His Promise: The Mafia's Babies

Chapter 24


Christian looked at Vincenzo with a confused look on his face and was probably wondering what his friend was doing here— while Vincenzo was probably thinking the same. “What are you doing here?” The two asked each other at the same time. “I came to check up on my employee, what are you doing h- oh. never mind. ” Vincenzo had finally realized and looked from my stomach to Christian. “Employee? This is your doing?” Christian asked him and stepped forward. He did not seem impressed in the slightest and I was afraid of what his next move was going to be. The last thing I wanted was to come in between their friendship for something which I had caused. “My doing?”. “Yes, I mean Serena almost dropping dead because she’s overworking herself? You don’t have her working in that factory do you?” Christian asked, making him shut up. Vincenzo stuttered, unsure of what to say and I couldn’t help but feel bad. “Don’t blame him, this i-“. “You stay out of it, you’ve done enough!” He stopped me from talking and waited for Vincenzo’s explanation. “I didn’t know she was pregnant and I didn’t know you. why didn’t you tell me?”. “Tell you? I didn’t even know you two were this close. ” Christian spoke, making Vincenzo take a step back. “I didn’t know the two of you were. ” He spoke back. “Together? Clearly we're not otherwise she wouldn’t be in this state, can you give us a minute?” He spoke irritated and pointed his head towards the door. Vincenzo sighed but obeyed anyway without giving me as much as a single look. The fact that he let Christian push him around like that made me feel uncomfortable. “How is the baby?” He asked and in a way, it felt as if he was completely ignoring my existence. “The baby is fine. “I have to stay here for the night, but the baby is fine. “You don’t want my checks but you’ll overwork yourself and seduce my friend to give you a job instead?” He scoffed and looked at his friend through the glass window. I figured he might’ve gotten the wrong idea. “No, it’s just a coincidence and I’m not- we aren’t-“ I tried to explain, but he had rudely cut me off once again. “I couldn’t care less, just don’t danger my child. After you deliver a strong and healthy baby you can staple papers all you want, but until then you’ll live with me and that’s final. ” He spoke as if it was already decided. “I told you-“. “No, Serena you listen to me and you listen very well. You will move in with me and after the baby is born you can fly off with Vincenzo in some kind of hot air balloon for all I care, but until then I won’t let you danger my child. ever again!”. “I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to. ” I apologized. I flinched at his words and figured whether or not I should ever try to get out of this, because he wasn’t completely wrong. It would make not only my life, but also the baby's life so much easier— but I still did not trust him one bit. “What made you chang e your mind,” I asked him and watched as he closed his eyes in annoyance. “I will not lose my baby because of your recklessness. It felt as if my heart had sunk as tears threatened to spill from my eyes. His words sounded no different than calling me a bad mother and there was nothing I could do to defend myself. “I told you I was sorry, don’t you think I care? Don’t you think I am trying to do what is best for the baby?” I cried when I couldn ’t hold it in any longer, but Christian gave me a judgmental look. “What’s best for the baby is you accepting my offer and we both know it. At the end o f the day, you’ll be the one walking out of here with a healthy baby and a lot of cas h and I will get left with. nothing. so please realize that I’m doing you a favor!” . The thing that annoyed me the most was that his words made sense and he was completely right. After I would use him I would’ve b een the one getting the better life out of this and walk away to make sure the baby wouldn’t get too involved with the Lamberti’s . “But how do I know for sure that you won’t hurt me or take the baby away from me when you’ve already broken your promise once?” . “Because I said so!” He growled out. “You’ll move in with me tomorrow, and that’s final. I’m giving you the chance to work along and you’re testing my patience. For the first time, I felt as if I had lost this battle and realized that it w asn’t just about me, it was about the baby— and even if he would eventually ge t rid of me I was reassured that the baby would be fine. It was never about me. “Fine, I’ll do it. ” I finally gave in and watched as Christian released a relieved breath. “I will have someone pick you up tomorrow, please behav e. ” He spoke and turned around to leave, so I could not say another word. “Do you need anything from home?” He asked me with his back still turned to me. Ah, so he did care. “No, I’ve already texted someone,” I spoke ref erring to Faith and Luna. It was a good thing that I had told them where I kept my spare key. “Serena. you ’re getting o n my nerves. He left the room and left me alone, defeated. In a way, it felt good to get this over with, but in a way, I also felt us eless because I tried my hardest to do this alone and I couldn’t. At the end of the day, I still had to depend on a man. The same man who couldn’t keep his promise the first time, but for the baby’s sake it was a risk I was willing to take. I looked through the glass window as it appeared to be Christian and Vincenzo were having some kind of argument and knew it was all my fault

Christian had a temper and wanted everything to go his way so was definitely blaming his friend for overworking me while he actually had nothing to do with it. After they had both left without saying as m uch as a goodbye I couldn’t help but wonder about whatever had happened in that hallway. The morning after Faith and L una had brought my stuff and we went back home right after. “I think you should think this through. ” Luna began the same conversation once again. Christ ian had wasted no time and had already sent people over to move my valuable belongings. He h ad texted me to work along and I was not in the mood to argue so that was exactly what I did. “I have thought this through, and I've decided that I will be using his money until the baby is born, and after that, I’ll l et him write me that check once again,” I told her as if I had everything planned out already. The only reason why I was doi ng this was for the baby and was willing to take the risk for whatever would follow after but they didn’t need to know that. “Are they going to follow you around everywhere?” Faith whispered and eyed the men in suits who were carrying my boxes. “I hope not,” I whispered back. “Girl this is going too fast, just yesterday you claimed to hate him tha t much and now you’re moving in with him. as his fiancée, are you okay?” Luna questioned and put her hand on my suitcase to stop me from packing. “Luna, trust me. ” I smiled and gently pushed her h and away. I was aware that she was just looking out for me, but I knew what I was getting myself into. After I had packed all of my belongings I said my goodbyes to Luna and Faith and got into the car Ch ristian had sent to me. The driver he was always with opened the door for me and gave me a warm and welcoming smile. “So we meet again, my name is Vernon. ” He had properly introduced himself this time. I got into the car and felt like throwing up. All my stuff had alre ady been brought to Christian’s house and there was no turning back . That’s where I would be living for at least the next five months. “How is the baby?” Vernon asked, making me look up in surprise. It had appeared that he was finally starting to tell people about me and the b aby, and all of this happened within a day. It made me calm down and think that perhaps he was going to keep his promise this time but it also made me nervous because I was aware of the look people would give me. I was well aware that not everyone was going to be as friendly as Vernon. “We’re fine!” I smiled. After a twenty-minute drive we had arrived at a large mansion and I felt as if my eyes were going to pop o ut from all the different details my eyes were seeing. A man in a suit had opened a gate that led to the mansion and I admired the huge driveway which was probably bigger t han my whole apartment complex. How could I even live here? . “Is he a prince?” I asked myself b ut got embarrassed when I heard a chuckle escape from Vernon’s mouth. “No, but starting today you wil l be living like a princess. We lcome to your new home, Serena