Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 30


A few days ago while watching some drama series, she happened to watch a scene mentioning motherwort. The female lead of the series almost had a miscarriage after consuming motherwort because she didn’t know about it, and this medication could be bought from pharmacies. Immediately, Veronica asked in her delivery group chat, ‘Does anyone have a drone?”. A delivery guy by the name of Bells replied, ‘I have one. What’s up?’. The next thing Veronica did was add him as a friend and call him. “Hey, sorry for the trouble, but can you please help me to buy two boxes of motherwort from the pharmacy? I’ll send you the address afterward. And is it alright if you deliver it to my window using a drone?”. “Why do I need to use a drone?” he asked. Dumbfounded, she thought of an excuse and chuckled awkwardly. “I just wanted to experience getting a drone delivery. I’ll transfer 300 to you. Can you please deliver it as soon as possible?”. “Sure, no problem,” he replied. After hanging up the call, she sent him the address, and half an hour later, he called and asked her to open her window quickly because he was already downstairs. On the eighth floor, she poked her head from the window and looked out to see a delivery guy maneuvering a drone. Slowly, the buzzing drone flew upward until it stopped outside her window. Taking the medication from it, she then sent a voice message to him. “I’ve received the item. Thanks!”. After she ripped open one of the boxes, she saw four blister packs of motherwort pills, each containing twelve pills, and three to five tablets could be consumed each time. Looking at the pills, she knew that there might not be any effect if she took too little, but she might also die if she overdosed. Unwittingly, fear started to brew in her heart, and she clutched the tablets tightly. She was already placed under house arrest by Matthew, and her house arrest days would only continue until the day she gave birth if she moved to the Kings. Residence. Now that the situation had developed to this point, she had no other choice. After thinking over it again and again, she removed 24 pills and poured herself a big glass of warm water. She was so nervous that her hand which was holding the pills was shaking. Finally, she gritted her teeth and finished the 24 pills in six rounds. “Blargh!”. The thick smell of the medication nauseated her, and despite drinking a lot of water, it still made her sick. Suppressing the urge to throw up, she lay on the couch and waited for the reaction quietly. In the first few minutes, she only felt nauseous, but she felt better after that. However, half an hour later, she started to have abdominal pain as well as sweating and dizziness. Still, she could only bear with it since there was no bleeding from her lower region

At the same time at Dragon’s Creek Villa, even though Matthew was engaged to Tiffany and had brought her back to the Kings Residence to have a meal with his family, he still brought her back here when it was late at night. Despite her disgruntlement, Tiffany could only bear wi th it and ask, pretending to be composed, “Matthew, wh y did you still drop me home even after we’re engaged?” . With a calm face, he answered, “Before we’re ma rried, it’s better that we live apart, and it’s for your own good as well since you’re a girl. He had no interest in her, and he was only engag ed to her because she was fitting to be the futur e mistress of the Kings Family from every aspect. “Bu t w e-” . Before she could finish what she wanted to say, Matthew lifted his gaze at her and patted her head lightly. “It’ s late. Go home and rest quickly. I’ll see you tomorrow. “”O-Okay, then. ” Just a litt le tenderness from Matthew w as enough to satisfy Tiffany. “Goodni ght, Ma tthew. “Goodni ght,” h e said. However, she didn’t get out of the car immediately and sat the re for a few more seconds because she was waiting for a goodni ght kiss from him. However, he asked. “Is there anything else?” . “Nothing. ” Shaking her head, she had a look of disappointmen t in her eyes. Then, she opened the car door and got out bef ore waving at him and turning around to walk into the house. Just then. Thomas, who was the driver, instantly said to Matthew, “Young Master Matthe w, the guy who was spying on Miss Murphy’s phone just called earlier saying that she c alled someone to buy something called motherwort, and it was delivered using a drone. “It was delive red upstairs u sing a drone?” . “Y es . “How lo ng has i t been?” . “A little more than an hour ago. As yo u were with Mrs. Kings the whole time, I didn’t have the chance to tell you. Feeling something amiss , Matthew instructed, “H ead to Brocade Gardens. “Oka y, s ir. Thomas started the car and drove in the direc tion of Brocade Gardens. Seated in the car, M atthew felt uneasy and urged, “Drive faster. Hearing that, Thomas levele d the gas pedal, driving th e entire way swift and fast. “As long as she’s not marri ed into the Kings Family, sh e’s not Mrs. Kings,” Matthew . said ou t of th e blue

Understanding what he meant, Thomas answered, “I got it. ” After this, I‘ll only address her as Miss Larson and not Mrs. Kings anymore. Late in the night, there were not many cars on the streets of Bloomstead, and since Thomas drove very fast, they reached Brocade Gardens in half an hour. After getting out of the car, they entered Brocade G ardens and went to the eighth floor, where six bodyg uards were keeping watch outside of Veronica’s door. Upon seeing Matthew, all of them straightened their ba cks. “Young Master Matthew. The man paced to Veron ica’s door and knocked on it. “Open the door. At this point, one hour had already passed since Veronica had taken the tablets, and she was curled up on the couch, bearing with the excruciat ing pain while her lower abdomen had already started to bleed profusely. Ten minutes ago, she already called th e emergency number and was now waiting in pain for the paramedics to arrive. All she wanted was to abort the baby, but sh e didn’t wish to die, so she wasn’t that sil ly that she wouldn’t call the emergency line. When she heard the knocking outside the door, she thou ght that the paramedics had arrived, but when she want ed to get up from the couch, she couldn’t do it at all. The knockings became more urgent. Standing outside the door, Matth ew suddenly became a little nervous and furrowed his brows. “Veron ica Murphy, if you don’t open the door, I’m going to kick it open!” . Still, there was no response from the inside. Unable to hold back anymore, he took a step back, lifted his leg, and kicked the door strongly. A loud bang later, the door was kicked open. Marching into the living room, he saw a figure curled up on the couch w hile holding her abdomen. Despite the thick makeup, the paleness on her face could not be concealed. She was sweating profusely as she moaned. Beneath her, the off-white color c ouch was stained with a huge patch of blood, looking very horrifying. Pacing over, he immediate ly saw the packaging of th e medication with the word . Frowning, he clenched the box tightly, crushing it complet ely. “Damn it. ” Seeing the two blister packs on the table w ere emptied out, he asked Veronica, “You took all of them?” . “Ah… It… h urts…” . She wasn’t answering Matthew’s question, but was muttering unwittingly from the unbearable pain in her abdomen. Seeing this scene, Matthew had a grim look on his face. This woman has no regard for her own life just because she doesn‘t want to give birth to my child! . Behind him, Thomas followed him in and immediately called the emergency number, but before he even made the call, the sounds of the ambulance sirens echoed from downstairs. Hearing the sirens from the ambulance, Veronica held h er abdomen with one hand and used the other to help he rself up from the couch as her desire to survive kicked . Nevertheless, she had no strength to get up. Her arm turned limp, and she fell from the couch to the floor with a loud thud