Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 28


“Matthew Kings”. As Veronica was already feeling uncomfortable, she became even more dizzy after he dragged and turned her around like that. After Matthew locked the door, he stared at her with a grim expression. “I’ve warned you before to stay away from Xavier. What, now? My words are useless against you?”. Feeling better after rubbing her chest, Veronica lifted her gaze at him and smirked. “Hmph, why should I listen to you, Matthew Kings? Are you my parent who brought me up or my legal husband? You said that I’m not qualified, but what about you?”. Veronica, who had always been humble and weak, poked a slender finger on his chest, the fury in her eyes as clear as day. “It’s true that you’re great because you’re rich and influential, but that doesn’t mean that you can control my life! After you slept with me and asked me to give birth to your child, you turned around and immediately got yourself engaged to Tiffany Larson. Are you planning to let my child call her mom right after it’s born?”. The more she spoke, the more worked up she became, and her eyes turned scarlet as she shoved Matthew away angrily. “Do you even f*cking take me as a human being? This is my child! It’s mine!”. Finally, despite how stubborn she was, the tears which were welled-up in her eyes flowed down, and she burst into tears as she trembled. Matthew staggered a few steps backward before he could stabilize himself from her shoving. When he looked at her again, she was crying uncontrollably, but he had no rebuttals to her words. “Listen carefully, Matthew Kings! Even if I die, I won’t give birth to this child!” she said, spitting each word out loudly, firmly, and clearly while pointing a finger at him. This was the first time he had seen her so furious ever since he met her. She didn’t mention money nor any conditions; all she told him was, it would be impossible for her child to call someone else mommy. “Do you think I’ll give you the chance to regret it after you gave me your word?” Arrogantly, he narrowed his eyes at her. “Don’t think that you have the right to shout at me just because you hooked up with Xavier!” Holding her chin with his hand, he lifted it slightly. “Remember, whether it’s you or Xavier, none of you are fit to act like. this with me. Their eyes locked for a few seconds, and he added, “You wanted me to investigate your parents’ accident, and I already did. The file is in my office, and I’ll pass it to you any time you move into the Kings Residence. And that also includes your father’s brain surgery. In the end, Veronica shut her eyes helplessly, hiding the despair and sadness in them. “Is this fair to me?” she choked

Releasing her, the man then stroked the hair on her forehead as though he was petting a small animal, and a faint smile appeared on his face. “There has never been any fairness in the adult world. You can only speak about fairness when you have enough power. Then, he patted her face as if to tell her the truth abo ut the society, and she broke into a smile on her tear-s treaked face; it was a sad, helpless and hopeless smile. “Yeah, in the adult world, there is no fairness to speak about. Only power speaks, and you’re nothin g without it,” she murmured with her head hanging. “Good. Looks like you know it now. ” With one arm, he held her w aist and pulled her toward himself. “You’re pregnant with my ch ild now, so even if you love Xavier, you have to bear with it. Finally, he understood why she was n’t interested in him-it was becaus e she loved a Casanova like Xavier. “You’re so bossy, Young Master Matthew. ” Tears streamed down Veroni ca’s sad face. “Not only are you forcing me to give birth to your ch ild, you even took away my right to fall in love with someone else. She was not an emotional person to begi n with, but too many things happened tod ay, and it was getting too much to bear. However, after she cried, her messed up emotions found its outlet, and she quickly readjusted her mentality, saying ca lmly, “You’re really not afraid that you’ll push me to death? If that happens, I’ll haunt you as a ghost, and you’ll n ever enjoy a single day in peace. ” Having said that, she shook her head. “No, this punishment is too light. I should…” . Stopping mid sentence, she opened and moved her cherry -red lips, but no sound came out. However, Matthew read her lips–I should let you die without any descendents! . “Provoke me further and I might make a move on you rig ht here. ” There was a rather awkward look on his face, and he felt that she was somehow a little provocative. “Really? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll break your fiancée’s heart if yo u get steamy with me at your engagement party? Tsk, tsk… What a heartbr eaker you are, Young Master Matthew. I suddenly feel sorry for Tiffany. “You should feel sorry f or yourself. For some unknown reason, even though she had a face so mediocre that it was ugly and he should be disgusted by it, she was able to create a storm in his calm heart every time she resisted and went against him

He couldn’t help but be attracted to her and wa nt to conquer her; his desire to conquer domine eringly was a trait of his he couldn’t control. Then, he dragged her to the couch, but he didn’t tear off her clothes roughly. Meanwhile, Veronica didn’t struggle either and merely said composedly, “Downstairs is filled with the rich and famous of Bloomstead. Just do it if you’ re not worried about embarrassing yourself. As for me, I’ve already been bitten, and I don’t mind a few more bites. Since she was unable to fight him, all she could do was talk back to him. “With Thomas keeping watch outside, not even a fly cou ld get to the third floor. “You…” All of a sudden, she was s tumped for words. Ring, ring, ring… . Just then, the cell phone in her pocket started ring ing, but he said, “If you don’t want to walk out in shame later, then take off your clothes by yourself!” . Ignoring him, she took out her cell phone from her pocket and saw that it was Xavier who was calling her. Before she could answer, Matthew snatched her phone away and tossed it aside. “You were only gone for a while and he’s already missing you so much, huh? Your ugly face doesn’t seem to st op you from being a flirt. ” Narrowing his eyes, he hissed, “Veronica Murphy, you’re so cheap!” . After that, he didn’t give her any more chances, and his patience was wearing thin, so he r ipped off her clothes while she seemed to have accepted her fate and didn’t struggle a singl e bit. However, her soft moans were overwhelmed by the successive ringing of her cell phone. His eyes drifted on the screen, and it hurt h is eyes when he saw the name ‘Xavier’ flashin g on it. So, he decided to pick up the phone. “What are yo u doing, Mat thew Kings?” . Veronica didn’t want him to pick up the call and tried t o snatch it back, but she was sulla second too late, and he held it away from her reach as he answered the call. On the other end of the line, Xavier asked in concern, “Roni, where are y ou? Why didn’t you pick up my calls?” . Raising his brows, Ma tthew turned the call to loudspeaker mode. “I… I’m sorry. Earlier… I felt a little… uncomfortable. ” S he finished her sentences in pieces, but before the last s yllable left her lips, Matthew had taken her unexpectedly