His Promise: The Mafia's Babies

Chapter 19


“Goodmorning!” Olivia sang while I got into the car. We had become close in just one day, and texted the entire night. I felt a bit threatened in the beginning, and thought she was cold, but she was just a cute person who was trying to be my friend. I couldn’t shake off the feeling of me eventually having to tell her about my pregnancy and that it was never my plan to stay at the factory for too long. “You’re in good spirits. ” I smiled and appreciated her bright smile. “Of course I am, we have a day off tomorrow!” Olivia cheered. Only now had it occurred to me that I started my first day of work on a Thursday, instead of the usual Monday, but I had no right to complain. Extra days meant extra money. “And are you used to getting up early?”. I looked over at Olivia and let out a sigh. “No, I never had to get up this early at my previous job. “Oh, what did you do?”. My mind went numb as I mentally smacked myself for getting into this situation. “I- uhm, a club,” I told her. As someone who was terrible at lying it was always for the best to tell the truth with a slight twist. “Right that must mean you could sleep in back then, I’m jealous. “Right. ” I played along. After a while we had arrived at work, but unfortunately I was on my own today. I had to staple papers and was ready to take back everything I said yesterday. It was definitely not an easy thing to do and running around while punching holes through papers was a bit harder than I had expected it to be. What kind of papers were they even?. I couldn’t help but scroll through some pages of the papers I was working on and quickly analyzed the words. “That’s not a smart thing to do, crazy!” Olivia suddenly whispered as she lowered the papers with her hand. “There are eyes here everywhere, and I like you, so just do your job and make sure you don’t end like the girl before you. ” Olivia chuckled, but it didn’t exactly seem as if she was joking. “The girl before me?” I questioned while Olivia shrugged it off. “Yes, she got fired, calm down you’re shaking. ” Olivia threw her arm around my shoulder and pulled me away from my position. “We have a break, let’s go. We sat at the same table as yesterday, and one of the best things was that my food was already paid for. Even though it was weird I didn’t question it because that meant I had to spend even less money which I was totally fine with. “So you did dance in college, me too I did ballet, you must be good right?” Olivia interrogated me. From the beginning, I had already sensed that she was a girl who loved to get to the bottom of everything. “I sucked, I’m actually more of a hip-hop dancer and I used to be a cheerleader,” I admitted and lowered my head. I used to have all these plans and thought I was the best, but when I stepped into the real world I couldn’t keep up with the costs and the other students who were all well-rounded. That was the very first time I thought about what my life would’ve been like if my birth parents were able to give me the same opportunities. If there was something I hated, it would’ve probably been talking about school. My baby’s life wouldn’t be like this, because I would be working until my legs would give out to give the baby the life it deserves, the life I never had

I always liked to think that my parents had the same mindset and in the end decided to do what was best for me, and if that wasn’t the case, I would make sure to go that extra mile. “That’s okay, outside of the club I’m a bit stiff so maybe you can teach me someday. ” She shrugged her shoulders before she continued to eat her fries. After a while we were done eating and were already on our way back as we made our way through the hallway. “It’s really peaceful out h ere without a boss breathing in your neck each second. ” I commented. “I told you, they see and hear everything around here, so don’t let it fool you. ” O livia repeated the same words like before. “Speaking of the devil,” Olivia whispered. I loo ked up ahead and saw two men heading towards our direction. “That’s the boss, but you know him. “I do?” I whispered to myself as I thought about her words from the other day. She said I was someone precious to th e boss, someone precious to someone I had never met before. My memories had finally returned as the two men stepped closer and I finally was finally able t o recognize the two faces. It was the man whose suit I had ruined at the club, the same man who I met at the convenience store when I bought the pregnancy test, but what was his deal with me? . Of course I knew a Vinc e, Vincenzo. The other guy who I had also met at the grocery store, followed the same routine as back then and staye d behind. Vincenzo gave me a wink and showed off his perfect smile. “Are you treating her well?” He ask ed Olivia, and for the first time since we’d met, she seemed a bit frightened. Was he really that scary? . “Of course. ” She told him, before she locked her hands with mine in an o verprotective matter. Vincenzo looked down at our hands and let out a chu ckle. “You can get back to work now, Serena I would like to talk to you. Olivia froze up for a second, befor e she released my hand and stormed off in anger. What was her problem? . “Serena, it’s so good to see you here. ” Vince smiled as he reached for my hand. I was pissed and the only thing I could think about was how I had robbed someone from their rightful spot, because of favoritism and pity. Everything which was said about me having the right qualities, despite me screwing up the interview finally made sense. I didn’t do this on my own, I had a push. Did Christian have something to do with this after all ? No, of course, he didn’t. Christian did not want me to work at all. All he cared for was that check of his. “Yes, thanks for. this,” I spoke unsure and noticed a slight frown on his face. LI was grateful for the job but if he tho ught I was going to go on my knees to bow down and thank him for saving my life he was wrong. Now that I knew that I unrig htfully got here, everything had changed. How could I teach my baby to work hard when I got in here because of favoritism? . “So how were the test results?” Vin ce eagerly awaited my answer

What was me being pregnant to him anyway? . In a few weeks I would be gone from here, and wh o knows perhaps leave the city too because there were nothing but bad memories left in this place. “Well, I’m here so. ” I told him as I once again twisted the truth. Vince appe ared to me as someone who liked playing hero, and I didn’t need another guy to hand me checks. He grew a smile on his face and nodded. “That’s good. for you. Good fo r me or for him? . Knowing he was friends with Christian made me uncomfortable beca use I had no idea if he believed my words or was just playing aro und with me. Did Christian even tell someone about the pregnancy? . “When I saw your name and your picture I pulled every single string I could to get you this job. ” He proudly sm iled as if he expected me to bow down and thank him. It really bothered me whenever people thought they were he lping someone but did not realize that the only person they were truly helping was no one other than themselves. Giving me th is job. Paying for my lunch. Forcing Oli via to take care of me. Did Olivia even like me or was she just simply following instru ctions out of fear for her boss? . Whatever he had been doing for me, I was sure t hat I would’ve been able to do that too if I tri ed a bit harder. I was perfectly fine on my own. He looked like a high school boy staring at his crush a nd his intentions were clear. He probably had a thing f or strippers and must’ve thought I was some easy catch. “I should get back to work,” I politely spoke and tried to remain professional throughout the entire conversation. The s mile on Vince’s face had vanished and he seemed confused. He couldn’t even see that his actions were strange. I gave him one last nod and walked away until I had reached the corner and could finally release the breath I had been holding back. “Beau, did I do something wrong ?” I heard him ask the other gu y and waited to hear his answer. “I’m pretty sure she isn’t stupid and knows her interview sucked, sometime s you have to let people do things on their own. ” Beau told him. Those word s were enough for me to finally walk away. At least one of them had brains. After a long day of work Olivia brought me back home again and I made my way upstairs. I star ed into the elevator mirror and placed my hand on my stomach. It seemed like I was getting use d to the feeling of being pregnant. I was exhausted, but that was most likely because of work. I made my way out of the elevator and walked to my apartment door with my head lowered while I anticipated the moment I could finally lay down on my bed, but that plan got ruined when notic ed a figure standing at the door. My eyes traveled up to meet the person I did not want to see. Chr ist ian