorcycle and stopped at the intersection of the Hilton Hotel. From afar, she could spot that there were crowds of people gathered outside the hotel. “Oh, my

What’s this situation? Judging from the grandeur, it must be yet again another rich household holding a wedding here in the hotel. Upon seeing that, Veronica murmured. Now, she finally understood the reason behind that extra note on the delivery order. So, this is why the person reminded me to send the delivery through the back entrance. The front entrance was extremely packed with people. Veronica could not even p ass through there even if she wanted to. Then, Veronica rode her motorcycle to the back entrance and made a phone cal l. “Hello, your delivery has arrived. “Oh, come in through the back entrance. I’m currently bus y in the banquet hall on the second floor. Tell them that the delivery is for David Wagner. They’ll let you pass. “Sur e, s ure!” . Hanging up the phone, Veronica parked her motorcycle. Then, she entered th e building, holding the takeaway box. However, since it was an extremely grand event, even the back entr ance was secured with bodyguards. When the guards saw Veronica com ing in, they immediately stopped her. “What’s your business here?” . “I’m the delivery p erson. Food deliver y for David Wagner!” . “Oh, Manager Wagner! Not a problem. You may enter, but exit rapidly once you’re done with the food delivery. “Alright, I’ll take note of that. Thanks!” While holding the takeaway box, Veronica walked in through t he back entrance after thanking the guards, By the time she arrived at the hotel lobby, she trotted up to the second floor with the food, for fear that she would run out of time if she slowed down her pace. There was an endless stream of people in the lobby located on the first floor. Many bodyguards in suits and leather shoes with white gloves stood at the corners of the lobby. Those who passed by Veronica were mainly socialites from upper-class society, and quite man y among them were A-list celebrities. They were dressed in their finest outfits, and their faces were beaming with delight. These were all public figures whom Veronica had seen on TV. Though feeling surprised, Veronica had no time to speculate whose wedding it was as she saw that her delivery time was about to expire in three minutes. After that, Veronica trotted to the super large banquet hall loc ated on the second floor. However, she halted in her tracks the moment she was about to step into the hall entrance and frowned. “Wait, s omething ’s off…” . As she murmured, Veronica tilted her head to look at the st anding poster which was placed on the side. She felt it was rather familiar when she took a glance at it a moment ago. And so, Veronica slowly took two steps backward. The food that she was supposed to deliver fell out of her grip and onto the ground with a thud once she had a clearer look at the person in the photo. In the photo, the devastatingly handsome Matthew was embracing the elegant looking a nd beautiful Tiffany. The man was expressionless, as cold as ever. Meanwhile, the wo man in his embrace was smiling like a flower, and her face was filled with happiness. “It’s thei r engageme nt party?” . This stunned Veronica to her core . She stood there in a daze with indescribable shock in her heart