Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 31


In that instant, Matthew’s heart wrenched, and this unknown feeling was something he had never felt before. Pushing aside the coffee table in front of the couch, he then walked to Veronica and crouched down to pick her up. The moment he touched her, she reached out and pushed him. “Don’t… touch… me…”. Even when pushing him, she was weak and lifeless, and she spoke in a trembling voice which sounded weaker than a fly. From her eyes, he saw her hatred for himself. As though she had stepped on his bottom line, he was angered. “Fine, I won’t touch you. Get up by yourself if you’re able to!” Standing aside, he watched from the sideline indifferently. Holding on to the coffee table, Veronica rolled over with great difficulty. Kneeling on both knees, she pressed her forehead on the floor, mustered the leftover strength in her body, and stood up with gritted teeth. Her lips were white as sheet as she looked at Matthew. Even though she was in so much pain that her eyes were bloodshot, she was able to squeeze out a sarcastic smile. “I’ve said it before. Even if… I die, I won’t… give birth to your child. I… did it. She was smiling. Standing with great difficulty and trembling on both legs, she was sweating all over, and her hair was sticking to her face, which made her look sorrowful and pathetic. After speaking, she took a step forward. As though her legs were weighed down with lead, her steps were heavy, and every step was as difficult as walking in a mud puddle that reached up to her knees. Meanwhile, blood stained the clean floor, and the parts where she walked past had blood over them. At that moment, the fury in Matthew’s chest faded away little by little. In its place was surprise as well as admiration for Veronica’s unyielding attitude. Never before had he seen such a girl who was stubborn and headstrong; it was as if she had a halo over her head, and he was impressed. After she took a few steps, everything in front of Veronica’s eyes turned black, and she fell to the floor. Next to her, Matthew quickly lunged forward and caught her just in time. “Young Master Matthew, she’s all bloody. Let me do it, Thomas said. Ignoring him, Matthew held Veronica in his arms and walked out of the living room. In the hallway, the neighbors on the same level woke up from the commotion and stuck their heads out to check out what was going on. “What happened?”. “Oh, my god! Why is this woman covered in blood?”. “Who kno ws!” . “It’s s o terri fying!” . The neighbors on the same floor whispered as they di scussed amongst themselves

In the meantime, Matthew walked to the elevator, a nd when the doors slid open, the paramedics happene d to be in it. “Did you call the emergency number?” . “Yes, she’s more than two mon ths pregnant and has consumed a huge amount of motherwort. “What happened? Quickly , she’s bleeding profuse ly,” the paramedic said. After that, Veronica was sent to a nearby hospital with Matthew going along in th e same ambulance while Thomas drove behind. In the hospital, she was sent to the emergency room, where they first stopped her bleeding before pumping her stomach. Stained with blood all over his body, Ma tthew stood in the hallway with a cigaret te between his fingers, smoking silently. Standing at the side, Thomas felt that his boss’ face was covered with dark cl ouds, and he consoled, “Young Master Matthew, don’t worry. She’ll be fine. But it’s all her own fault for taking so many tablets. She must be hoping to die. His words sounded awful t o the ears, and Matthew m erely cast him an icy look . instead o f saying anything. After being in the emergency room for three hours, Veronica was rolled out, and the doctor went to Matthew, saying, “We’ve stopped the bleed ing on the patient and pumped her stomach. However, the baby… is gone. “What about h er?” Matthew asked coldly. “She was sent here just in time. If it was any later, she might have died of blood loss even if the medication didn’t kill her,” the doctor lamented, sounding a little fearful. “Thanks for your help. ” With nothing l eft to say, Matthew turned around and followed the rolling bed into the ward. In the ward, Veronica was dressed in the patient’s clothes as she lay on the hospital bed with a drip next t o her. Perhaps because it was too painful, she was furrowing her brows tightly even in her dreams. On the oth er hand, her ordinary face, which was also a little ugly, seemed surprisingly pleasing to Matthew’s eyes now. The next day when Veronica woke up, she opened her eyes and looked around the room. Staring at the drip above her, she secretly felt relieved. Luckily, I‘m still alive. With a sigh, she twisted her head an d looked out the window, feeling a l ittle heartbroken for the lost child. It‘s my own flesh and blood, and before it can even take a look at this colorful world, it‘s already gone. “You’ re aw ake?” . All of a sudden, she heard someone speaking. L ifting her head a little, she then noticed tha t Matthew was seated on the couch on the side. A smile spread across her pale lips. “The baby is already g one. So, what are you still doing here, Young Master Matthe w? Are you pretending to care? That’s not like you at all. After a close shave with death, Veronica was still feeling fearful

In the days ahead, she would definitely live wel l, but she had no regrets for acting on impulse last night. Not on e bit at all. “You said so much without losing a breath. Look s like you won’t die soon. ” He stood up and wal ked to her before placing a document on the bed. Supporting her we ak body, she sat u p. “What is this?” . As she spoke, she reached out and opened the brown paper bag to take out the document within-the information on the car accident case which she asked Matthew to investigate. “On the way back to Bloomstead when the private investigator you hired was bringing the driver with him, the driver was taken away by his enemies and then killed. His name was Donnie Freimann, and he was a highly wanted criminal in the country who offended many people before. In this case, your pare nts are really innocent, but since Donnie was an orphan, you won’t receive any compensation. ” Very simply. Matthew explained the situation to Veronica. If it was him from before, he wouldn’t say so many thi ngs in one shot. Maybe because of what happened last n ight, the haughty man was now feeling a little guilty. Veronica, who was flipping the document , stopped abruptly and lifted her gaze at him, asking, “There’s nothing else?” . “What el se do yo u want?” . Snorting, she then lifted her gaze at him and passed him back the brown paper bag w ithout finishing reading the file. “No, nothing. I suddenly remember that the child is gone now, so I have no reason to ask you to investigate anything. Take it away. Although the Larsons had taken extra care to handle this matter, with Matthew’s ability, it was defini tely possible for him to find out the truth. The only reason he couldn’t was because he was engaged to Tiffany and was hiding the truth for the Larsons on purpose. At the end of the day, they were a family. Matthew’s handsome face fell. “ Veronica Murphy, don’t take a y ard when I offered you an inch. “You must be kidding, Young Master Matthew. ” Raising her brows at him, she appeared especially calm as she sighed and turned her head to look out the window. “Before this, we met by chance, and it was all because…” . Because that day you were in the accident, and I saved you out of greed, she finished in her head. However, all that was in the past, and she didn’t want to bring it up anymore. Hence, she said, “I don’t hate you; I just hate mysel f for not being powerful enough. Now that the child is gone, we have nothing to do with each other anymore. From now on, you’ll walk on your path while I carry on with my life. I won’t appear before your eyes again, so please don’t ever show up in my world as well